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Chapter 604: Teach You


Su Zimo tidied his attire and left the Sutra Chamber for the backyard.

On this day every month, he would head over to where the red-headed ghost was for a bowl of mysterious spirit water.

The old temple looked extremely creepy under the shroud of the night skies.

The red-headed ghost sat on the ground and leaned against a tombstone with a bowl of spirit water before him – he had been waiting for a long time.

Su Zimo was already used to everything and drank the spirit water right away when he arrived before the red-headed ghost.

Suddenly, the red-headed ghost said, “You’ve got a bow with you, right?”

“Take it out and place it there.”

The red-headed ghost pointed to a tombstone not far away.

Although Su Zimo did not understand why, he still obeyed and took out his Moon Concealment Bow, placing it on the tombstone.

The full moon had just risen and the cold moonlight spilled down, forming a column of light that focused on the Moon Concealment Bow on the tombstone.

The bow shone with an intense spirit light!

Even without the infusion of spirit energy, the spirit patterns on the bow also had a bedazzling luster!

The red-headed ghost said, “This is a quasi-connate spirit weapon and its sixth spirit pattern had already taken shape. As long as it continues to receive the essence of the moon here, it can definitely grow to become a connate spirit weapon!”

Su Zimo nodded.

“You’ve also got a blood-red saber with you, right? Take it out also.”

“Blood Quencher?”

Su Zimo froze for a moment.

Blood Quencher was a perfect-grade spirit weapon he crafted personally and wasn’t a quasi-connate spirit weapon. Could it be…

Although he was confused, Su Zimo handed Blood Quencher over still.

The red-headed ghost received Blood Quencher and touched across its blade gently before nodding. “This saber was refined decently. When it was formed, it was synthesized with a frightening bloodline that gave it its bloodthirsty nature!”

Back when he refined Blood Quencher, Su Zimo nearly failed and only managed to forge it completely after using his bloodline to temper the flames.

Although the red-headed ghost did not witness it personally, the fact that his guess was not far off the mark was proof that his insights were sharp.

The red-headed ghost rose and arrived at an empty space nearby. Exerting strength in his arm, he stabbed Blood Quencher into the ground, leaving only its handle exposed.

“Red-headed ghost, what are you doing?” Su Zimo asked curiously.

“The people buried here were experts 10,000 years ago and the bloodline that runs underground is incomparably strong, indestructible and possesses a tremendous amount of might! There’s a chance that this saber can grow into a connate spirit weapon if it’s soaked here!”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

With that, he would have two more connate spirit weapons with him, the Moon Concealment Bow and Blood Quencher, apart from the Coiling Dragon Seal and Black Gold Arrows!

Unfortunately, the Mystic Gold Silk Armor was smashed right after it was repaired.

“There are way too many experts buried in this cemetery! Dead patriarchs, the blood of emperors… this is an extremely unlucky place! There’s nothing to lose if nothing happens to the saber. However, if it can absorb their blood and grow into a connate spirit weapon, it will definitely be incomparably ferocious!”

The red-headed ghost glared at Blood Quencher coolly and snickered. “Trouble will befall any weakling that lays their hands on this weapon. You should be careful too!”

In that period of time, the tremendous amount of energy in the spirit water had already spread through Su Zimo’s body.

He assumed a lotus position and began cultivating with the sutras of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness revolving through his mind.

As he breathed, a thick demonic qi spewed out from his mouth.

There was no tear on his blood-red Inner Core and it had recovered to how it was before!

The Inner Core revolved slowly with a ferocious demonic qi, creating ancient demons around him one after another.

Centered among them, Su Zimo’s eyes were tightly shut and his body was faintly visible. With a frightening aura, he was akin to the king of demons that looked down at everyone from above!

He had relied on that mysterious spirit water for the past five years to help his Inner Core recover.

Not only that, his body had turned even more frightening!

Even though it was just a bowl of spirit water, the amount of energy it contained was enough to last Su Zimo for an entire month!

If he continued cultivating this way, he would definitely attain greater mastery of his Inner Core in the next 15 years and even have a chance of cultivating to the perfected realm!

What’s in that spirit water for it to possess such power?

In the five years, Su Zimo had read many ancient manuals in the Sutra Chamber but he could not find anything that fit the description.

This was a question that he had asked the red-headed ghost more than once during this period of time.

However, each time, the red-headed ghost would look at him oddly with a beguiling smirk without elaborating further.

Thereafter, Su Zimo no longer questioned.

The night was dark and the round moon hung high above.

As the red-headed ghost looked at Su Zimo, a deep hint of envy flashed through the depths of his eyes.

This cultivation technique is truly terrifying!

The red-headed ghost lamented internally.

It was an undeniable fact that humans were born innately weak.

However, that demonic cultivation technique could allow a mortal to cultivate his body to such a frightening degree!

He could see every single muscle on Su Zimo’s body twitch imperceptibly with every single breath he exhaled. His tendons quivered, his bones shook, his blood marrow gushed and his orifices shone with a divine light that was brighter than stars!

With every single breath, he was refining his blood, flesh, tendons, bones, skin, organs and orifices!

The red-headed ghost turned his gaze towards Su Zimo’s exposed skin.

As Su Zimo’s cultivation deepened, the surface of his skin turned coarser.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the surface of his skin was intertwined with intersecting rhombus scars over and over again!

However, the scars were so subtle that even Su Zimo did not notice them.

When he saw those scars, the red-headed ghost was delighted and could barely conceal his joy.

Before long, the night passed.

The moment a sliver of daybreak broke out from the horizon, Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and absorbed the demonic qi in his surroundings back into his body.

Everything vanished completely in the blink of an eye.

Su Zimo opened his eyes with a demonic glint flashing through.

The red-headed ghost asked in a seemingly pleased manner, “You’ve once consumed something from the dragon race, right?”

Su Zimo was shocked.

The first thing that came to mind was that massive dragon egg.

Su Zimo said darkly, “Yes… back in the Human Emperor’s Palace, I’ve consumed a Blood Flesh Elixir made from the dragon race in order to cultivate a technique left behind by the Human Emperor.”

“Just an elixir?” The red-headed ghost raised his brow.

After thinking through and deciding that there was nothing to hide, Su Zimo continued, “Before that, I consumed half a dragon egg in a primordial ruin.”

A spark flickered through the red-headed ghost’s eyes briefly.

“Heh, you’ve got quite a bit of guts.”

The red-headed ghost said with a fake smile and teasing tone.

Sensing something amiss, Su Zimo frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing much, I was just asking casually.”

The red-headed ghost waved it off with an indifferent expression.

When Su Zimo could not make out anything from the red-headed ghost’s expression, he patted himself and got ready to leave.

“Hold on, hold on!”

Right then, the red-headed ghost gestured for Su Zimo to sit down and said with a bright grin, “Today, I’m going to teach you something.”

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