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Chapter 603: Junior Brother, You’re Poisoned!

When Demoness Ji saw the dejected look on Su Zimo’s face, she was suddenly reminded of his situation and could not bear to blame him.

His kin and friends were all in the North Region.

If he had any other choice, he wouldn’t have chosen to reside in seclusion.

Furthermore, his Golden Core was crippled.

His past was resplendent — Extreme Foundation Establishment, second after the Human Emperor; suppressed the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace; overwhelming everyone from the North Region; incinerating Nascent Souls and… lauded as the number one monster incarnate in history!

But now, he had fallen from grace and was left with nothing.

In fact, he did not even have a place that could accommodate him!

Who could endure and accept such a blow?

Initially, Demoness Ji was filled with grievance. However, after hearing Su Zimo’s statement, she felt her heart wrench.

She said softly, “Zimo, you can come over to Pure Maiden Sect. We will protect you.”

“Protect a demon?”

Su Zimo laughed in a self-deprecating manner.

Demoness Ji opened her mouth and seemed like she wanted to reply but eventually, nothing came forth.

While she could ignore everything, she could not guarantee that it would be the same for her sect.

Although Pure Maiden Sect was a fiend sect, they were humans.

Humans had a longstanding feud with demons and there was no way for one party to accommodate the other unless there was a blood oath signed.

Demoness Ji said, “Zimo, you can explain that you are not a demon. The Human Emperor’s Palace will definitely not let any demons within!”

Su Zimo laughed coldly, shaking his head.

Given his personality and pride, there was no way he would explain something like that personally.

In other words, even if he was willing to explain, who would believe him?

The most basic reasoning was that no demon would be able to enter the Human Emperor’s Palace – who wouldn’t be able to understand that?

However, some people merely chose to ignore the fact.

The truth was no longer of importance.

What was important was that the entire North Region wanted Su Zimo dead. It did not matter even if he explained, they could term him as a demon or fiend as long as they wanted to!

“What plans do you have from now on? Are you going to just hide forever?” Demoness Ji asked.

“I’m waiting for an opportunity!”

Su Zimo replied gradually, “When I reappear, it will also be the time for me to leave the North Region!”

“Leave the North Region?” Demoness Ji frowned slightly.

The North Region was way too huge with dangers lurking everywhere!

Even if Su Zimo was in perfect condition, it was unrealistic for him to get through the North Region unharmed, let alone now that his Golden Core was crippled.

Demoness Ji’s heart skipped a beat as she blurted at the thought of a possibility, “The ancient battlefield!”

“That’s right.”

Su Zimo nodded.

The intermediate ancient battlefield would open up 15 years later.

As long as he could enter the intermediate ancient battlefield, just like Xiaoning, Leng Rou and the others, he would be able to head to the other regions or even the Middle Continent of Tianhuang Mainland through the teleportation points.

This time round, Su Zimo intended to take his elder brother, Su Hong, with him.

Previously, Ji Yaoxue mentioned that Su Hong’s health was turning worse.

The blow to Su Hong after receiving news of Su Zimo’s death and the plight of the citizens of the Yan Country was unimaginable.

Furthermore, he was already injured after the failed assassination attempt on the King of Yan, Zhao Qian. As such, Su Zimo did not know how long more his brother could hold out for.

After all, Su Hong was not a cultivator and had a limited lifespan.

In another 15 years, Su Hong would be in his sixties and would only have around forty years worth of lifespan at the most.

Su Zimo wanted to bring Su Hong along with him to look for Xiaoning in the Middle Continent.

Su Hong’s final moments must be spent with the two of them.

Furthermore, ever since Xiaoning left Ping Yang Town and joined Ji Yaoxue in Azure Frost Sect, she had not met with Su Hong again.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed.

The reason why Xiaoning started her path of cultivation and focused wholeheartedly on elixir refinement, even joining Elixir Yang Sect, was because she wanted to extend Su Hong’s lifespan!

It would be best if Xiaoning had a way of extending Su Hong’s lifespan by the time they met.

“Have you really made up your mind to leave?”

Demoness Ji could not conceal her disappointment and murmured softly with a dim gaze, “What about me- I mean my sister…”

Su Zimo was silent.

“She knows you so well. If even I can recognize you, she must have recognized you long ago.”

Demoness Ji sighed gently. “It’s just that she understands you and knows that you’ve got your difficulties. That’s the reason why she did not force or expose you.”

“It’s good that she recognized me. At least she knows that I’m alive and doesn’t have to worry,” Su Zimo replied.

After a moment of silence, he continued, “After you return, pay more attention to those around her. Now that she’s the empress, her movements should be kept secret. I suspect that the ambush she met here meant that there’s someone that doesn’t want her to return alive!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to help my sister.”

Silence ensued between the both of them.

Demoness Ji did not say anything and merely looked at Su Zimo quietly.

A long time later, he said softly, “Go on back.”

“Take… care then.”

Demoness Ji was dejected and her eyes were swollen and red.

A moment later, she sniffed and forced a smile before faking a smile. “Let’s have a final hug as a farewell.”

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Heading forward, he hugged Demoness Ji in a gentlemanly manner.

A crafty look flashed through Demoness Ji’s eyes as she tilted her head and pecked Su Zimo on the cheek with her red lips gently.

He was stunned.

Her hair brushed by his face and he was overwhelmed by a fragrance – she had already turned and fled.


She laughed and her eyes turned into a pair of crescent moons. She was elated without any bit of dejection at all.

“Damned demoness!”

Su Zimo grit his teeth.

“You’re so stupid!”

Demoness Ji made a funny face at Su Zimo with disdain in her eyes, pouting her lips. “If you want to leave, go ahead! I can’t care less!”

“You took advantage of me in that stone coffin, there’s no way I’m going to let you off! Hmph! I merely just collected a little bit of interest!” Demoness Ji waved her fist.

Su Zimo did not say anything and turned to leave.

With his back facing Demoness Ji, he did not see the sadness and reluctance in the depths of her eyes.

Even after he vanished at the edge of the ruins, a girl in pink stood alone gazing in his direction for the longest time.

Su Zimo returned to the old temple and pushed the doors through.

The little monk, Ming Zhen, was reciting sutras in the courtyard. When he saw Su Zimo, he exclaimed softly with surprise.

“Junior Brother, you’re injured?”

Ming Zhen asked.

“I’m fine.”

In this short period of time, the wound on his chest that was pierced by the sword had already recovered.

With a grim expression, Ming Zhen advanced and glared at Su Zimo’s cheek, even sniffing it. “This is bad! You’ve got two red marks on your cheeks that have a fragrance! Junior Brother, you’re poisoned!”

That was the imprint of Demoness Ji’s lips that Su Zimo forgot to wipe. At the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, Ming Zhen had not even seen a woman before, let alone know what it was.

Su Zimo’s expression darkened as he pushed Ming Zhen’s bald head away, saying in a huff, “Bullsh*t!”

He wiped away the imprint on his cheek as he dashed into the Sutra Chamber.

Ming Zhen looked at his master who had just appeared from the doors in confusion and asked with an earnest expression, “Master, why is junior brother angry?”

“Erm… ”

The old monk replied, “He might… be poisoned.”

“See, I was right! He didn’t believe me!” Ming Zhen pouted his lips.

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