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Chapter 598: Terrifying Combat Strength

“Heavenly Piercing Seven Swords!”

The man hollered and the sword qi within his body rumbled. His Golden Core circulated wildly as spirit energy howled.

Seven gigantic swords appeared hovering in the air behind him, so sharp that they threatened to rip the heavens into pieces!

Heavenly Piercing Seven Swords.

Rank 78 of the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

This sword cultivator had clearly gained the true legacy of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect. Furthermore, he must have had an extremely deep level of comprehension to be able to cultivate this Golden Core phenomenon of the sect.

Golden Core phenomenons were the most terrifying attacks of Golden Cores.

The Golden Core phenomenons of sword cultivators were even more lethal!

The middle-aged monk had just advanced when the five Great Xia guards released a combo technique in unison with a tacit understanding.

Their five sabers seemed to fuse together into a sturdy and massive saber that descended from the skies with an apocalyptic aura!

Additionally, four swords that shimmered with a chilling light shot over from four different angles.

Before they arrived, the swords were already letting off an unsettling aura!

The most terrifying attack was the Golden Core phenomenon that was just released – Heavenly Piercing Seven Swords!

“Kill him! Kill him!”

Si Junyu howled with a maniacal look.

The middle-aged monk was expressionless against the incoming attacks. His eyes lit up as he opened his mouth, releasing a deafening sound of Sanskrit!


That syllable was extremely odd and was definitely not a normal word from Tianhuang Mainland.

It possessed a noble might when it was spoken by the middle-aged monk!

Even though there was no spirit energy fluctuation from the body of the middle-aged monk, the Sanskrit reverberated through the world continuously as though it could tunnel through any obstacles straight into one’s heart!

That Sanskrit was a burst that relied merely on the power of his organs, throat and tongue!


“Sound Secret Skill?”

The three Nascent Souls in midair were slightly surprised.

Sound secret skills were the rarest secret techniques in the cultivation world and were extremely difficult to cultivate – only certain super sects and top factions have them.

That Daming Mantra was a renowned secret skill of the Daming Monastery that had been lost for 10,000 years.

The lifespans of Nascent Souls were merely a few thousand years old – naturally, none of the three Nascent Souls knew of the origin of that secret skill.

On the battlefield, the 10 Golden Cores that were fighting were caught unprepared and shuddered.

The five sabers of the Great Xia guards and four swords of the sword cultivators paused briefly as well.

For ordinary cultivators, that delay might not have seemed like anything much.

However, in the eyes of the middle-aged monk, it was a massive opening!

A single delay meant that there was a break in their strength!

The middle-aged monk did not dodge or avoid. Instead, he took the first move and swung his arm like a thick iron whip against the five sabers.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All the sabers shattered.

The five Great Xia guards were shocked.

Right as they were about to retreat, they discovered that the middle-aged monk did not continue to chase them – he had turned towards the four sword cultivators from Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect.

Before the five of them could react, another sound of Sanskrit boomed in their ears.

It was truly an explosion.

It was as though thunder had just sounded in their ears!


All five of them widened their eyes which instantly turned bloodshot as they froze on the spot.

It was as though a gigantic hammer had thumped them at the back of the head, causing them to lose consciousness for a moment.

The four sword cultivators of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect had initially recovered and were about to continue attacking when they heard the second Sanskrit word.

All four of them revealed pained expressions and winced badly. They could not even maintain their grip on the swords in their hands, let alone continue to attack.

The middle-aged monk charged into the four of them with a cold gaze. Instantly, he threw out four punches in succession and ruptured all of their heads!

In the end, the remaining sword cultivator could not manage to attack as well.

It wasn’t because he didn’t want to, it was because he couldn’t!

The two Sanskrit words caused him to freeze up and the seven swords behind him swayed before they even materialized fully, showing signs of dispersing!

How could that person attack to deal with the middle-aged monk when he could not even defend?

Within a split second, four of his fellow sect mates were dead.

And at that very moment, the middle-aged monk had already arrived before him!

The next moment, his pupils constricted violently!

He could see the middle-aged monk opening his mouth once more!


The third Sanskrit word had descended!

The first people affected were the five Great Xia guards that were rooted on the spot.

Grisly fresh blood was already streaming down their eyes, ears, mouth and nose due to the blow from the three consecutive Sanskrit sounds!

They were bleeding from all orifices!

It seemed like the five of them did not have any injuries on their bodies.

However, their brains were already smashed from the vibrations!

All five of them fell stiffly with dim gazes.

The middle-aged monk had not laid his hands on them up till the very end – they were shocked to death by the three Sanskrit sounds!

As for the remaining sword cultivator, his face was pale as a sheet and his eyes were filled with fear.

His Golden Core phenomenon was already trembling against the impact of the three Sanskrit sounds and could disperse at any moment.

He had cultivated for more than 200 years, been through endless battles and could also be considered as a genius of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect.

However, he had never seen anyone fight in such a manner.

There was no spirit energy in the other person’s body.

Yet, his power of phenomenon was shaken just by the other person’s voice!

In other words, if not for the protection of his Golden Core phenomenon, he would have been seriously injured against the impact of the three Sanskrit sounds even if he wasn’t dead!

The next moment, the middle-aged monk closed in and opened his mouth once again!


The fourth Sanskrit sound!

The instant the fourth Sanskrit sound descended, the middle-aged monk suddenly struck as well and punched the Golden Core phenomenon directly!


All seven swords were completely snapped!

The remaining Golden Cores felt grimaced at the sight of that in shock.

None of them had ever witnessed such power before!

Golden Core phenomenons were the strongest methods available for Golden Cores.

Even top-tier spirit arts might not be able to go against them.

But now, everyone was witnessing someone go against a Golden Core phenomenon head-on with his body alone!

The scariest thing was that Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Heavenly Piercing Seven Swords could not even withstand a single blow from the person’s Sanskrit sounds and punch!


The Golden Core phenomenon shattered and the last sword cultivator shuddered, coughing up a huge mouthful of blood.

The middle-aged monk did not give him any chance at all and strode forward, tapping him on the throat gently with a finger.


The person’s throat snapped and he died on the spot!

Si Junyu was completely scared out of his wits.

He had truly not expected that 10 Golden Cores – including an expert who cultivated a Golden Core phenomenon – could not stop the middle-aged monk for a single second!

The entire process sounded long upon narration but in fact, it only took three breaths.

Before Si Junyu could react, the middle-aged monk had already arrived before him!

At that moment, it was too late even if the two Nascent Souls, Gu Suqi and Tian Chen, wanted to step in and help.

“How dare you!”

Perfected Lord Tian Chen could not help but holler loudly when he saw that.

“Monk, if you dare to kill him, you will definitely die today!”

Gu Suqi said coldly.

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