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Chapter 597: Massacre!

The speed of the intruder was way too fast!

Everyone merely felt their visions blur before that person charged into the crowd and rammed a sword cultivator to death before arriving before Ji Yaoxue.

In fact, nobody could even tell the gender of the intruder, let alone make out his appearance.

“Who’s there?!”

The Great Xia guard beside Ji Yaoxue hollered and circulated his Golden Core. Releasing his spirit energy, he slashed in reverse towards the intruder’s head.


The intruder did not avoid or dodge at all. At an extremely fast speed, before the saber even reached his head, he struck first and punched the Great Xia guard in the chest.

The Great Xia guard’s body was smashed into pieces!

Another Golden Core was dead!


Everyone was shocked and gasped, retreating a step back instinctively.

The intruder killed two people in succession and stopped right beside Ji Yaoxue. He lowered his body and reached out to tug at the spirit rope that was binding the latter.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The spirit rope snapped into pieces!

By now, the cold and steely Great Xia guards could no longer stay calm as well.

Although that spirit rope looked unassuming, even perfected Golden Cores would struggle to break free from it once they were entangled, let alone snap it.

What sort of strength was that?!

Finally, everyone caught a clear view of the intruder’s appearance.


The intruder was a middle-aged monk wearing gray robes that were pale from washing. He looked muscular and had steely features.

The strangest thing was that there was no spirit energy fluctuation emanating from the person.

Even the Nascent Souls could not see through the person with their spirit consciousnesses, let alone the guards.

It was as though the middle-aged monk was shrouded by an invisible barrier that could avoid detection from spirit consciousnesses!

Initially, Perfected Lord Ming Ze was delighted when he saw someone step in to help.

After taking a clear look at that person, disappointment filled his eyes.

Although he could not see through the middle-aged monk, he could sense that there was no Dharmic power from that person.

In other words, this middle-aged monk was a Golden Core at most.

Given the current circumstances, even if the person who arrived was the number one Golden Core, it would not change anything.

That was because there were still two sword cultivators of Nascent Soul realm.

That was the most frightening power that could not be ignored!

Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen had clearly also deduced the cultivation realm of the middle-aged monk relying on their experience.

Perfected Lord Tian Chen sneered, “Hmph, a puny Golden Core who doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

When he heard that, Si Junyu heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down.

As long as the person who arrived was only at Golden Core, there wouldn’t be any accidents!

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the middle-aged monk.

It was the same for Ji Yaoxue.

She looked at that foreign face with a lost expression.

She did not know this person at all. Yet, why would he risk his life to save her?

“My gratitude, fellow Daoist,”

Despite her confusion, Ji Yaoxue expressed her thanks.

The middle-aged monk nodded expressionlessly.

Ji Yaoxue frowned with an odd feeling in her heart.

It was indescribable.

“Where did this wild monk spout out from? How dare you interfere in the affairs of the Great Xia Dynasty!”

Si Junyu hollered and interrupted Ji Yaoxue’s train of thoughts.

The middle-aged monk turned around and swept his gaze across the three Nascent Souls that were fighting in midair dully. When he looked at Si Junyu who was not far away, his eyes turned murderous and he stomped forward!


The ground quaked.

All the Golden Cores present felt their hearts skip a beat.

The middle-aged monk had already disappeared from where he was!

Like an ancient ferocious beast, he charged forward with a terrifying might!

Everywhere he passed, the ground overturned and mud flew, creating a massive ravine!

He was way too savage!

His ferocity was suffocating.

A Great Xia guard reacted slower and by the time he raised the saber on his back, the middle-aged monk’s palm had already descended.


That person’s head was shoved right into his chest and his neck snapped – he died on the spot!

Another Great Xia guard’s saber descended. The monk did not even bother to look at all and punched against the saber with his bare fist!


The Great Xia guard hollered with a cruel expression.


There wasn’t the sound of a blade cutting into flesh that he expected to hear.

There wasn’t a flash of blood that he expected to see either.

Everyone could clearly tell that the superior-grade saber that was crafted from Pure Gold Crystal was shattered by the middle-aged monk’s bare hands!


Countless shards scattered and riddled the Great Xia guard’s body with holes that flowed with blood.

That person fell stiffly with widened eyes.

“Where did this demonic monk come from?”

From the side, a Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect cultivator circulated spirit energy and his sword quivered and buzzed. It emitted five spirit lights that was extremely domineering and chilling!

It was a perfect-grade spirit weapon!


The person’s sword trembled.

Instantly, 13 sword phantoms appeared in midair!

The phantoms danced wildly and it was difficult to distinguish between reality and illusion!

The middle-aged monk’s gaze shimmered and he reached out, identifying the true body of the sword instantly!

Not only that, his fingers seemed like they were metal and forceful, dodging the sharpness of the blade nimbly as they pinned the sword on its blade!

All the sword phantoms dispersed.

Nothing remained.


The sword cultivator’s expression changed and he wanted to withdraw his sword by instinct.

However, after it was pinned by the middle-aged monk’s fingers, the perfect-grade sword seemed like it was pinned under a mountain and could not budge at all!

“Not good!”

The person sensed danger and realized that something was amiss. He wanted to retreat but it was too late.

The middle-aged monk shifted agilely and pushed the blade that he was holding gently forward.

The entire process was fluid as water without any pauses at all.

The blade swiped past the person’s throat.

It was extremely simple but it was enough to take the person’s life!


A blood mist spewed out!

The sword cultivator clutched at the wound on his throat frantically but he could not stop the blood flow as his gaze dimmed swiftly.

Another three Golden Cores were dead!

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

The middle-aged monk did not pause at all and in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived before Si Junyu, leaving five Golden Cores in his wake.

Si Junyu was panicked.

He had never seen such methods before – his guards, and even the sword cultivators of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect, could not even withstand a single move against the middle-aged monk, as though they were pieces of paper in his path.

The middle-aged monk was ruthless and every single attack from him was a killing blow – he gave no chances at all!

“K-Kill him for me!”

Si Junyu howled.

There were five more Great Xia guards and five sword cultivators from Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect in front of him.

To Si Junyu, as long as the 10 Golden Cores could hold back the middle-aged monk, the latter would definitely die once the two Nascent Souls in the air killed Perfected Lord Ming Ze and returned.


The five Great Xia guards roared and struck at the same time!


The eyes of one of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s sword cultivators lit up and he produced an extremely frightening aura. Without even testing the waters, he released his Golden Core phenomenon!

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