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Chapter 596: Change

Dragon Burial Valley.

Ji Yaoxue and Perfected Lord Ming Ze stood at the edge and had nowhere to retreat.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze had a grim expression.

The two Nascent Souls that stood in midair had frightening auras and sharp gazes – they were cultivators of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect.

The man on the left with a long face was Gu Suqi and he specialized in using dual swords.

The skinny old man on the right was Perfected Lord Tian Chen. He cultivated a supreme sword technique that even dust couldn’t penetrate once it was released!

Both of them were experts of the North Region who were way more famous than he was.

If it was a one-on-one fight, Perfected Lord Ming Ze was confident that he could maneuver his way through.

However, if the two of them struck at the same time, he would definitely be defeated!

Behind Si Junyu, there were another 20 Golden Cores.

Apart from the top guards of the Great Xia Dynasty, there were 10 Golden Core sword cultivators from Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect who were all at late-stage or perfected Golden Core realm!

Any few people from the 20 was enough to suppress Ji Yaoxue!

It was clear that the other party had planned this for a long time and came prepared, not intending to give them any chance.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze frowned tightly and was anxious internally.

Given the circumstances, it was already difficult for him to protect himself, let alone escort Ji Yaoxue out of this place.

In the cultivation world, sword cultivators had the greatest killing power!

Nobody could guarantee that they would be able to escape unscathed against the attacks of two great sword cultivators.

Ji Yaoxue had a calm expression and glared at Si Junyu coldly – there were no signs of weakness or fear in her eyes!

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Si Junyu clapped and raised his chin, smiling. “It’s no wonder why you’re the empress of a dynasty. To think that you can still maintain your composure even at this moment. I hope that you can remain as calm when you end up in my hands later on.”

“Fufu, I can’t wait to… get my hands all over you!”

Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords unsheathing echoed.

Beside Si Junyu, five guards and five cultivators of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect moved at the same time and charged towards Ji Yaoxue.

The other 10 people guarded Si Junyu.

Ji Yaoxue had a cold gaze and circulated her Golden Core, slapping her storage bag.


Two flying swords hovered at the front before bursting through the air!


Si Junyu yelled in fake surprise, “Two supreme-grade flying swords! Impressive, impressive!”


The five Great Xia guards were clad in armor and strode forward with cold expressions. They struck at the same time in unison with a ferocious momentum!


Five thick sabers collided heavily against the incoming flying sword.

Sparks flew everywhere!

The five sabers were only superior-grade spirit weapons.

However, the five men had higher cultivation realms than Ji Yaoxue and furthermore, they were trained in their combo attacks! The slashes of those five sabers caused one of the supreme-grade flying swords to be repelled instantly!

A look of mockery flashed through one of the Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s cultivators. He struck immediately and twisted his sword, causing sword qi to surge forward and repelled the other flying sword.

The difference was too great!

In a single round, she had already lost control of both her supreme-grade flying swords!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The other four sword qis streaked past Ji Yaoxue.


The robe she was wearing glowed brightly with four spirit patterns in a bedazzling manner, withstanding the killing power of the sword qi.

It was the robe that Su Zimo had crafted for her personally back then.

Although it could withstand the sharpness of the swords, it could not block out their power completely. Ji Yaoxue grunted dully and her face turned paler.

To be fair, if not for the fact that Si Junyu wanted to capture her alive, it would have been too easy for those sword cultivators to kill her.

Si Junyu remarked leisurely, “Ji Yaoxue, I’d advise you to surrender obediently and spare yourself the pain.”

Ji Yaoxue clenched her teeth unyieldingly and circulated her Golden Core wildly as she conjured a hand seal and released a secret skill of the Great Zhou Dynasty!

“Emperor Defensive Qi!”

Ji Yaoxue’s spirit energy surged fanatically and gathered at her fingers through specific meridians.

Pointing forward gently, spirit energy surged out and formed an arrow rain of sword qi in midair that shot towards the 10 incoming Golden Cores.

The Emperor Defensive Qi was a secret skill of the Great Qian Empire.

The Great Zhou Dynasty only managed to secure an incomplete section of it.

Even so, the might of that secret skill was not to be underestimated and it consumed an immense amount of spirit energy.

Ji Yaoxue had just advanced to Golden Core realm and the burst of that spirit art depleted her spirit energy almost entirely – her Golden Core was already throbbing in pain!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Be it the Great Xia guards or the sword cultivators of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect, none of them were afraid.

Their sabers and swords danced and welcomed the incoming sword qi, dispersing them entirely.

Even Emperor Defensive Qi could not stop the advancement of 10 Golden Cores!

Ji Yaoxue grit her teeth with a resolute gaze.

The Dragon Burial Valley was right behind her!

As the Empress of Great Zhou, she’d rather die than endure humiliation in the hands of Si Junyu!

At the most, she would just be crushed!

In midair.

The outcome of the fight between Perfected Lord Ming Ze and the two sword cultivators was about to be shown.

To be precise, it was the death of one party!

Perfected Lord Ming Ze had already used all his strength and released all his trump cards. Even then, he could not withstand the edge of the two sword cultivators and was wounded from head to toe as blood stained his robes.


Perfected Lord Ming Ze’s gaze dimmed as he sighed internally. “It’s over, it’s over! Even after cultivating for hundreds of years, I can’t complete this path. Such is the cultivation world.”

“Seems like the Dragon Burial Valley is truly an unlucky place.”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze smiled in self-mockery.

Below him, Ji Yaoxue already had nowhere to retreat.

Turning around to look at the dark and mysterious Dragon Burial Valley behind her, she had no fear nor sadness in her eyes. Instead, there was relief and ease.

“Zimo, did you jump from here five years ago?”

“I’m coming to join you now five years later!”

Ji Yaoxue smiled and leaped down into the Dragon Burial Valley!

All of a sudden!

A white light flashed at an extremely fast speed and coiled around Ji Yaoxue’s waist like a python.

Ji Yaoxue was about to fall when she was coiled by an extremely nimble spirit rope and yanked up from the cliff directly!

A Great Xia guard was on the other end of the spirit rope.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The spirit rope continued coiling and instantly restrained Ji Yaoxue’s limbs – she had no way of breaking free!

Si Junyu reared his head in wild laughter and remarked gleefully, “Fellow Daoist Yaoxue, I’ve already expected that move from you and prepared for it! There’s no way you’re going to have such an easy death!”

Ji Yaoxue’s face turned pale.

She was not afraid of death. Rather, she was afraid of the humiliation she would face from Si Junyu.

At that time, the entire Great Zhou Dynasty would become a joke!

“Bring that woman over here,”

Si Junyu laughed with a sharp glint in his eyes. “I want to see how the Empress of Great Zhou is going to perform when she’s kneeling in front of me! Hahaha!”


A guard strode forward and reached out to whisk Ji Yaoxue up.

All of a sudden!

A change happened!

On the other end of the battlefield, a gray figure charged over at an extremely fast speed. He arrived before them instantly with a torrential killing intent!

Nobody saw where that man came from.

It was as though he appeared from thin air.

“You… ”

One of the Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect cultivators was alarmed and was about to speak. However, he was knocked flying before he could even lift his sword.

Exploding in midair, the person turned into a mist of blood and died on the spot!

A sword cultivator was rammed to death just like that!

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