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Chapter 565: Fall of Xi Wuya

The old man from Glass Palace stood in the pavilion expressionlessly with his hands behind his back, gazing in the direction of the Great Qian Ruins with an indifferent stare.

Although he looked scrawny, as though a gust could blow him over, none of the Nascent Souls present inside and outside the pavilion dared to move!

There was no longer any meaning to the Vermilion Fruit fight with Xi Wuya’s appearance.

In everyone’s opinions, the lives of the paragons of the North Region were now decided by fate.

The astute and sharp cultivators who chose to leave and give up on the Vermilion Fruit fight would be considered logical.

If anyone wanted to challenge Xi Wuya because of the Vermilion Fruit, they would be committing suicide!

The Nascent Soul of Duanmu clan had a grim expression.

Duanmu Kang was the Golden Core with the greatest potential in the Duanmu clan in 500 years, overwhelming all over cultivators of the same realm!

To think that he would be killed by Xi Wuya.

Suddenly, the entire fight for the Vermilion Fruit seemed meaningless after knowing that Xi Wuya had arrived.

That was because everyone knew the outcome of the fight.

It was no wonder why the paragons of the North Region would suffer such an immense defeat.

It was no wonder why even paragons of the ten upper sects and four gentry clans fell one after another.

It was no wonder why the situation could not be contained even with the appearance of the successors of the two ancient aristocratic families…

Right now, everything was clear.

It was all because of Xi Wuya!

The many Nascent Souls remained silently, awaiting the final outcome.

All of a sudden!

The old man from Glass Palace who was initially standing with his hands behind his back frowned. Swiping his shriveled hand across his storage bag, he withdrew a Destiny Talisman and gazed at it.

The radiance on the Destiny Talisman shimmered, as though it had received an immense blow!

The old man from Glass Palace narrowed his gaze and a cold glint could be seen in his hazy eyes.

“The young master seems to have met with some trouble. Could there actually be a paragon in the North Region who could challenge the young master?”

The moment that thought crossed his mind, the Destiny Talisman in his hands flashed repeatedly.

After a momentary pause, the radiance on the Destiny Talisman dimmed gradually.


The old man from Glass Palace was stunned.

This was no longer any ordinary trouble.

It seemed like Xi Wuya was undergoing some unprecedented danger and could fall at any moment!

The abnormal reaction from the Destiny Talisman attracted the stares of other Nascent Souls as well.

Suddenly, a stir broke out from the crowd.

“What’s going on? That Destiny Talisman belongs to Xi Wuya?”

“It should be. The old man seems like he’s really concerned.”

“Who in the North Region could pose a threat to Xi Wuya?”

“I’m not sure.”

The old man from Glass Palace clutched the Destiny Talisman with an unpredictable expression.

After a moment of hesitation, his eyes flashed with conviction as he declared coldly, “A Nascent Soul must have infiltrated the Great Qian Ruins. Otherwise, given Wuya’s strength, even if all the paragons of the North Region joined forces, none of them would be a match for him!”

Indeed, that was possible from Xi Wuya.

However, it was not exactly possible for a Nascent Soul to infiltrate the Great Qian Ruins.

All of the Nascent Souls were gathered here and their spirit consciousnesses surveyed the surroundings – there was no way a Nascent Soul could have sneaked past them, avoiding detection.

It was obvious what the old man from Glass Palace meant by saying that.

“I’ve got to see who would dare interfere in the fight for the Vermilion Fruit!”

The old man from Great Qian Ruins soared into the air, turning into a streak of light that burst towards the Great Qian Ruins.

The other Nascent Souls were already impatient to begin with and wanted to check out what was going on in the Great Qian Ruins!

Countless Nascent Souls could vaguely sense that the situation was not as simple as they had imagined!

Countless figures soared into the air.

In the center of the ruins.

The fight between the two monster incarnates was still ongoing.

Xi Wuya was drenched in sweat and retreated continuously, panting in a wretched state.

Su Zimo was not in a great state either.

Many paragons could clearly sense that Su Zimo’s movement was getting more sluggish and his blood qi was drained.

From the initial height of a hundred feet tall, he was now only two meters tall – he was at the limits of his stamina!

Even so, he did not have any intention of stopping.

Su Zimo’s eyes shone viciously; even with his inadequate stamina, he was still suppressing Xi Wuya with his aura!

Every single punch landed with his full strength.

Xi Wuya had a menacing stare as he snarled, “Beast, can’t you tell that everyone is watching with coveting eyes, trying to reap the rewards from our fight? Even if you kill me, you’ll be killed mercilessly!”


Su Zimo sneered, revealing a set of pearly whites as he replied coldly, “For calling me a beast, I’ll slaughter you first before thinking about anything else!”

“You’re a lunatic!”

Xi Wuya cursed. His hair was disheveled right now and he no longer carried the air as the number one Perfected Being of the North Region.


Su Zimo threw yet another punch. Instinctively, Xi Wuya raised his arm to defend and the sound of a snapped bone could be heard.


Xi Wuya gasped from the pain and his expression changed starkly.

He had cultivated the Glass Mental Sutra constantly and his body was not weaker than weapons a long time ago. He might not even be hurt if he was struck by a supreme-grade spirit weapon.

But now, his arm was broken by this monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!

The snap of his arm shocked him greatly and he almost fainted from the pain. Naturally, his movements turned more sluggish as well.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

There was no way he would give up on an opportunity as such!

Closing in domineeringly, he arrived before Xi Wuya in a flash.


Xi Wuya howled and exerted the last of his strength, thrusting the only elbow that was left fiercely towards Su Zimo like a gigantic spear!

Xi Wuya could sense the aura of death.

This was his final gamble before his death!

Throughout history, there had been countless cultivators who gained the advantage the entire time only to be murdered in retaliation at a critical moment!

Even with his stamina exhausted, that single elbow thrust was definitely enough to create a gigantic hole in Su Zimo’s body!

At that time, both of them would stand an equal chance at victory.

Unfortunately, Su Zimo seemed to have predicted it.

The moment he arrived before Xi Wuya, with a distance of less than a feet, Su Zimo’s body suddenly turned flexible. Like an anaconda, he wrapped himself around Xi Wuya’s body!

That move was extremely unexpected.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo’s attacks had always been tough and unyielding.

But now, with that sudden change, Xi Wuya’s final gamble missed.

At that moment, Su Zimo took a deep breath with his body wrapped around Xi Wuya.

To the many paragons, it seemed like there was truly an anaconda that was coiling itself around Xi Wuya’s body. It breathed in and its body expanded as it reared its head and hissed, as though it wanted to devour the sun and moon!

Anaconda Coil!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

It was a move that exemplified the limits of the flexibility of one’s tendons.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s body sounded as though an ancient god of war was strumming a bow.

Unable to move at all, Xi Wuya opened his mouth and a weird ‘Ee, ee’ sound echoed from the depths of his throat, as though he was trying to breathe.

One of the reasons why Anaconda Coil was a killing move was because it could suffocate someone!

Xi Wuya’s eyeballs were bloodshot and bulged out as his face turned a frightening shade of purple due to the prolonged asphyxiation!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking echoed!

Xi Wuya’s tendons and bones were snapped by Su Zimo’s Anaconda Coil!

That body which could be described as perfect was now contorted in an indescribable state, looking absolutely miserable with completely smashed tendons and bones without any trace of life.

Xi Wuya’s gaze dimmed and his head tilted to the side, dying on the spot!

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