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Chapter 564: Burst!

Eight years ago, Die Yue transformed into a butterfly and left without a trace.

However, Su Zimo had never felt lonely during this period of time.

Perhaps, Die Yue had been keeping watch of him from some other world.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was convinced that his future would not lie in Tianhuang Mainland.

There would come a day when he would finally break through this void before him and travel to that foreign world in his pursuit of Die Yue!

He wanted to go and meet her.

He wanted to arrive before her and tell her, “I’m here.”

It did not matter if the path ahead was filled with obstacles; it did not matter if it was an endless Hell before him; it did not matter if countless strong foes wanted to stand in his way – nothing could waver Su Zimo’s determination!

At the thought of Die Yue, Su Zimo was filled with a sense of courage.

When he thought about her, he could not help but recall her domineering and imposing methods.

How could the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness lose?

How could Die Yue lose?

How could I lose?

I’m… Not… Willing!


Su Zimo reared his head and roared into the air. With the circulation of his Inner Core, his blood qi rose, his tendons and bones echoed together, his blood marrow gushed and his organs trembled.

Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation, Bones Strengthening, Marrow Cleansing, Organs Refinement, Orifice Clearing, Core Formation…

All seven sutras flowed through his mind.

A series of strange sounds came from that body that was a hundred feet tall.

It seemed as though someone was chanting those sutras relentlessly!

With the support of that sound, the turtle-like cracks on Su Zimo’s body healed at a speed visible to the naked eyes!

The gradual gathering of the sound seemed to have triggered something and released a shuddering energy.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he welcomed the incoming glass saber. The demonic qi in his body surged and he charged forward instead of dodging or retreating!

“You’re asking for death!”

Xi Wuya’s gaze was vicious as he slashed forward savagely, gripping his glass saber with both hands.


Su Zimo threw out a punch.

At the same time, a gigantic demon beast could faintly be seen from the rumbling demonic qi behind him.

It looked like a blood-colored butterfly that was vaguely discernible.

There were two bright, round moons etched on the wings of the butterfly, resembling a pair of indifferent eyes.

Su Zimo punched forward.

The blood-colored butterfly did not move at all and those moon-like eyes on its wings flashed.

An incomparably strong power cruised through Su Zimo’s body, bursting instantly along with his fist!


The saber collided against Su Zimo’s fist with a resounding bang.

Xi Wuya’s expression changed once again and from the depths of his eyes, a hint of panic and fear could be seen!

Right in front of everyone, the glass saber in Xi Wuya’s suddenly exploded!

The rainbow light dispersed.

Xi Wuya’s Golden Core phenomenon had shattered entirely!


Shuddering, Xi Wuya choked and could not help but cough out a mouthful of blood, as though he was struck by thunder.

All the paragons of the North Region exclaimed.

Everyone witnessed the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island fall into a desperate situation where he could die at any moment. Yet, for some unknown reason, he suddenly gave off a burst and destroyed Xi Wuya’s Golden Core phenomenon instead!

In the blink of an eye, the tides had reversed!

The faint blood-colored butterfly behind Su Zimo had disappeared by now.

However, without the protection of his Golden Core phenomenon, Xi Wuya was definitely not a match for Su Zimo in his demon form!


Su Zimo strode forward and extended his massive palm, crushing down in an encompassing manner.

Xi Wuya did not have time to dodge and could only raise his arm to defend reluctantly.


A dull sound of defeat echoed as the two of them clashed.

Xi Wuya merely felt a sharp pain run through his arm and instantly, he was drenched in cold sweat.

Su Zimo did not give him a chance to catch his breath at all.

Both of them were rare prodigies in terms of melee combat and would naturally not give up on such an opportunity.

He threw yet another punch down.

It seemed like a supreme gigantic seal that was smashing down from the heavens, about to quake the mountains and ground!


Xi Wuya could only prop up both arms to receive the blow.

Shuddering, he retreated once more.


Yet again, he coughed out a mouthful of blood that was now already blackish!

His organs were shaken!

Otherwise, his blood would have definitely been red.

At that moment, Xi Wuya could no longer feel pain in both arms – they were numb by now.

Su Zimo was extremely precise in his timing such that Xi Wuya did not even have the time to withdraw weapons, talismans or elixirs.

If this continued, both of Xi Wuya’s arms would be snapped by Su Zimo within a few rounds!

The two of them were extremely close.

Xi Wuya could clearly sense that Su Zimo’s breath also carried a hint of blood stench.

This meant that Su Zimo was already significantly injured through this battle!

Right now, both of them were at their limits.

If he were to fight to the end, he might still be able to win.

However, Su Zimo’s aura was way too overwhelming and sharp at the moment!

After enduring a few hits repeatedly, Xi Wuya had already given up on the thought of fighting Su Zimo to the end completely.

He could not die.

He was less than a hundred years old.

He was the number one Perfected Being of the North Region. At such a young age, his future had unlimited potential.

As long as Xi Wuya wanted to, he could even transcend to the Nascent Soul realm!

Of course, there was no way he could do his breakthrough in such an intense battle.

The ascension from the Golden Core to the Nascent Soul realm was a leap in quality.

Even if he was the peerless monster incarnate of paragons, he could not guarantee a 100% success rate.

Breaking through on the battlefield was equivalent to committing suicide!

Even without outsiders interfering, a single distraction was enough for them to perish!

Suddenly, Xi Wuya hollered, “What are you guys waiting for? This beast’s blood qi is drained and he’s only putting on a strong front. A simple attack from everyone together is enough to kill him here!”

That single statement proved that Xi Wuya had lost.

The reputation that he gained over many years was instantly destroyed at this moment.

However, compared to his life, Xi Wuya could not care any longer.

As long as he stayed alive, he could get his hands on the Vermilion Fruit and everything that Su Zimo possessed.

His combat strength would definitely be raised yet another level!

At that time, he would even have a high chance of entering the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking once he enters the intermediate ancient battlefield!

Perhaps, he might even be able to compete against Di Yin, the number one of the previous Phenomenon Ranking!

He was going to personally retrieve the reputation and dignity that he lost today!

Nobody made a move.

Even the masked man who accompanied Xi Wuya did not move, watching everything with a cold gaze.

He had his own selfish reasons as well.

Initially, there was no chance for him to make a name for himself with Xi Wuya riding over him.

He could never get more resources in the sect compared to Xi Wuya.

But now, if Xi Wuya were to die with the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island severely injured, there would be a high chance he could be the last standing victor and get his hands on all the treasures!

There were only two reasons why everyone else did not move either.

On the one hand, the paragons of the North Region still had a trepidating fear after being beaten by Su Zimo.

On the other hand, they were still observing at the side.

In a fight between two tigers, one was bound to get hurt.

The wisest decision was for everyone to observe the battle from afar!

Right now, it was not the best opportunity to strike yet.

Taba Feng, Murong Wushuang and the others were expressionless but they gloated internally.

The fight for the Vermilion Fruit had been tumultuous up till this point and now, yet another change had happened in the situation.

Initially, it was already extremely fortuitous if they could survive and there was no chance for them to get their hands on the Vermilion Fruit.

But now, the tides had reversed.

Any of them could end up as a big winner!

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