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Chapter 551: Massacre

The spirit weapons and flying swords came from all directions.

Those who attacked could be considered as peerless paragons of the North Region. Although they had never worked together before, the moment they attacked, Su Zimo’s escape paths were fully sealed!

There was no room for him to dodge and he could only face everything head-on!

The reputation of Divine Phoenix Island’s monster incarnate had grown too much after that battle under the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Even if some portions were exaggerated and the paragons were indignant, they did not dare to be careless.

Taba Feng and the other two who were well versed in melee combat were slower by a step as they wielded heavy weapons such as the golden halberd, golden three-pronged spear and Dragon Tiger Truncheons.

The countless flying swords and spirit weapons arrived first as they tore through the air.

Wielding his saber in one hand, Su Zimo’s bloodline surged and the sound of tsunami blood echoed. With a gaze deep as the sea, he sliced viciously towards the void in front of him.

That slash struck nothing and did not collide against a single spirit weapon or flying sword. On the surface, it looked like it made no sense.

However, after that slash was made, the void in Su Zimo’s surroundings seemed like they were drawn in by some mysterious power.

Spirit qi swiveled and contorted endlessly, almost turning into a corporeal and massive spirit sea vortex!

Sea Calming Manual, Ripple stance!

Just as the spirit weapons and flying swords were about to strike Su Zimo, they were drawn in by the vortex’s power and their trajectories changed.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

The flying swords brushed by him.

Although it was extremely close, Su Zimo was not injured at all!


Right after Su Zimo attacked, Taba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon attacked together as they bellowed fiercely with lit up eyes!

Their attacks were extremely precise.

It came while Su Zimo was still recovering from his momentum and during the lapse of his saber technique!

If one were to analyze carefully, there would be a lapse between the connection of every single saber stance.

That lapse was the greatest flaw of the saber technique.

If this was earlier on, Su Zimo might not have been able to handle their attacks and might even be flustered.

However, after the Asura, Yan Beichen’s teachings and the cultivation of the Tidal Manual, Su Zimo had already made up for the flaws of the Sea Calming Manual as much as possible.

Without any pause after Vortex was released, the tide in his body churned and produced new strength once more.


His blade swerved and Su Zimo retaliated with three consecutive slashes!

Instantly, massive waves seemed to have surged from his blade.

The glimmering light of the blade engulfed the three of them like a massive wave crashing onto the shore!

Sea Calming Manual, Raging Tides stance!

Raging Tides came after Vortex.

Everything moved fluid as liquid with an unparalleled might without any delays!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

There were three loud bangs!

Su Zimo was like an ancient God of War and did not budge at all.

However, Taba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon who had just rushed forward were shocked and retreated a step back respectively.

The crowd was in an uproar!

“He’s too strong!”

“There’s no wonder he’s the number one monster incarnate of history. Divine Phoenix Island’s ultimate techniques are truly impressive.”

“Fufu, it’s too late to make a conclusion now. While he is strong, these top ten paragons of the North Region are not pushovers either and they all have trump cards up their sleeves. If they’re really pushed to their limits, even the strongest monster incarnate in history will have to die!”

Taba Feng and the other two had grim expressions.

Although it was merely a single head-on exchange, all three of them experienced the terrifying power of the tide that surged through their weapons into their bodies and almost caused them to suffer internal injuries!

“Indeed, he does have some skills,”

Taba Feng widened his eyes in rage. Instead of turning fearful, his battle intent intensified.


Su Zimo released his Plow Heaven Stride and arrived before the three of them in a single step, stomping heavily on the ground!


The ground shook and the mountains trembled!

All three of them were astonished.

That extremely terrifying stance was created with just a single step of Su Zimo without any additional motions!

It seemed like the entire firmament could be trampled by his step!

With a domineering aura, Su Zimo was indifferent to the flying swords that came behind his back and took the first attack against the encirclement of the ten paragons.


The sound of a tsunami surged from his saber majestically.

A torrential aura crushed down and could sink galaxies and the earth!

The pupils of Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon constricted immediately.

Without thinking twice, he crossed his fingers and palms like a pair of gigantic scissors before thrusting upwards!

“You’re dead!”

Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon’s eyes were filled with madness.

If this was a one-on-one fight, he would have already released his Golden Core phenomenon by now.

The power of Su Zimo’s attack was way too terrifying and even if he could withstand it, he would definitely be injured.

But right now, the situation was advantageous for him and there was no need to release his phenomenon!

Behind Su Zimo, the flying swords and spirit weapons of Wang Yan, Murong Wushuang and everyone else were already shooting over.

Taba Feng and Yuwen Wujia had already attacked too.

If Su Zimo did not stop, he would definitely be dead!

The two of them were extremely close.

The moment he was done with his thought, Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon saw a look of mockery in Su Zimo’s eyes.

It was as though he could not hide his thoughts from this monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!

All of a sudden!

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo opened his mouth and bellowed.



That single roar was like a thunderbolt that struck down.

Thunderclap Kill!

A tremendous air current surged forth!

Su Zimo practiced both immortality and demonic cultivation.

After he formed his cores for both Daos, the power of his Thunderclap Kill had increased significantly as well and had reached a terrifying state!

Murong Wushuang, Wang Yan and everyone else who were standing far away shuddered and the circulation of their spirit energies paused for a brief moment. In turn, the flying swords that they were controlling paused for that split second as well.

A figure appeared more than a meter behind Su Zimo – it was Shadowless Sect’s paragon!

Initially, he wanted to rely on his sect’s secret skill and approach Su Zimo before killing the latter.

However, he did not expect that when he approached, before he could attack, a deafening roar sounded and forced him out.

The eyeballs of Shadowless Sect’s paragons bulged out and blood seeped out from his ears, nose and mouth.

Shadowless Sect specialized in stealth.

In terms of head-on strength, they were far inferior to the other sects.

Furthermore, he was way too close to Su Zimo!

That roar almost killed him!

Taba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon specialized in body tempering and had strong physiques and rich bloodlines. Naturally, their endurances were much stronger than Shadowless Sect’s paragon as well.

Even so, the three of them were facing Su Zimo directly and they were way too close – it was difficult to imagine the impact they received!

The three of them shuddered and their minds buzzed loudly, turning blank momentarily.

All three of them were dazed.

In a fight of this level and especially given the treacherous nature of melee combat, a moment of distraction as such – even if it was a brief moment – was enough to decide many things!


The saber collided against the twin truncheons heavily.

Normally speaking, Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon would definitely have been able to defend against that slash.

However, at that moment of daze, his power became extremely weak.

That single slash and its almost completely oppressive nature broke through the Dragon Tiger Truncheons and cut down savagely!

The blade landed on his head and cleaved it into two directly!


His organs splattered everywhere with a nasty blood stench.

Yet another paragon had fallen!

Because of Thunderclap Kill, the flying swords and spirit weapons that were initially supposed to pierce Su Zimo met with a momentary pause.

However, Su Zimo’s massacre did not stop at all!

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