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Chapter 550: Getting the Vermilion Fruit

The saber and sword collided.

Cling! Clang!

A metallic sound rang through the battlefield and sparks flew.

Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect was the only sword cultivation sect among the Ten Upper Sects of the North Region. Their signature sword classic, the Heaven Piercing 13 Swords, was renowned through the cultivation world and its sword stance was peerless.

Most of the time, opponents would be interrupted by the Heaven Piercing 13 Swords the moment they started attacking and would wince in unbearable pain.

The moment the Heaven Piercing 13 Swords was released, opposing cultivators would not be able to release their skills fully. After multiple slashes, they would be disadvantaged and it would be difficult for them to turn the situation around.

However, the burly man was unmoved and had a calm expression.

In his hands, his saber seemed like it was sentient and his saber technique was extremely precise – it was not inferior to the Heaven Piercing 13 Swords and he was even gaining a slight advantage!

“That saber technique…!”

Bai Yuhan frowned deeply.

Rather than precise, she saw the burly man’s saber techniques as sinister!

Every single slash from the saber came at a tricky angle and its trajectory was untraceable.

More than that, every single slash was fatal!

As Bai Yuhan gazed at the burly man’s saber technique, a blurry, terrifying scene seemed to unfold before her eyes.

There were plenty of phantoms!

There were rivers of blood!

There were white bones all around!

There were walking corpses!

The burly man seemed like he was surrounded by an endless Hell with countless malevolent ghosts and skeletons struggling and howling within.

With a terrible expression, Bai Yuhan’s petite figure started trembling.


She sensed a heavy push on her shoulder and woke up in a jolt.

Unknowingly, she had already broken out in cold sweat.

“That saber technique is extremely terrifying and doesn’t seem like it’s orthodox. Don’t stare at it, it can affect your mind!”

Mu Dongqing’s voice sounded.

Bai Yuhan nodded with a sense of trepidation.

Seeing that she was already feeling that way despite not being directly involved in the battle, she truly could not imagine how Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon felt at the moment.


The saber and sword collided.

The burly man released his grip and the saber left his hand, wrapping around the other party’s sword and slicing at the throat of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon!

That slash seemed impossible and came without warning.

Alarmed, Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon retreated hurriedly.


The front of his shirt was sliced open with blood seeping through.

While the wound was not deep, Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon was drenched in cold sweat – he would have been killed by that slash if he hadn’t managed to retreat in time!

Before he could react, his vision turned blur and the burly man had already brushed by him and arrived at the Vermilion Fruit. With a swipe, the latter got his hands on that delectable red fruit.

“He got his hands on it!”

Bai Yuhan exclaimed, “Where is that man from? He’s amazing!”

Mu Dongqing shook his head. “The Vermilion Fruit had been there since the start of the battle and none of those paragons had the chance to pluck it. However, everyone knew that whoever gets their hands on the Vermilion Fruit would become the target of all.”

“You mean to say…”

“That man is not far from his death now that he plucked the Vermilion Fruit.”

On the battlefield.

Simultaneously, all the paragons stopped what they were doing and everyone’s gazes landed on the burly man.

“It’s him!”

Finally, a cultivator from the crowd recognized the burly man and exclaimed frightfully with a trembling voice.

“H-He’s the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!”

The burly man was Su Zimo who had exited the cave.


Taba Feng and the others frowned.

Most of the Golden Cores present were at late-stage or perfected Golden Core and had naturally not seen Su Zimo in the elementary ancient battlefield.

However, a few of the cultivators in the crowd had once witnessed that unforgettable scene beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace from a distance!

The appearance of the burly man was etched deep in the memories of those few people.

He was a nightmarish existence!

“Divine Phoenix Island’s monster incarnate?”

Although the many paragons present were wary, none of them were fearful. All of them were murderous and wanted nothing more than to rip Su Zimo apart!

“To think that even the successor of Divine Phoenix Island would come for the Vermilion Fruit. Interesting,” Yuwen Wujia said with a fake smile.


Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon had an unfriendly expression and hollered, “Since when did the successor of Divine Phoenix Island join the fiend sects? That saber technique earlier on was clearly the fiend sects’ Asura Saber!”

He was not the only one – most of the people present recognized Su Zimo’s saber technique.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm – he had expected to be recognized as the successor of Divine Phoenix Island.

He placed the Vermilion Fruit in his storage bag as now was not the time for him to consume it.

The Vermilion Fruit had a tremendous amount of energy and he could only digest and absorb it in seclusion cultivation.

Consuming the Vermilion Fruit in a battlefield as such was akin to committing suicide.

Now that he had managed to pluck the Vermilion Fruit successfully, as long as he could escape and flee from everyones’ pursuit, he would be free!

“I heard that you’re the number one monster incarnate throughout history. It’s time for me to test and see if you live up to that reputation!”

Taba Feng had a raring battle intent and slammed his golden halberd heavily on the ground.

The earth split and revealed a series of cracks while gravel and sand flew everywhere – Taba Feng’s aura was torrential!

To be fair, most of the cultivators present had heard of the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island but there were few that truly feared him.

Furthermore, most of them were at late-stage or perfected Golden Core while Su Zimo was only at early-stage.

Murong Wushuang commented indifferently, “I heard that you once entered the Human Emperor’s Palace. I’m sure you must have benefited immensely from it.”

Those words caused a huge stir in the crowd.

Some cultivators who initially planned on not getting involved were now tempted.

Who wouldn’t be tempted to get the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance?

“Hand over the Vermilion Fruit and the inheritance of the Human Emperor’s Palace and we can leave you with a full corpse!”

Seven Kills Sect’s paragon wielded two daggers and his eyes blazed with furious killing intent that was almost corporeal.


Su Zimo reared his head in wild laughter and pointed his saber at the group of paragons blocking his path, nodding. “Good, good! How overbearing! You want to kill me even if I hand over the Vermilion Fruit? Let’s see how many of you paragons manage to survive me today!”


Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon wielded his truncheons and hollered with a divine might, “This is not the ancient battlefield. It’s not a place for you to be brazen!”

“What can you do to me if I want to be brazen?”

Su Zimo sneered and closed in to the Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon with huge strides. Frostily, he remarked with an icy gaze, “Anyone that stands in my way shall be killed without mercy!”

His black hair danced wildly and his gaze was electric. With an intimidating aura, that figure that was over two meters tall seemed like it was a mighty fiendcelestial that could murder immortals who was dashing over!


The paragons roared in unison and attacked simultaneously.

Instantly, the void shone with a bright spirit light.

Ten paragons flew into the air, bedazzling like ten blazing suns.

Taba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and Dragon Tiger Sect’s paragon – the three cultivators who were the most apt in melee combat – had closed in.

A halberd, golden three-pronged spear and the Dragon Tiger Truncheons flew through the air!

Flying swords, daggers, spears and other spirit weapons turned into streaks of light that arrived instantly with a chilling intent as well.

In the same cultivation realm, who could defend against the combined attack of those ten paragons?

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