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Chapter 549: Slaying Paragons in Succession


The initially chaotic battlefield was met with a momentary pause with the death of Blood Mist Sect’s paragon.

It was too fast!

Nobody expected the paragon of Blood Mist Sect to die.

Less than that, nobody expected him to die against a single move from this burly man who had appeared out of nowhere.

His head was sent flying with a single slap!

In fact, many of the cultivators present did not even manage to catch the appearance of the burly man clearly yet.

A commotion broke out within the crowd.

A variable had occurred!

“How dare you!”

Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon hollered in rage when he saw that the burly man was already close to reaching the Vermilion Fruit.


A massive divine cauldron descended from the heavens with a blinding radiance and a terrifying aura that could suppress all living beings!

The burly man’s expression did not change and he did not stop at all. His bloodline burst forth alongside two divine lights from his eyes as the veins on his arms were exposed while his muscles knotted together like liquid steel.

He threw a punch against the air!


A loud bang sounded in the air.

“Is he crazy? He’s trying to fight against a supreme-grade spirit weapon with his bare hands!”

“He truly doesn’t know what’s good for him to underestimate the paragons of the North Region as such.”

Remarks could be heard from the crowd.

“Your arm is mine!”

The eyes of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon shone cruelly as he controlled his divine cauldron to smash down fiercely against the burly man!

The burly man did not avoid or dodge and the flesh on his fist expanded rapidly, resembling a gigantic seal that emanated a heavy blood stench!


The fist and the divine cauldron collided with a huge bang.

After a momentary pause, a series of cracking sounds echoed from the divine cauldron. It was extremely tragic and thin lines could be seen forming on the surface of the cauldron!


All the cultivators present gasped in shock.

The next moment, the divine cauldron was repelled more than a hundred feet away and its radiance dimmed.

The cultivators that witnessed that were dumbfounded and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

Nobody expected that the unknown burly man would be able to take on a supreme-grade spirit weapon barehanded and even send it flying!

What sort of a body was that?

Could that person be wearing some sort of a perfect or connate glove spirit weapon?

Otherwise, what could explain what just happened?

The shock was even greater for Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon who was directly in the fight. Blood drained from his face and his mind went blank momentarily.

It was way too domineering!

A single punch from the burly man nearly shattered his divine cauldron!

“You… ”

The moment Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon spoke with a single word, the burly man had already arrived before him in a flash with a suffocating ferocity!

Breathing became difficult for him and he had to swallow whatever he wanted to say back.

Instantly, things changed on the battlefield.

Although Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon was dazed, the burly man did not hesitate and was decisive to kill, slashing a cold saber in his hand forward.

Blood qi spread.

“Not good!”

The paragon of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult snapped back to his senses and realized that his life was hanging on a thread.

He did not have time to think at all and released his Golden Core phenomenon right away.



The tragic sound of ghosts wailing could be heard as the burly man’s saber sliced through the air, distracting one’s mind instantly.

Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon could not support his Golden Core phenomenon fully and it dissipated in his moment of distraction.

“It’s over, this is where I die!”

Instantly, his heart sank.


A saber beam flashed.

A thin red line appeared on the throat of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon, expanding slowly before turning into a blood mist that stained the void.

Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s paragon was sliced on the throat and died on the spot!

From the moment he appeared, the burly man had attacked for a total of three times and two paragons died!

“What in the world is that person’s cultivation realm? He seems to only be at early-stage Golden Core?”


The many cultivators that were watching were shocked and used their Spirit Peering Art on the burly man.

“He’s truly at early-stage Golden Core!”

The voices of the crowd grew louder.

However, the situation in the battlefield had turned more ridiculous with the inclusion of the burly man.

After killing two people in succession, the burly man now had a rather empty path between him and the Vermilion Fruit without any obstructions.

At that moment, the only ones closest to the burly man with the potential to stop him were on his sides – the paragon of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect and a black-robed swordsman.

The black-robed swordsman’s sword had been in his pitch-black sheath the entire time.

Up till this point of the battle, he had not withdrawn it at all.

Each time he attacked, the black-robed swordsman was barehanded and used his finger as a replacement for his sword, killing his enemies with streams of sword qi.

At that moment, the initially dazed eyes of the black-robed swordsman that could not find a focal point were starting to converge upon seeing the might of the burly man.

The lights of his pupils converged like two extremely sharp swords that gave off a chilling feeling!

Slowly, the black-robed swordsman’s right hand descended on his sword’s handle.

He could attack at any moment!

When they noticed that, Taba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and the others scoffed coldly internally.

In their eyes, the burly man was already a dead man!


Sensing something, the burly man turned his gaze towards the black-robed swordsman.

The black-robed swordsman gave him an extreme sense of danger!

That was a really frightening person!

It was acknowledged in the cultivation world that sword cultivators had the strongest killing power!

In Tianhuang Mainland, the strongest sect for sword cultivators was Sword Sect of the nine immortal sects.

The burly man had exchanged blows with Sword Sect’s paragon before. However, the feeling that the black-robed swordsman gave off was even more dangerous than Sword Sect’s paragon!

Despite that, the burly man did not stop in his tracks.

If he wanted to get his hands on the Vermilion Fruit, he would have to overwhelm everything with a thunderous might without any hesitation to allow anyone to react to him!

“How dare this unknown b*stard try to get his hands on the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit!”

Before the black-robed swordsman attacked, the paragon of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect on the other side lost his cool and shouted. Moving along with his sword, he appeared before the burly man in a flash.

The black-robed swordsman frowned slightly when he saw Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon attack. His right hand that was initially on his sword handle moved away slowly once more.


A blade quivered with a blinding radiance.

Five spirit patterns shone and the sword released a killing aura that seemed as though it could penetrate everything in the world!

A perfect spirit weapon!

The burly man narrowed his gaze as he looked at the incoming sword.

His only consideration was the black-robed swordsman on the other side.

However, at this moment, the black-robed swordsman had taken two steps back – it was clear that he did not want to join forces with Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon.

Feeling relieved, the burly man swung his saber towards the incoming sword.


The saber glided through the void and released the tragic sound of ghosts wailing once more, as though specters surrounded them.

“Puny tricks!”

Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon sneered and flicked his wrist, causing his sword to buzz.

Clang! Clang!

As the sword buzzed, it released an infinite sharpness that suppressed the tragic wails instantly while slicing the specters into dust.

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