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Chapter 532: Domineering Suppression!

The arrival of the two great Golden Core phenomenons, Solar Luna Stellar Lumen and Raging City Blaze, coupled with the full strength attack of more than ten Golden Cores, released a shuddering energy shockwave!

Xuan Yi’s expression changed starkly as he shouted, “Zimo, run! Don’t care about us!”

“That’s right! Hurry and leave or it’ll be too late!” Li Ziyue yelled as well.

In Xuan Yi’s opinion, Su Zimo had just formed his core.

Even if he managed to cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon, he would definitely not be able to defend against the charge of two great phenomenons.

However, Xuan Yi believed that with Su Zimo’s strength, there was a high chance that he could get out alive if he used his full strength to escape!

“Golden Core phenomenon?”

Su Zimo smiled coldly with a proud demeanor.

When he was fighting with the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile beneath the underground palace earlier on, he released the Primordial Soaring Serpent phenomenon and was unable to release it again yet.

However, he had another Golden Core phenomenon!

Su Zimo was unmoved against the suppression of two great phenomenons and his green robes swayed while his eyes lit up with a bedazzling glint!


The skies that were initially filled with a gigantic moon and countless stars transformed in the blink of an eye, filled with dark clouds and the rumbling of thunder!


Qian Xinyu’s expression changed.

Wang Yan frowned as well with a grim expression, murmuring in confusion, “A Golden Core phenomenon?”

Before it was fully released, that Golden Core phenomenon had already affected Qian Xinyu’s Solar Luna Stellar Lumen!

What sort of a Golden Core phenomenon would possess such terrifying might?

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the skies collapsed and destructive torrents surged down. Countless meteors descended and the ground quaked while living beings cried endlessly – it was the scene of an apocalypse!

Instantly, the starlight dimmed.

Qian Xinyu’s Solar Luna Stellar Lumen was showing signs of dispersing!

With a pale expression, Qian Xinyu circulated his Golden Core’s power furiously to sustain the Golden Core phenomenon and control the situation.

The torrents that were spilling from the skies spewed towards the ancient city raging with flames.


A piercing sound rang and smoke billowed.

More than half of the raging flames were extinguished!

Fire and water intertwined and the ancient city was about to be destroyed, drowned by the torrents!

“That’s impossible!”

Wang Yan’s eyes widened with a raging flare as he growled deeply, “What sort of a Golden Core phenomenon is that? I’ve never even heard of it before. There’s no way it can take down my Raging City Blaze!”

In reality, the reason why he could not identify the origin of Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon was because the true form and might of the phenomenon had yet to present itself!

Although it was only the tip of the iceberg, the two Golden Core phenomenons listed on the Phenomenon Ranking, Solar Luna Stellar Lumen and Raging City Blaze, were already unable to hold out!

Countless spirit weapons turned into streaks of light that tore through the air with a chilling killing intent.

Before they could get close to Su Zimo, the speed of the spirit weapons slowed down and they showed themselves, trembling endlessly while buzzing.

The spirit weapons were suppressed by the power of the mighty phenomenon and could not close in!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meteors fell in swift succession.

The spirit weapons were crushed into dust!

Surging torrents drowned figures one after another – no one could escape the terrifying strength of the apocalypse no matter how they struggled!

It was a shocking scene.

Xuan Yi and the other two were rooted to the ground, dumbfounded.

They expected that Su Zimo would probably cultivate a mighty Golden Core phenomenon but none of them thought that it would be this terrifying!

At that moment, nobody realized that the true terror was still awaiting!

On the battlefield.

Almost at the same time, Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu swiped their storage bags and grabbed a bunch of elixirs, stuffing it into their mouths.

Both of them were experienced and could tell that Su Zimo was in a bad condition with weak blood qi and depleting spirit energy.

As long as they persevered, they would definitely be able to kill Su Zimo!


Sneering coldly, Su Zimo’s Golden Core moved slowly.

Between the world, an incomparably huge ancient demon came into view, emanating a terrifying aura. Its limbs were akin to heavenly-piercing pillars and it stood amidst the raging currents, suppressing the raging tides.

Its resolute shell held up the shattered heavens and defended the eight desolates against the raining meteors.

“That is…”

Blood drained from the faces of Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu as fear filled their eyes.

“Could that be…”

“It’s a Primordial Divine Turtle!”

Both of them gasped and exclaimed.

That Golden Core phenomenon was not listed on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

However, that did not mean that the Primordial Divine Turtle was not powerful enough!

The Phenomenon Ranking had clear records that when it was established, the Golden Core phenomenons of the divine turtle and soaring serpent were listed among the top ten of the ranking.

But they were lost by now.

To think that an ancient and mighty Golden Core phenomenon as such would be reborn once more.

Furthermore, it was already demonstrating an incomparable might the moment it was released!

The green-robed scholar stood on the divine turtle’s shell with his hands behind his back. Despite the raging currents beneath and raining meteors above, his expression remained calm as ever, as though he was a divine being that was looking down on all life!

His black hair danced and his robes fluttered. A bright glint shone from his pupils and his aura was so formidable that it could suppress everything in the world!

How could someone as such be defeated?

Merely by standing quietly, Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu already felt a sense of defeat against that man – there was no way they could surpass his unstoppable aura!

The divine turtle roared into the heavens and its eyes shone with a domineering divine light!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Both Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu’s Golden Core phenomenons dispersed at almost the same time!

Their figures fell and they spat out a mouthful of blood each.

There were some Golden Cores from the three sects that managed to avoid the raging currents and raining meteors. However, at that moment, it seemed as though they were restrained by some mysterious power.

With a bang, all of them turned into blood mists, dying with no corpse remaining!

Up till this point of the battle, the remaining more than ten Golden Cores of the three sects fell as well, leaving only Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu.

Turning around, Wang Yan crushed a protection talisman that turned into a layer of light barrier.

Snap! Snap!

Against the impact of the divine turtle phenomenon, the light barrier broke apart and sounds of cracking echoed.

Using that momentary respite, Wang Yan conjured a hand seal and bit his tongue gently, spraying a stream of essence blood into the air.

Instantly, Wang Yan’s aura turned extremely weak after that mouthful of essence blood was spat out!


His essence blood blazed with flames.

With a leap, Wang Yan jumped into the flames and he turned into a scarlet streak of light that shot towards the exit of the underground palace at an astonishing speed!

That was Blaze Columbus Valley’s Flame Escape technique.

It consumed a mouthful of the cultivator’s essence blood and hurt their cores – this was something that they would never use unless they had no other choice.

And right now, Wang Yan could not care about anything anymore.

On the other end, Qian Xinyu withdrew a protection talisman and crushed it as well.

Immediately after, he withdrew an elixir that was the size of a longan from his storage bag and clenched his teeth, biting into it.

The elixir melted instantly and Qian Xinyu’s initially dried up spirit energy surged once more. His injuries were temporarily suppressed and he was invigorated!

That elixir was extremely precious and was considered as one of the rarest Grade 3 Elixirs – Berserk Elixir.

After consumption, cultivators are extremely invigorated and can temporarily ignore their injuries while receiving a massive boost in their combat strength!

After consuming the Berserk Elixir, the first thing on Qian Xinyu’s mind was not to continue fighting against Su Zimo, but to turn around and escape!

He did not care for the connate spirit weapon or medicinal field anymore – what’s most important was for him to survive!

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