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Chapter 531: Two Great Phenomenons

Wang Yan’s fingertips danced the moment Qian Xinyu attacked, conjuring a spirit art that heated up the surroundings instantly.

“Flame Spear!”

He shouted and a long spear condensed in the void before him, blazing with raring flames. The spear was red from the heat and burned with a crystalline luster.


Surging forward, the flaming spear emitted a heatwave that caused the air to sizzle.

Su Zimo channeled his bloodline while controlling his Candlelight Sword Formation to defend against Qian Xinyu’s Meteor Fall.

The power of thunder that was hidden in Su Zimo’s bloodline sizzled in his palms, forming an electric spear that was blinding!


The two different powers of thunder and fire collided and let out a resounding bang.

Although Su Zimo was two cultivation realms below Wang Yan, he achieved the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm. Even at early-stage Golden Core, he was not inferior to late-stage Golden Cores in terms of strength.

Furthermore, that thunder spear was created from the Void Thunder Manual.

The Void Thunder Manual was a mental secret skill that was compiled from the Thunder Emperor’s lifelong learning. Although there was only a single remnant page, the power it contained was unimaginable!

The flaming and thunder spear clashed.

Lightning flashed everywhere and sparks flew!

In that collision, Wang Yan did not gain any advantages and was instead being pushed back!

While defending against the attacks of the two paragons, Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu, Su Zimo channeled his Coiling Dragon Seal and smashed it towards the crowd!

Tragic shrieks sounded as a blood mist spread through the palace.

When he was at Extreme Foundation Establishment realm, Su Zimo could already kill early and mid-stage Golden Cores with his Coiling Dragon Seal.

Now that he had formed his core and was able to release the full power of the Coiling Dragon Seal, coupled with the terrifying power of the Golden Core realm itself, no ordinary Golden Core could withstand the might of the Coiling Dragon Seal!

Even if there were any Golden Cores that could conjure Golden Core phenomenons, they could only survive by a bare margin.

Against the repeated collision and suppression of the Coiling Dragon Seal, the Golden Core phenomenons of the Golden Cores could not hold out at all and broke apart!

Not only did Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu fail to control Su Zimo after attacking, cultivators of the three sects were falling apart instead!

“Brother Wang, let’s not hold back anymore at a moment like this!”

Qian Xinyu’s gaze was grim as he said with grit teeth.

Wang Yan’s expression was solemn and his gaze flashed fiercely.

In reality, although the both of them attacked, they had yet to use their full strength and were still wary against the other.

For Golden Cores, Golden Core phenomenons were their greatest killing moves.

However, they could not release their Golden Core phenomenons repeatedly within a short period of time.

Between Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu, if either of them were to release their Golden Core phenomenons first, the power of their phenomenons would weaken after Su Zimo was dead and that was equivalent to them losing an ace up their sleeves!

At that time, they would definitely be disadvantaged in the fight for the connate spirit weapon and medicinal field.

Therefore, although the two of them joined the fray on the surface, they were still mindful of one another and hiding tricks up their sleeves.

But now that the cultivators of their sects were dead and gravely injured, they would most likely be the only two remaining if this continued…

Both of them could not hold out for much longer.


Wang Yan’s eyes flashed with a look of resolve as he said deeply, “Let’s join hands and release our Golden Core phenomenons to kill this lad first!”

“Completely agreed!”

Qian Xinyu nodded.

The two of them exchanged glances and circulated the power of their Golden Cores tacitly, releasing their Golden Core phenomenons!

It was rare for two paragons of different sects to have such a chemistry at this moment.

Although neither of them said it, both of them knew in their hearts that they were already feeling pressure against the frightening combat strength displayed by Su Zimo!

“Golden Core phenomenon, Solar Luna Stellar Lumen!”

Qian Xinyu’s eyes flashed like the dazzling stars of the night.

A sky seemed to appear above him with a gigantic moon and stars dotted everywhere, spilling endless starlight. Although it looked mysterious, it possessed a shocking killing intent and let out a shuddering energy shockwave!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

The Solar Luna Stellar Lumen was ranked 92 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

It was created by harmonizing with the moon and countless stars while forming a core. By comprehending the sun, moon and communicating with the stellar powers, the phenomenon was formed. While it was not created by an ancient mighty figure, its might was still extraordinary.

Up till this point of his cultivation, this was the first time that Su Zimo was witnessing a truly strong Golden Core phenomenon.

Although it was ranked near the end of the Phenomenon Ranking, the might of the Solar Luna Stellar Lumen was already enough for him to feel threatened!

“Golden Core, Raging City Blaze!”

An ancient city appeared behind Wang Yan, majestic and grand, shocking as though it had arrived after reversing through time!

Immediately after, raging flames blazed through the ancient city.

The city walls were burned red and countess living beings struggled, wailed and cried in the flames…

The entire city had transformed into a burning hell!

Raging City Blaze was ranked 89 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking and was created by an ancient mighty figure.

In his youth, the man encountered a catastrophe where a city was caught in a major battle between cultivators and burned with True Fire, causing millions of living beings to be turned into ashes.

That ancient mighty figure managed to scrape through death and as fate would have it, he was saved by a cultivator who was passing by the ruins. The flames engulfed him and left him in wrenching pain worse than death.

Later on, that man cultivated with great determination and when he finally formed his core, he recalled that scene from his younger days. Instantly, a raging flame surged through his heart and a phenomenon was formed alongside his successful core formation!

Even Qian Xinyu’s Solar Luna Stellar Lumen dimmed in comparison when Raging City Blaze arrived!

Raging City Blaze did not only contain the might of the flames, but also an eternal vengeance and hatred from this ancient mighty figure of the past!

When he saw the two Golden Core phenomenons, Li Ziyue’s expression turned pale.

Golden Core phenomenons varied in strength.

Within the territory of Great Zhou, his Ethereal Sword Rain was also considered as a famous Golden Core phenomenon. However, it was completely worthless against those two Golden Core phenomenons!

Even if he could release it right now, it would most likely break apart instantly.

The arrival of the two Golden Core phenomenons caused the entire underground palace to quake.

Standing in midair, Qian Xinyu strode between the Solar Luna Stellar Lumen towards Su Zimo with a cold expression, saying slowly, “It’s time to end things!”

Scoffing coldly, Su Zimo waved his sleeves and swept up the Coiling Dragon Seal, smashing it fiercely towards Qian Xinyu!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Coiling Dragon Seal was struck by endless starlight in midair, unable to close in.

Wang Yan strode forward.

The ancient city behind him that raged with flames smashed towards the gigantic seal with a swiveling divine dragon in midair.


The Golden Core phenomenon of the Raging City Blaze merely shuddered for a brief moment against the incoming Coiling Dragon Seal and its strength did not diminish at all!

Su Zimo summoned the Coiling Dragon Seal back expressionlessly.

When he saw that, Wang Yan reared his head in laughter. “Lad, although a connate spirit weapon is good, it’s still an external object at the end of the day! Golden Core phenomenons are the true core methods for Golden Cores!”

“Prepare to die!”

The remaining more than ten cultivators soared into the air one after another, summoning their spirit weapons and arts before charging in once more.

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