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Chapter 521: Little Fox

Before long, his vision cleared up.

This was a gigantic underground cave and everywhere in sight was a fiery red. The fog evaporated as the heat wave spread over.

Steaming lava flowed within the cave like a scarlet gooey river. From time to time, a bubble would pop up from the surface, causing sparks to fly.

If one were to focus their attention, they could see that there were translucent flames flowing on the surface of the lava, fluid with an extremely high temperature.

Connate spirit fire!

Licking his chapped lips, Su Zimo gulped.

He expected connate spirit fire underground but he did not expect so much of it!

Furthermore, the sight before him was simply way too shocking!

Burning red lava was everywhere with no end in sight and there was little ground for anyone to actually step on. There were only a few protruding rocks which were also scarlet from the heat.

This was a sea of lava and a world of flames!

It was too hot.

Even Su Zimo’s body felt a bit of burden given the heat and a layer of thin sweat appeared on his forehead.

He crushed a protection talisman.

A spirit light appeared around him, forming a faint light barrier that repelled the heatwave of the lava.

Now that he had cooled down slightly, Su Zimo meandered around the borders of the lava and headed in, sticking close to the walls.

There should be a demon beast hidden within!

He had to get rid of that latent danger or his weapon refinement would fail if he was interrupted by the demon beast during the process.

In fact, his life might be in danger!

It was hard to predict the strength of a demon beast that could survive in such circumstances. There was a high chance that it could even be stronger than him!

Up ahead was a turn.

After the turn was still a large ocean of lava.

However, there was a sizable piece of land in the middle of the lava, resembling a lone island in an ocean.

A demon beast that was the size of a small mountain sprawled on the land with its eyes closed. Its body was filled with scarlet fur that had no luster and it had a big, furry tail.

It was a Fire Fox!

In the fox race, once they cultivate to become spirits, they can take on human form and all of them were beauties – they could be considered as seductresses and were charming.

In the strange tales that were spread in the mortal realm, they were described as fox spirits that mostly seduced scholars and had an extremely bad reputation.

However, after entering the cultivation world, Su Zimo knew that the fox race was considered as a friendlier race among the demon races.

Despite that, he did not dare to be careless.

He glared at the demon fox for a moment.

It did not budge nor did it open its eyes.

In fact, Su Zimo could not even sense any bit of life from the fox!

It was already dead.

The fur on its body did not fall off and its flesh did not rot – it should have died less than a hundred years ago.

However, immediately after, Su Zimo had another doubt.

By the looks of it, that fox was clearly not at the end of its lifespan. If so, how did it die?

He could not see any bit of injury on the fox at all – what caused its death?

Since the fox was already dead, its demonic powers should have dissipated and disappeared a long time ago. Yet, where did the trace of demonic qi that he sensed when the entrance was opened up came from?

There’s other demon beasts hiding here!

The moment that thought struck him, he felt the sensation of being peeped at.

Shifting his gaze, Su Zimo caught sight of a black basket beside the fox’s corpse.

The black basket looked like a pot that was flipped on the ground with mysterious patterns etched on it, revealing a couple of holes.

The other holes shone with light.

However, a pair of them were pitch-black, seemingly blocked by two black balls.


Su Zimo muttered softly.

Right then, the black ball in the metal basket twitched with an unusual movement!

Those were no black balls – they were a pair of large eyes!

A living being was hiding under that iron basket and peering at Su Zimo through the holes on it!

The next moment, the iron basket was raised slowly and a little red thing popped its head out warily, revealing its true appearance.

Its flaming red long fur had a warm luster, like a blanket that one could not resist touching.

The little thing was red from head to toe except for its chest which had white fur. The combination of red and white caused it to look even more beautiful and charming.

Its ears stood and twitched gently while its large eyes blinked as it tilted its head slightly, looking at Su Zimo curiously.

This little thing should be the descendant of the dead demon fox and looked to be an adorable cub.

The eyes of the little fox shifted rapidly, filled with curiosity and doubt, similar to a child. Standing on its hind legs, it reached out with a pair of tiny paws and raised the big black pot…

When he saw that, Su Zimo broke out into laughter.

In part, he was laughing at himself for being overly cautious.

The little fox that was still a cub posed no threat to him at all.

At the same time, the posture of the little thing was simply way too cute.

When it saw Su Zimo’s smile, the little fox lowered its head embarrassedly – it was actually being shy in a manner similar to humans!

However, immediately after, as if it recalled something, the little fox raised its head and cried out anxiously.

With its tiny paws, it tried its best to gesture, wanting to say something. However, it forgot that it was still raising the iron basket.

There was a loud thud on the ground.

The little fox was covered by the basket once more.

Initially, this should have been a cute scene.

But this time round, Su Zimo did not laugh.

That was because he could not laugh!

There was danger!

If it was anybody else, they would not have understood the little fox’s cries and gestures.

However, Su Zimo cultivated as an immortal and a demon and had lived together with monkey, the spirit tiger, little crane and Night Spirit.

Although he could not understand the language of demons, he could make a rough guess.

Little fox’s meaning was clear – it was informing him that there was danger around!

This time round, his spirit perception did not give him any warning.

However, Su Zimo was certain that there was a terrifying existence hiding at this place!

That existence could even hide from his spirit perception!

Su Zimo’s conviction did not come from little fox’s warning alone.

It was because there was something else he finally understood.

There was only a possibility why the demon fox died here before its lifespan was up.

Another powerful existence killed it!

Apart from the little fox, there was another living being in this cave!

Instantly, Su Zimo’s hairs stood on end and chills ran down his spine.

He knew that he was now in grave danger and could die at any moment!

At the same time.

A mild vibration came from above the cave.

Anybody else wouldn’t have noticed those vibrations.

However, Su Zimo’s senses were way too strong!

He knew that intruders had arrived at the palace above.

Furthermore, there were quite a number of them!

This is bad, Peak Master Xuan Yi is in danger!

Su Zimo was alarmed.

In his moment of distraction, the lava flowing beside him splashed and a tall figure with a terrifying aura burst forth, lunging towards him.

It happened at almost the same time.

Xuan Yi and the other two in the palace above and Su Zimo in the cave all met with danger!

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