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Chapter 515: Palace Forbidden Grounds


A leader of the mounted soldiers raised his long spear and growled from the depths of his throat with a bloody glint in his eyes.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The remaining millions of heavy-armored mounted riders chanted with a mighty aura while withdrawing the short spears on their backs at the same time, throwing them towards Su Zimo and the other three with their full strength in unison!

Buzz! Buzz!

Millions of short spears that gleamed coldly tore through the air and let out an ear-piercing sound.

This was equivalent to millions of Golden Cores attacking at the same time and the force of it was much stronger than the arrows.

Dense and clumped, they covered the skies and almost drowned Su Zimo and the other three!

The white-robed sword cultivator had cultivated for more than a hundred years and had been through countless life-and-death experiences. Yet, he still felt his heart palpitate at this scene and could not contain himself properly.

I guess only Nascent Souls can survive against such an attack?

A thought flashed through the white-robed sword cultivator’s mind.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

At the same time, a clear sword buzzing sound reverberated through the world, tearing through metal and rock with an endless sharpness!

The white-robed sword cultivator was extremely familiar with such a sharpness.

To begin with, he was someone that cultivated the Dao of the sword.

Instinctively, the white-robed sword cultivator turned towards the sound.

As Su Zimo waved his sleeves, 18 supreme-grade flying swords hovered in midair.

The swords quivered and spirit light shone brightly.

As though they were alive, the 18 flying swords moved unusually and interweaved in midair, leaving behind streams of sharp, cold sword qi.

As they interweaved, the sword qi sliced the void into pieces and formed an extremely mysterious formation.

“Candlelight Sword Formation!”

Su Zimo hollered softly.

18 flying swords gathered at the same time with their tips pointing out, resembling a blazing sun radiating with a supreme sword qi. It formed in front of the white-robed sword cultivator and the other two, defending them with a gigantic disk made of swords that spun wildly!


Thousands of short spears struck the Candlelight Sword Formation and let out a deafening bang!

The entire void seemed to have quivered.

Right after, the world went silent!

The white-robed sword cultivator’s eyelids twitched rapidly – this scene had caused his heart to leap into his throat.

The Candlelight Sword Formation paused for a moment.

Quivering slightly, it let out a creaking sound as though it could disperse at any moment!

Xuan Yi’s expression turned a little pale.

If that sword formation could not hold out, they would be engulfed within a world of spears instantly and die without any corpse left!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a momentary pause, the Candlelight Sword Formation began spinning wildly once more, destroying all the incoming short spears as they turned into malevolent qi and dispersed in the air.

The white-robed sword cultivator was tongue-tied and stunned.

That sword formation managed to defend against the attack of millions of heavy-armored mounted riders!

The battle of Ethereal Peak spread within the territory of Great Zhou and he too had heard about the monster incarnate of Ethereal Peak that was at Extreme Foundation Establishment realm and could kill beyond his level.

However, he truly did not dare to believe that Su Zimo would possess such terrifying might with a single attack!

The Candlelight Sword Formation had nine levels to it.

Level 1 required 9 flying swords, Level 2 required 18 while Level 3 required 27!

Su Zimo had already comprehended the Candlelight Sword Formation to Level 3.

However, he had just formed his core and did not manage to refine new flying swords yet.

One of the reasons for his trip to the Great Qian Ruins was so that he could seek out the legendary connate spirit fire and refine a new set of 27 flying swords!

Every additional flying sword increased the power of his attacks.

The power increase of nine additional swords together with the force of the sword formation was indescribable and its might would be terrifying!

While the white-robed sword cultivator was shocked out of his mind, Su Zimo was not pleased.

The Level 2 Candlelight Sword Formation could only be used for defense passively and was nearly smashed apart.

If he could create a Level 3 Candlelight Sword Formation, it could even charge forward and mince the millions of heavy-armored mounted riders into ashes, let alone the malevolent spears.

With the Candlelight Sword Formation blocking behind, the heavy-armored mounted riders could not approach them for the time being.

Up ahead, before the heavy-armored mounted riders arrived, Su Zimo took the initiative and joined his thumb and middle finger to form an obscure hand seal of the Buddhist monasteries.

Fiend Suppression Seal!

The ink-black malevolent qi in the skies started dispersing, as though they sensed something.


There was a deafening sound.

A golden palm descended from above, radiating with a golden brilliance that tore the heavens apart. Repressive void currents started surging towards the heavy-armored mounted riders in a frightening manner!

The golden light spread and malevolent qi started dissolving, akin to snow meeting with a scorching sun.

The Dharmic powers of the Buddhist monasteries were the best counters to evil.

At Foundation Establishment realm, Su Zimo could not unleash the true might of the Fiend Suppression Seal.

But now that he had formed a core, the power of his Fiend Suppression Seal had increased significantly!

Yet, Su Zimo frowned after attacking.

Something was still not right!

Although the might of the Fiend Suppression Seal had increased significantly after he arrived at Golden Core realm, Su Zimo could still sense that he had yet to unleash the true potential of the Fiend Suppression Seal.

Compared to the Fiend Suppression Seal that was displayed by that reverend of the Buddhist monasteries in the Buddha Bead, his Fiend Suppression Seal was still inferior be it in terms of power, force or intent.

Before he could contemplate further, the Fiend Suppression Seal had already descended!


The gigantic palm smashed heavily on the ground and countless otherworldly soldiers were smited into dust as their malevolent qis were purified by the Fiend Suppression Seal.

Up ahead, an empty area the size of a palm formed.

All the otherworldly soldiers stopped for a moment in their tracks, not daring to advance as though they were stunned by the power of the Fiend Suppression Seal!

Su Zimo continued going forward in the hazy night and with his powerful vision, he vaguely caught sight of a dilapidated structure up ahead.

Quite a number of otherworldly soldiers revolved around the structure but none of them entered.

There were many forbidden grounds within the palace that even the troops guarding the palace could not step foot in casually!

“Let’s go there!”

Su Zimo pointed forward and strode over in huge steps.

The white-robed sword cultivator and Xuan Yi who was carrying Liu Hui followed closely behind.

As though they could sense that Su Zimo’s group wanted to enter the structure, more otherworldly soldiers swarmed towards them and attacked wildly.

Su Zimo changed his saber force, turning from a sinister saber technique with torrential blood qi into a majestic aura with tides rumbling!

A single slash caused a countercurrent.

Coupled with the sound of tsunamis, the might was horrifying!

Even the attack formed by the heavy-armored mounted riders could not stop Su Zimo’s footsteps.

At the back, the Candlelight Sword Formation defended them.

At the front, Su Zimo swung Blood Quencher in huge motions.

Countercurrent, Raging Tides, Vortex and Ripple – Su Zimo fought in all directions and broke through the layers of obstacles, eventually bringing Xuan Yi and the other two with him into the structure!

The endless otherworldly soldiers behind them surged over.

However, all of them stopped in the tracks when they arrived before the structure.

None of the otherworldly soldiers dared to take a single step in!

When they saw that, the white-robed sword cultivator and Xuan Yi heaved a sigh of relief, finally calming down.

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