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Chapter 514: Breaking Free

“Instant Thunder!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded. It wasn’t exactly clear given the commotion of the battlefield.

However, right after, the tides of the battlefield shifted!


An incomparably dazzling thunderbolt tore through the dark clouds and descended among the otherworldly troops!

Electric snakes slithered around in a blinding manner, turning the entire place into a sea of lightning.


There was a deafening and crisp sound.

At least a thousand otherworldly soldiers were devoured by the sea of lightning and turned into dust!

The sheer number of strong otherworldly troops at this part of the palace was not the only reason why it was so dangerous.

More than that, it was because the troops were created from malevolent qi. Even if the cultivators were beaten down, they would only turn into malevolent qi again.

All it took was a period of time for the defeated otherworldly troops to spawn again. Their numbers would not diminish and could even be said to be endless!

However, malevolent qi feared thunder.

The thunder earlier smited thousands of otherworldly soldiers into dust and their malevolent qi was purged as well – they could not respawn anymore.

“An expert came for us?”

The eyes of the white-robed sword cultivator lit up as he turned around and urged, “Xuan Yi, an expert is here! Take Liu Hui with you and we’ll try again to kill our way out of this!”

“That noise from earlier?”

Xuan Yi furrowed his brows with a confused expression.

“It seems to be that lad, Zimo?” Liu Hui commented weakly.

Before her sentence was completed, the sound of clothes fluttering arrived.

It came at an extremely fast speed and arrived before them almost instantly!

A green figure stood in midair with swaying black hair. His eyes were deep and sparkled like stars as he gave off a terrifying aura.

“Zimo, it’s truly you!”

Xuan Yi exclaimed.

The person who arrived was Su Zimo who had barged into the palace as well!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Not far away, rows of archers knelt on the ground and shot out long arrows lined with malevolent qi. A flurry of them arrived instantly, like a swarm of locusts!

“Watch out!”

Xuan Yi exclaimed.

He was clear about the strength of those otherworldly soldiers.

In this palace, the otherworldly soldiers that were spawned were almost representative of the massive, unstoppable army that guarded the palace in the Great Qian capital of the past!

There were many different types of soldiers and they were powerful.

Apart from patrolling troops, there were archers as well as light and heavy-armored mounted riders!

Furthermore, all of them were Golden Cores!

If armies of Golden Cores could range in the millions, it would mean that Golden Cores were everywhere and Nascent Souls were plenty as well.

The might of the Great Qian Empire could be seen from that fact alone.

The malevolent arrows that were fired were extremely swift but Su Zimo was faster.

He did not bother to deal with the malevolent arrows at all as he descended quickly.

All of the malevolent arrows missed!

It was a deafening crush.

Su Zimo was like a human-sized ferocious beast, causing the ground to shudder as he descended before Xuan Yi and the other two.

“Follow me!”

The situation was dire and the otherworldly soldiers were charging once more. Whipping out Blood Quencher from his storage bag, Su Zimo did not waste time on needless words as he led the way and paved a path.

“Zimo, watch out! Those otherworldly soldiers are not easy to deal with!”

Xuan Yi reminded hurriedly.

Naturally, he could tell that Su Zimo had already formed a core.

However, the strength of those otherworldly soldiers were increasingly powerful and could even destroy the Golden Core phenomenon of the white-robed sword cultivator. Even at late-stage Golden Core realm, the three of them ended in such a helpless situation.

Su Zimo had just cultivated to early-stage Golden Core realm. Despite his amazing potential and strong trump cards, if he was encircled by the otherworldly soldiers, he might have to die in regret here as well!


Blood Quencher quivered and let out a blood beam.

Circulating his bloodline, Su Zimo slashed out and the blood beam expanded with lightning crackling on it in a terrifying manner!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The light-armored mounted riders that charged over from the front were swept over by Su Zimo domineeringly and dissipated instantly!

They were completely helpless.

The otherworldly soldiers that could destroy the white-robed cultivator’s Golden Core phenomenon could not withstand the sharpness of Su Zimo’s blade!

What a strong blood qi! Impressive!

The white-robed sword cultivator was secretly in awe.

“Please follow closely behind me!”

Su Zimo continued advancing with Blood Quencher and his speed wasn’t affected at all.

He displayed an extremely terrifying saber technique with his hands.

Phantoms appeared everywhere as blood qi spread out.

The killing intent of the saber technique was immense and every single strike was fatal, aiming for one’s life. Coupled with Blood Quencher, everywhere the blood beam touched, people and mounts would fall – no one could stop Su Zimo for a moment!

That saber technique was none other than Asura Saber, imparted to him by the Asura, Yan Beichen.

Although Su Zimo practiced it in private after the battle at Ethereal Peak, it was against thin air and he could not feel the excitement of a massacre and a massive battle.

At the same time, he could not truly comprehend the intent of Asura Saber.

But now, with the help of the surrounding otherworldly soldiers, Su Zimo was practicing his technique while breaking free from the encirclement!

Ghosts howling, blood flow, Hell, white bones, phantom, corpse…

Every single attack felt increasingly familiar.

Su Zimo carefully experienced the intent of his attacks and felt the changes of the saber technique.

“Fellow Daoist, the direction isn’t right!”

A short while later, the white-robed sword cultivator frowned and said deeply, “We’re now headed towards the depths of the palace. We’re getting further away from the outer perimeter!”

Su Zimo replied, “The commotion caused here was too great and there are at least millions of troops waiting outside. It’s not too realistic if we want to kill our way out.”

In reality, given his strength, it wasn’t considered difficult if he wanted to kill his way out.

If Su Zimo could kill his way in, he could naturally do the same in reverse.

But now that he was with the group of three and Liu Hui was severely injured, that made things difficult.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo analyzed, “If those otherworldly soldiers retained their memories from 10,000 years ago, there must exist places within the palace that they’re not permitted to enter casually!”

“Once we enter, we’ll find those places and that will ensure our safety temporarily!”

Xuan Yi nodded and hugged Liu Hui while summoning sword formations, defending against the incoming otherworldly soldiers. “Let’s listen to Zimo!”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Before long, a deafening sound of horses galloping sounded in a shuddering manner. Instantly, the debris and rocks in the ruins started bouncing.

The sound came from the front and back!

Xuan Yi and the others narrowed their gazes and looked.

The otherworldly soldiers that chased them from behind dispersed and a dark cloud shrouded over with a terrifying malevolent aura. It was dull, heavy and suffocating!

That dark cloud gradually condensed into a series of mounted riders.

Wielding long spears, the mounted riders had short spears hanging from their backs and they wore a tight, ancient armor all over.

The only things that were exposed were a pair of grisly bloodshot eyes!

“Heavy-armored mounted riders!”

The white-robed sword cultivator’s expression turned terrible.

Earlier on, the light-armored mounted riders condensed by the malevolent qi could already shatter his Golden Core phenomenon with ease.

If these heavy-armored mounted riders were to charge over, their iron hooves would be able to drown them in an instant, killing them without a corpse remaining!

It was the same in front of them!

Millions of heavy-armored mounted riders rushed over with a torrential momentum!

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll settle them!”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded once more, calm and composed without any emotions.

For some reason, when he heard that voice, the uneasy heart of the white-robed sword cultivator calmed down instantly.

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