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Chapter 513: Trapped in the Palace

In the night, within the Great Qian Palace, the sounds of killing shook the heavens. The surrounding otherworldly aura was immense and torrential, almost engulfing the entire skies!

“Xuan Yi, let’s go! We can’t hold out anymore!”

The person who spoke was a beautiful middle-aged lady drenched in sweet sweat. Talisman runes shone in her hands as she tossed them out, scattering like butterflies, as though she had an endless supply.

The beautiful middle-aged lady was the peak master of Ethereal Peak’s Talisman Peak, Perfected Golden Core, Liu Hui!

Beside Liu Hui, two other Golden Cores released spirit arts and flying swords, fighting against the surrounding otherworldly soldiers.

The two of them had a few wounds each and looked pale, seemingly unable to hold out any longer.

One of them was Array Peak’s master, Xuan Yi.

The other person was wearing a set of white robes soaked in blood. Wielding a three feet long green sword, he revealed an edged frosty sword qi and was a sword cultivator.

The three of them took a spot each in a triangular formation and their feet shuffled continuously, looking out for one another.

However, there were simply way too many otherworldly soldiers that charged from all directions, as though they were endless. Wave after wave, they lunged forward and attacked Xuan Yi and the other two repeatedly.

The three of them were on the verge of dying!

Gritting his teeth with an indignant expression, Xuan Yi could only remark darkly, “Retreat!”

“It’s probably not going to be easy for us to retreat now,”

The white-robed sword cultivator said softly with a terrible expression.

The three of them caused quite a commotion and otherworldly soldiers rushed over from other parts of the palace continuously.

The otherworldly soldiers that came later on were extremely strong!

Initially, the patrolling otherworldly soldiers were only at the strength level of early and mid-stage Golden Cores. But now, there were late-stage Golden Core otherworldly soldiers joining the fray.

The situation was turning deadlier!

The three of them retreated endlessly but were trapped by endless otherworldly soldiers. As though they were stuck in a swamp and had difficulty moving, their speeds became slower and slower.

The longer things dragged on, the worse the situation would be for them!

All three of them were injured. Although they were consuming elixirs repeatedly, given the fact that they were in an environment filled with malevolent qi, their injuries could not heal up and bled continuously.

Furthermore, the malevolent qi entered their bodies through their wounds and over time, the damage to their meridians, dantian and bloodline would intensify and turn progressively worse!

In the end, even if the three of them were not killed by the charging otherworldly soldiers, they would have their meridians and core frozen by the malevolent qi and die with their Daos dissolved.

Moreover, among the three of them, Liu Hui was already in a terrible condition!

Her lips were purplish and her footsteps were sluggish. Her spirit energy was thoroughly expended and her Golden Core was shrouded by malevolent qi, about to fall at any moment with difficulty circulating.

Although their triangular formation was great, it wouldn’t be able to function if one of them was down.

At that time, the circumstances would be even worse for the three of them!


Flashes of blood appeared.

Liu Hui grunted and a nasty gash appeared on her abdomen as blood flowed endlessly.

Xuan Yi’s expression changed starkly and he took a step forward, supporting Liu Hui who was about to fall. Waving his robes, he let out a tremendous amount of spirit energy that knocked back the incoming otherworldly soldiers, pushing them back like dominoes.

“Ziyue, break out of the encirclement with all your might! I’ll cover the back!”

When he saw the wound on Liu Hui, Xuan Yi frowned and a hint of frenzy could be seen in his eyes.

Slapping his storage bag, Xuan Yi took out a couple elixirs and devoured them in a single mouthful.

At the same time, he summoned 12 supreme-grade flying swords!

Clang! Clang!

The swords quivered and buzzed endlessly.

“Hexagonal Sword Formation!”

Xuan Yi’s Golden Core channeled to its limits and was already throbbing in pain. Controlling the 12 flying swords, he conjured two Hexagonal Sword Formations and blocked the otherworldly soldiers that were coming from behind him.

Two Hexagonal Sword Formations appeared in midair and shone brightly with a bedazzling radiance!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More than ten otherworldly soldiers lunged over. When they struck the Hexagonal Sword Formations, they turned into ashes and dissipated in the air.

Xuan Yi did not have a Golden Core phenomenon. However, he was a Sword Formation Master.

With his Hexagonal Sword Formations, he was strong enough to fight against some Golden Core phenomenons!

Up ahead, the white-robed sword cultivator took a deep breath of air and swallowed a few Spirit Regeneration Elixirs. Letting out a long roar, the sword in his hands quivered as he shouted, “Golden Core phenomenon, Ethereal Sword Rain!”

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

Raindrops fell endlessly.

A rain descended behind the white-robed sword cultivator and it poured heavier and denser, shining with an endless gleam of sharpness.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Many of the otherworldly soldiers at the front fell to the ground one after another after being pierced by the sword rain, turning into malevolent qi before dissipating.

At the very least, a few hundred otherworldly soldiers vanished with the release of the Golden Core phenomenon!

Up ahead, a vast empty space came into sight.

“Let’s go!”

The white-robed cultivator bellowed and charged first with his sword, paving the way forward.

Xuan Yi carried Liu Hui with his arms and followed close behind.

They did not get far when the sound of galloping could be heard behind, rumbling like thunder. Even the ground started quaking uncontrollably, as though thousands of troops were charging over!

“Watch out!”

The white-robed cultivator’s expression changed.

The otherworldly soldiers at the front seemed to have received some sort of an order as they scattered in unison.

A large number of troops wielding spears and riding otherworldly horses formed an awl-shaped formation, charging over murderously to clash against the white-robed cultivator’s Golden Core phenomenon.


There was a deafening sound.

A few riders at the front fell off their mounts.

However, the Ethereal Sword Rain phenomenon also showed signs of falling!

Another clash would be sufficient to dispel the white-robed sword cultivator’s Golden Core phenomenon!

“Xuan Yi, Ziyue, just leave. Don’t bother about me,”

Liu Hui’s expression was grim and her meridians, bloodline and body were freezing up after being sealed by the malevolent qi. She was extremely weak and no longer had the strength to fight.

“What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Xuan Yi had cultivated for more than three hundred years and had a warm personality, rarely getting emotional.

But now, he was agitated and his eyes were reddened as he shouted.

“Sigh, I’ll only be a burden to you guys if you take me along. At that time, none of us will survive,”

Lying in Xuan Yi’s embrace, a tender look flashed through Liu Hui’s eyes as she whispered, “Xuan Yi, I know how you feel about me. I’m afraid… we won’t have that affinity in this lifetime.”

When he heard that, Xuan Yi turned calm instead.

“Liu Hui, since you know how I feel, you should know that I definitely won’t leave you!”

Xuan Yi’s gaze was resolute as he held Liu Hui’s ice-cold hands, not willing to let go as he laughed. “I’ve been a coward towards relationships for my entire life. Today, I’m finally brave.”

Turning around, Xuan Yi nodded to the white-robed sword cultivator and said calmly, “Ziyue, leave first. I’ll accompany her.”

By accompanying her, it meant that he was going to die with her!

“Fellow Daoists, you guys…”

The white-robed cultivator looked anxious and did not continue speaking.

Xuan Yi smiled gently. “The path of cultivation is limitless without any end in sight. Even if we truly attain longevity and end up dying old in loneliness, what’s the point of that?”

“This is fine. Liu Hui and I will take this opportunity to head down and accompany our old bro, Wen Xuan, lest he gets bored below! Haha!”

Xuan Yi laughed once more as he hugged the woman in his embrace tightly.

At that moment, it seemed as though the two of them were the only ones left in the world.

It wasn’t everyone who could embrace death with such an open mind.


At that moment, another bang sounded.

The white-robed sword cultivator’s Golden Core phenomenon was shattered by the otherworldly soldiers!

Without any protection, the three of them were completely exposed against the dense otherworldly troops!

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