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Chapter 510: Arriving at the Ruins

Su Zimo sorted out the storage bags of Cang Lang and the other four once more.

There weren’t many noteworthy treasures, only elixirs, spirit stones and some spirit weapons – none of them interested Su Zimo.

Right now, what he wanted the most were secret skill manuals regarding the Dao of the core.

The Qi Condensation realm had the Qi Condensation manual.

The Foundation Establishment realm had the Foundation Establishment manual.

There should be a cultivation technique for the Golden Core realm as well.

Cultivation techniques were extremely important to a cultivator’s cultivation speed and rise in strength.

For example, as long as one were to cultivate one of Ethereal Peak’s three secret skills, Ethereal Foundation Establishment, diligently and comprehend it, they would be able to unlock up to six spirit meridians!

That was something rather impressive before entering the ancient battlefield.

With a high end cultivation technique, a cultivator could halve his effort on his Golden Core realm cultivation.

However, Ethereal Peak did not contain any top-tier cultivation techniques for the Dao of the core.

After the massive battle at Ethereal Peak, Sect Master Ling Yun mentioned this to Su Zimo.

The circumstances of Su Zimo’s core formation were rather special as well.

The two different energies of fire and water clashed within his dantian.

Although he managed to suppress fire and water while subduing the turtle and serpent thanks to his strong determination and terrifying physique, it was still a latent danger.

Without the help of a powerful cultivation technique for the Dao of the core, Su Zimo was worried that he would run into trouble in the future.

The fact that there weren’t any secret cultivation techniques within the storage bags of Perfected Being Cang Lang and the others was something Su Zimo expected as well.

Storage bags mostly contained consumables such as elixirs and spirit stones or spirit weapons used for killing – most people would not put their secret cultivation techniques in storage bags.

However, from Liang Heng’s storage bag, apart from the Phenomenon Ranking, Su Zimo discovered a messaging spirit crane.

The content within stirred his interest.

It indicated that there was a dangerous ground known as the Great Qian Ruins.

10,000 years ago, the capital of Great Qian was destroyed overnight and was reduced to ruins with countless living beings implicated in the tragedy.

Alongside the capital of Great Qian were two great Buddhist monasteries of the time, Fahua Monastery and Daming Monastery.

Many treasures were buried within the ruins.

Apart from miraculous elixirs and spirit weapons, there were also lost cultivation techniques.

It was said that the number one secret skill of the Dao of the core, Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra, was buried along with Fahua Monastery in the ruins. However, no one managed to find it.

Of course, the ruins were not a friendly place and were filled with treacherous dangers!

Over the years, there have always been cultivators who took the risk to explore it but failed to return alive.

There were even rumors that although the capital of Great Qian was destroyed and reduced to ruins, the connate spirit fire that burned it down had not extinguished and was still burning.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo decided to check out the Great Qian Ruins.

Firstly, there was the obvious lure of the treasures that were buried along with the majestic capital of Great Qian and the two super sects in the ruins.

Secondly, if he could find the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra, it would definitely be a great boon for his cultivation.

It was different from his demonic cultivation.

Although Die Yue had also left him a Supreme Demon Classic before she left, there were corresponding cultivation sutras right from the Body Tempering section at the beginning all the way to the Yang Spirit section at the end.

For his immortality cultivation, Ethereal Peak did not have any top-tier cultivation techniques.

While Su Zimo established his firm foundation in Ethereal Peak, his truly powerful immortality techniques were not learned from Ethereal Peak.

He learned the Ancient Dragonification Manual from the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The Candlelight Sword Formation was obtained from Extreme Fire Dao Lord.

It was the same for his Sea Calming Manual, Tidal Manual and Asura Saber…

Therefore, Su Zimo decided to take a spin around the Great Qian Ruins and see if he could gain any rewards.

Thirdly, it was the rumor regarding the spirit fire.

If he could meet with connate spirit fire, Su Zimo could attempt to repair the Mystic Gold Silk Armor in his storage bag.

Back in the elementary ancient battlefield, he had even managed to pick up a few Black Gold Arrows that used to be connate spirit weapons but had their spirit patterns destroyed – he could try to repair them.

Additionally, the third level of the Candlelight Sword Formation required 27 swords!

If he could refine his flying swords again with a connate spirit fire, that would be a great boon to the power of his flying swords.

Lastly, it was for his personal cultivation.

Right now, Su Zimo was in possession of many cultivation techniques. If he were to merely rely rigidly on seclusion cultivation, it would be hard for him to meet with any progress – the way for him to meet with rapid growth was to be triggered by threats.

Take Asura Saber for example.

If one didn’t kill and turn into an Asura, they won’t be able to comprehend the secret of the Asura Saber!

Tidying his attire, Su Zimo rose and dispelled the formation surrounding his residence with a wave before pushing the door and exiting.

Standing at the entrance, he paused for a moment and turned back. His gaze was cloudy as he watched the petals falling from the peach blossom tree in the courtyard.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

Now that this was completed, he would most likely not return in the near future.

A long while later, Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and closed the door before turning to leave.

In midair, Su Zimo sped towards the direction of the Great Qian Ruins with nothing beneath his feet, experiencing the power and changes brought forth by the Golden Core realm.

Apart from his year in the ancient battlefield, Su Zimo had never left the territory of Great Zhou up till this point of his cultivation.

On the one hand, he did not have much time.

Merely six years have passed ever since he joined Ethereal Peak.

For him to reach Golden Core realm from Qi Condensation within six years was a rather terrifying cultivation speed!

On the other hand, Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was way too low.

Foundation Establishment Cultivators could barely protect themselves within the territory of Great Zhou. If they were to leave, it would be difficult for them to return alive.

The Great Qian Ruins was not located within the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Now that Su Zimo had formed a core for both his immortality and demonic cultivation, he was much more confident and ready to explore the Great Qian Ruins.

He traveled for an entire month without sleeping and resting before finally arriving at his destination.

On the horizon far away, a rubbled wall emanating an ancient aura came into view.

Sweeping his gaze across, the ruins were vast and boundless!

One could imagine the territory in the reign of this massive, glorious empire in its heydays.

At the very least, it was more than ten times the current Great Zhou Dynasty!

When he got closer, Su Zimo focused his gaze.

In the middle of the ruins was a frighteningly massive ravine that split the place into two, extending into the horizon far away!

Looking down, it seemed as though a gargantuan beast was opening its massive mouth, ready to devour all life!

The ravine was deep and dark, giving off a chilling wind.

Even with the power of his vision, Su Zimo could not see what was within.

Furthermore, he could sense extreme danger coming from the ruins!

However, for some unknown reason, Su Zimo felt a familiar aura coming from the depths of the ruins, as though a voice or some sort of a power was calling out to him!


He lamented while shaking his head.

At the same time.

The sound of chains rattling, dull and heavy, could be heard from the depths of the dark, ghastly ravine.

A pair of eyes opened up with a ferocious glint.

It flickered within that space.

In that moment, it seemed as though day and light had just swapped over while Yin and Yang intersected.

In that momentary flash of illumination, an extremely old and withered face could be seen faintly; it was extremely horrifying!

The ‘face’ grinned and let out an ear-piercing laughter. “Kekeke. The fated person has arrived!”

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