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Chapter 511: Righteousness

Knowing that the Great Qian Ruins was not a friendly place, Su Zimo did not dare to be careless and descended slowly at the boundaries. He only headed in after checking out the surroundings.

Even a capital as majestic as such was now reduced to rubbles and broken walls, turning into a ruin.

As he walked across the mud and debris, Su Zimo was emotional.

Be it immortality or demonic cultivation, the reason why most cultivators cultivated was because of the word longevity.

However, who could withstand the power of time?

In the ancient era, there were multiple emperors and countless mighty figures and patriarchs. But now, all of them were gone, leaving nothing but legends.

Su Zimo did not know much about the Great Qian Ruins and neither did he dare to advance too quickly. His ears twitched and his gaze intensified as he channeled the technique of universal sight and hearing to sense for activity around him.

Along the way, he came across a few cultivators and there were also Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

All of those cultivators were extremely cautious and wary. When they caught sight of Su Zimo, they had cautious expressions and hid far away, detouring around him.

In these ruins, apart from the danger present here, it was also extremely common for others to kill for treasures!

In the blink of an eye, two hours passed.

Su Zimo did not receive any rewards from the ruins. He merely found some broken shards of spirit weapons in the debris which he tossed away casually.

Naturally, he did not encounter any danger as well.

It was late at night right now and the moonlight was pure. The entire place was eerily quiet.


Su Zimo frowned.


Suddenly, a tragic shriek sounded nearby!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. After pondering for a moment, he decided to check it out.

If he knew the source of the danger, he could prepare himself for it as well.

In a flash, he sped towards the origin of the sound.

Not long after, he caught sight of a Qi Refinement Warrior standing on the spot. His back was facing Su Zimo and although there was a clear lifeforce coming from him, he did not move at all.

A few cultivators stood and watched from far away, not daring to close in with fear in their eyes.

Coughing gently, Su Zimo asked with a raised voice, “Fellow Daoist?”

When the Qi Refinement Warrior heard Su Zimo’s voice, his body moved and he turned around slowly.

Su Zimo was petrified when he caught sight of that person’s appearance.

The person’s forehead was dark and his lips were purple. Against the moonlight, his pale face seemed extraordinarily frightening as he let out a sinister smile.

When he saw that smile, Su Zimo’s hair stood on end.


A creepy laughter sounded from the person as he grinned before lunging towards Su Zimo with open arms.

Su Zimo calmed down before long.

He might have been stunned if he had encountered something as such back when he had just stepped foot into the cultivation world.

But now, he was already a Golden Core and even if he hadn’t encountered something as such before, he could roughly guess what was going on!

Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid the attacking Qi Refinement Warrior. Reaching out, he slapped the person’s forehead gently without exerting any force and shouted softly.

“How dare you harm someone, demon! Get out!”


A shriek came from within the Qi Refinement Warrior’s body.

A ghost flew out from the top of his head – it was difficult to see as it was illusory and transparent.

When it sensed Su Zimo’s aura, the ghost was horrified and fled into the distance right away.

The Qi Refinement Warrior’s body shuddered and his lips and face regained some color.

However, that person was frail and weak, falling down limply as he panted heavily.

“Thank you, senior,”

The Qi Refinement Warrior panted while expressing his thanks.

“Take a while to recover and leave this place as soon as possible. If you linger longer, you might die!” Su Zimo remarked darkly.


The Qi Refinement Warrior nodded hurriedly.

The thing that possessed the Qi Refinement Warrior was a little ghost that did not have much Dharmic powers. At the most, it could only attach itself to the bodies of mortals and low level cultivators. This was the possession by ghosts that is widely known in the mortal world.

While little ghosts were troublesome, they did not dare to provoke three types of people.

The first type was cultivators with strong Dharmic powers.

Most Foundation Establishment Cultivators would already have no need to fear little ghosts.

The second type was people with a strong Yang blood qi.

Be it cultivators or mortals, as long as they were fit, strong and had a robust blood qi, they could defend against most demons and illnesses.

Now that Su Zimo was at the tsunami blood realm, his blood qi was akin to a blazing sun even without him channeling it – there was no way a little ghost would dare approach a burning furnace!

That was the reason why little ghosts all wanted to avoid Su Zimo along the way, let alone close in to him.

The third type was people who were filled with righteousness and just.

Those who were educated and possessed righteousness.

Righteous people could compose themselves in the face of temptations and threats.

The reason why some people would never fall ill with their mortal bodies despite being jailed and having to endure those terrible environments was because they possessed righteousness!

Predecessors always mentioned that one must not be corrupted by wealth, bend their integrity due to poverty or bow down against power.

In reality, that was the realm of righteousness!

Mortals often mention that one would not fear ghosts if they hadn’t done anything guilty – this was also the same logic.

As long as one did not commit acts of guilt, their hearts wouldn’t weaken out of fear; those that were righteous were always fearless!

Back when he was young, Su Zimo had even heard about some legends when he was studying.

For great scholars with immense wisdom and righteousness, in their twilight years, even with their weak mortal bodies, a single shout was enough for them to keep evil at bay – their shouts could shock the ghosts into dust!

10,000 years ago, millions of lives were killed in this place overnight. As such, the aura of vengefulness was strong and there were many wandering ghosts left around with their grievances.

Given the large number of little ghosts, there were bound to be malicious ghosts born from them!

Little ghosts were troublesome but they would not harm one’s life.

Malicious, ferocious and evil ghosts were those that killed!

Even for Foundation Establishment Cultivators and Golden Cores, a slight misstep could cause them their lives!

Su Zimo continued advancing and as the night got darker, he entered deeper into the ruins as well.

Not long after.

A tragic laughter sounded in all directions; it was unpredictable and caused one’s hairs to stand on end!

Smirking coldly, Su Zimo did not stop and continued forward.


An evil gust of wind welcomed him.

Su Zimo’s black hair swayed gently and his expression was calm – there wasn’t a single trace of panic in his eyes.

“If you continue forward, I’ll take your life!”

The shrill voice of a woman could be heard from the evil wind.

Su Zimo was unmoved.

He had just walked a dozen meters ahead when a hazy phantom appeared behind him, dressed in blood-colored robes with long black hair touching the floor.

A menacing face could be seen faintly from between the black hair.

The malicious ghost reached out with both hands, lunging towards Su Zimo silently with its purplish-black fingernails.

Su Zimo seemed oblivious to it.

The moment the hands of the malicious ghost touched Su Zimo’s body, its expression changed and it shrieked.

Su Zimo’s bloodline surged and shone with streaks bedazzling lightning!

The power of thunder was the most righteous energy in the world and was the greatest counter to evil entities.

The malevolent ghost would not have expected that Su Zimo’s bloodline would possess the power of thunder. Instantly, it was struck by the thunder and dissipated into ashes, disappearing.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo’s footsteps had not stopped at all.

Initially, there were other malevolent ghosts surrounding him. When they witnessed that, all of them scattered in unison.

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