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Chapter 508: Double Phenomenon!

Against the flashing lightning and roaring thunder, the turtle carried the broken heavens and calmed the raging tides with all four legs, protecting all living beings. Raising its head, it roared into the skies and divine light burst forth from its eyes in an unstoppable momentum!

At that moment, the divine turtle was the only godly being in the entire world!

Although Su Zimo’s eyes were shut, that scene was etched deeply into his mind unforgettably.

“This is my Golden Core phenomenon.”

Secretly delighted, Su Zimo closed his eyes and recalled the phenomenon he had witnessed in his mind.

He did not know the origin of his Golden Core phenomenon or what its name was.

Perhaps, it might even be an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon.

However, Su Zimo knew that the Golden Core phenomenon was extremely powerful!

At the very least, he had never come across another Golden Core phenomenon as dazzling as such!

Prior to this, in the battle at the Shen family, a Golden Core released his Heavenly Essence Swords and it was already strong enough to be able to wound Su Zimo’s body.

However, compared to the Golden Core phenomenon Su Zimo had just comprehended, that was far inferior!

In his estimations, even ten Heavenly Essence Swords wouldn’t be able to deal with his Golden Core phenomenon!

As Su Zimo was comprehending his Golden Core phenomenon, his eyes blurred once more and the divine turtle from earlier on disappeared.

The next moment, Su Zimo was stunned.

It was as though he had traveled back in time and instantly, the environment changed!

Previously, the heavens were shattered.

This time round, the earth had caved in and blood flowed everywhere!

Heavens collapsing and the ground sinking in were catastrophes of the legends. When they surfaced in Su Zimo’s vision, it shook his mind and felt extremely realistic as though he was right in the midst of it.

The ground caved continuously, opening up bottomless ravines one after another.

A baleful aura surged forth.

The mountains were tumbling and the ground was disintegrating!

Lava surged forth endlessly with a scorching heat, flowing rampantly on the vast lands and burning everything in sight – countless living beings were turned into ashes!

Experiencing the apocalyptic tragedy brought forth by the terrifying power of this catastrophe, Su Zimo felt his mind shake and he could not steady himself!

What is this?

Su Zimo was dumbfounded.

Logically speaking, he had already cultivated a Golden Core phenomenon – why was another phenomenon appearing before him?

Furthermore, it was comparable to the previous phenomenon in terms of power!

The miserable cries of the living beings seemed to have woken some sort of a powerful existence.

All of a sudden!

A massive living being crawled out from the depths of the ground with a terrifying aura. It had the head of a snake and the body of an anaconda. Red in color, it was lined with scales that stacked against one another like flaming red steel plates!

That is…

Su Zimo’s mouth opened slightly.


Before he could react, the living being soared into the air and a massive pair of flaming wings appeared on its gigantic back!

What sort of a monster was that?

The head of a snake, body of an anaconda, scales of a dragon, no horns on its head nor legs beneath its feet, it was like an ancient wyrm with wings!

However, the aura of the wyrm was not inferior compared to True Dragons!

Ascending above the nine heavens, the scarlet eyes of the wyrm scanned the place. When it looked at the endless corpses of the countless living beings buried in the sea of flames, it could not help but bellow.


Opening its massive mouth, the wyrm sucked furiously!

All the scorching lava on the ground flowed in reverse into the wyrm’s mouth like rivers entering a sea.

It swallowed the lava with large, angry mouthfuls.

The scales on the wyrm turned brighter and redder and the flames on its wings intensified!

Countless living beings were saved by the wyrm singlehandedly!

Su Zimo took a long time before he could calm down after seeing the scene.

Double phenomenons?

Could a single person possess two different phenomenons?

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo recalled and experienced the two different phenomenons, comprehending them deeply.

An unknown period of time passed.

All of a sudden!

He opened his eyes with a lightning gaze.

Behind him, a phenomenon with a majestic aura rose.

The heavens shattered and void currents flowed everywhere as meteors fell. A divine turtle stood between the world and stabilized the void currents with its limbs while holding up the heavens with its back as it roared into the skies!

Immediately after, on the other side, another phenomenon surfaced.

The ground caved in and volcanoes erupted, causing lava to surge with countless living beings implicated.

A wyrm surged forth from the ground and descended upon the mortal realm.

The two phenomenons appeared together behind Su Zimo and emitted a terrifying aura as though they could contain everything!

The peach blossom tree was motionless, seemingly scared stiff by the two phenomenons.

A long time later, Su Zimo let out a deep breath and the divine light in his eyes vanished. Gradually, his aura retracted and gathered within his dantian.

The two Golden Core phenomenons dissipated slowly.


Su Zimo was delighted that he had managed to cultivate two Golden Core phenomenons that were so strong and frightening.

However, he had many questions.

What were the origins of his phenomenons and what were their names?

Or rather, why was he able to conjure two phenomenons?

Recalling carefully, Su Zimo thought about information he had read about many ancient remnant beasts and pure-blooded ferocious beasts in the ancient books. However, none of them matched the two demon beasts.

Could they be… living beings from the primordial era that are now extinct?

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

If they were extinct living beings from the primordial era, there would be almost no records of them in the ancient books now.

Only some ancient super sects might have retained remnants of information regarding them.

Su Zimo did not know much about Golden Core phenomenons.

“Perhaps I might only get a better understanding after entering the intermediate ancient battlefield,”

After all, the intermediate ancient battlefield had the Phenomenon Ranking.

That was a place where all the elites of the Golden Core realm in Tianhuang Mainland were gathered!

A massacre between geniuses and the clashing of top-tier Golden Core phenomenons – that was a feast that only belonged to the paragons!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Among the four Golden Cores that accompanied Perfected Being Cang Lang here, apart from Sima Zhi, judging from their sect badges, they did not seem like they came from the Great Zhou Dynasty.

He might be able to seek out some useful information from the Golden Core who cultivated the Heavenly Essence Swords.

Su Zimo took out the person’s storage bag and injected spirit energy into it. After a brief check, he withdrew an ancient book from it.

There were four words written on it – Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

The intermediate ancient battlefield would open up once every hundred years.

This meant that the Phenomenon Ranking would refresh once every hundred years.

Throughout history, there have been countless Golden Cores who left their names on the Phenomenon Ranking and it was refreshed constantly. However, there were not many changes to the top 108 Golden Core phenomenons.

All in all, only those slightly more than hundred Golden Core phenomenons could be considered as the strong ones!

Su Zimo opened the ancient book.

There were many words scribbled on it – it was clear that someone had recorded them.

The words on the first row were the largest and the most striking!

Phenomenon Ranking No. 1.

Di Yin, Chaos Ocean!

The front portion was his name while the back was the Golden Core phenomenon he cultivated.

There was even a line of small words after his Golden Core phenomenon describing the origins of it.

When Su Zimo caught sight of the first sentence, he was shocked!

Chaos Ocean, ancient phenomenon, created by the Human Emperor!

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