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Chapter 507: Golden Core Completed!

Waves raged fiercely within the spirit sea of the dantian, shining with a divine radiance.

The two starkly different Daos of immortals and fiends were in constant conflict within the dantian.

Fire and water, two starkly different energies, were clashing within the dantian as well.

The situation that Su Zimo was in right now was rather unique.

He managed the first step of understanding the true essence of core formation and extended his lifespan. However, due to the fact that there were two starkly different energies clashing, his Golden Core was yet to be formed!

A situation as such was rarely seen throughout history and one would have to undergo immense danger.

If anything untoward happened during the clash of the two different energies, his dantian would rupture on the spot and his foundation would be entirely destroyed.

Right now, fire and water was interweaving constantly within his body.

These two forces were irreconcilable!

With every clash, there would be a violent jerk in the dantian, letting out a jarring sound. At the same time, an extremely terrifying force would surge through all his limbs and organs.

For normal cultivators, the impact of those forces were destructive.

If they were in this position, their bones and tendons would have snapped while their organs would have exploded along with their bodies into blood mists!

However, of all things, Su Zimo was someone who did both immortality and demonic cultivation.

Furthermore, his demonic cultivation technique was a Supreme Demon Classic that could change the world and creation, forging a body that was terrifying beyond anything else!

His body was akin to a relentless utensil that could undergo all setbacks.

He was unyielding as the forces of fire and water clashed against him!

As time passed by, spirit qi entered his body endlessly. Coupled with the fact that he was at the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm, the two different energies climbed relentlessly.

At the same time, the clash between the two energies was getting more intense as well!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud bangs were even echoing from within Su Zimo’s body.

Later on, with every single clash, Su Zimo’s body would jerk and he would frown with a look of pain.

At that moment, the most rational thing to do for him was to stop in his core formation attempt.

However, Su Zimo’s expression was resolute and he wasn’t swayed at all!

He believed in his determination.

If he could calm the monkey mind, control the prancing horse and subdue dragons and tigers, why wouldn’t he be able to subdue the Dao of fire and water as well?

He also believed in Die Yue and the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

He was convinced that his body would be able to endure the impacts!



Time slowly passed.

The frequency of the clash between the two energies subsided. However, each clash was now scarier with accumulated force and the impact was even more terrifying!


One after another, terrifying bloodied scars appeared on Su Zimo’s body and face. His flesh was split open and there was a mist of blood around him.

It was painful!

Every single inch of meat was in tremendous pain and struck at his nerves.

The impact was something that came from within.

First, it collided within the dantian. Next, it burst forth and rippled through his organs, meridians, tendons, bones and flesh!

Almost instantly, Su Zimo broke out in cold sweat.

As if it could sense his pain, the peach blossom tree behind him swayed gently and a pink glow wafted down, akin to moonlight falling in a gentle manner.

The light fell and dissipated into spots, dancing in the air like spirits before surging into Su Zimo’s injuries with vibrant lifeforce.

To be honest, the power of those light spots was not strong.

However, that was the only thing the peach blossom tree could do.

When the two energies within his dantian rested for a moment, the terror of Su Zimo’s body was displayed once more!

With a boom, his blood qi surged and roared like tsunamis, washing across his wounds.

His Inner Core churned maniacally and demonic qi spread. A tremendous self-regeneration power repaired his organs and connected his tendons, bones and meridians!

After they were torn, they regenerated and turned the energy in his organs purer, made his tendons more flexible and his bones even stronger like weapons!

His body was undergoing yet another baptism!

Su Zimo’s nine spirit meridians were expanding as well.

Initially, the spirit energy in his spirit meridians could only be compared to the current flow of a stream.

However, his expanded spirit meridians became broader and his spirit energy gushed even fiercer, comparative to massive rivers surging into the sea!


Just as his internal injuries were recovering, the two different energies clashed once more and produced a resounding bang.

Su Zimo’s body shuddered.

It was a type of pain that struck his bones and almost caused him to faint!

Su Zimo knew that there was no way out for him.

If he were to retreat at this moment, he would suffer even greater difficulties and pain in the future for his next attempt at core formation!

No one could break Su Zimo’s determination!

His spirit sea condensed continuously, shrinking, transforming and ascending!

An illusory phantom of a Golden Core appeared faintly.

Endless spirit energy surged towards that illusory Golden Core, allowing it to turn corporeal and firmer.

The demon Inner Core was condensed in Su Zimo’s chest.

On the other hand, the immortal Golden Core swiveled an inch beneath his naval in his dantian, shining with a golden glow in its spherical shape.

Against that bedazzling golden shade, Su Zimo’s organs, blood, flesh, bones, marrow and meridians shone with an illuminating transparency.

Su Zimo sat beneath the peach blossom tree with a transparent and flawless body, emanating the aura of an ethereal immortal. He was like a peerless immortal king that had descended, looking down on the world and shocking the masses!

By stepping into the Golden Core realm, breaking free of the restraints of heaven and earth and extending one’s lifespan, there would also be a change in one’s demeanor as they transcend mortality!

Su Zimo now truly possessed an air of immortality.

His expression calmed down gradually.

At this point of his breakthrough, he had already crossed over the most dangerous and arduous stage.

What was left was for him to materialize the illusory Golden Core before stabilizing it!

The peach blossom tree swayed and petals fell with a hint of joy as well.

An unknown period of time passed.

Su Zimo shuddered and a Golden Core was formed in his dantian. It was indestructible and pure, radiating with an immense luster!

An extremely terrifying aura emanated from within Su Zimo’s body, as though a gigantic ancient True Dragon was awakening!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s eyes were initially shut. However, he suddenly felt his vision blur and witnessed a shocking scene.

Dark clouds were overcast and lightning flashed as thunder rumbled.

The skies collapsed and formed a series of tears!

An apocalyptic firestorm rained down and all living beings were crying miserably.

In the face of this energy that could destroy all life, Su Zimo’s expression was pale and he felt that he was pathetically insignificant.

Even Nascent Souls and Void Reversions would be met with death, let alone Golden Cores.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden!

Heaven and earth rumbled.

An incomparably massive ancient demon descended with a terrifying aura and four legs that were akin to heavenly-piercing pillars. Standing in the middle of a dark, deep sea, it did not move and suppressed the raging tides.

Its tough armor carried the broken firmament and blanketed the world, blocking the massive void currents while protecting all living beings!

It was a turtle-shaped demon beast!

Su Zimo had never seen such a gargantuan beast. Filled with a vicissitude aura, it seemed like it had crossed through the sands of time from the ancient eras and appeared in the world!

Mysterious patterns were etched on its shell, forming obscure runes that seemed as though they could understand the world and the secrets behind the origin of the universe.

Focusing his gaze, Su Zimo realized that his eyes stung with an incomparably sharp pain and instantly, two streams of tears flowed down his cheeks and he spun in dizziness!

Startled, Su Zimo shut his eyes hurriedly.

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