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Chapter 487: Remnant of the Witch Race


The saber sliced the flying sword into two the moment they clashed.

Dao Being Han Ming grunted and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The flying sword was his Lifeforce Dharmic Weapon and was connected to his Essence Spirit.

With his Lifeforce Dharmic Weapon crippled, Dao Being Han Ming’s Essence Spirit received an immense impact and was severely injured!

The black-robed man’s saber technique was still sharp and his momentum did not pause, cutting down heavily onto the shield in midair and letting out a deafening sound of metal screeching!


The shield exploded into pieces.

A terrifying power surged into Dao Being Han Ming’s body and his organs, bloodline and bones were disintegrated into pieces due to the sharpness of the blade!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

A series of blood mists spewed out from Dao Being Han Ming.

A single slash was all it took to sever Dao Being Han Ming’s vitality entirely!

A glowing little man scurried out of the top of Dao Being Han Ming’s head frantically.

His Essence Spirit was exiting and escaping into the distance!

However, it was a pity that the two of them were extremely close. Dao Being Han Ming’s Essence Spirit did not manage to escape far before the black-robed man caught up to it, grabbing it and crushing it with his palm!

After losing the protection of his body, the Essence Spirit was too weak and could not withstand a single attack.

In the blink of an eye, the Void Reversions of the four major sects had already died in the hands of the black-robed man, leaving Blood Crow Palace’s Lord.

The Palace Lord had just conjured his Dharmic technique when Dao Being Han Ming had already died.

Gritting his teeth, the Palace Lord waved his bone staff and uttered an indecipherable incantation.

The skull on top of the bone staff gradually filled with blood and two scarlet blood beams shone from its eye sockets, as though it was alive.

“Blood Bat, form!”

The Palace Lord roared in rage and pointed his bone staff at the black-robed man.

Buzz! Buzz!

The skull opened its mouth and blood-colored bats flew out one after another continuously. Like a swarm of locusts, they charged towards the black-robed man in a dense pack.

This was a secret skill of the witch race.

All of those were bloodsucking bats and if a cultivator was trapped in their encirclement, their blood would be sucked dry within a single second!

“How dare the light of a firefly try to compete against the shine of the moon for glory!”

The black-robed man sneered.

He did not retreat or dodge the looming swarm of bats and instead, took a step forward and slashed again!

The weather changed.

That single slash seemed as though it had unleashed endless Hell!

The sky and earth collapsed.

Endless firestorms descended from the skies and the ground ripped apart, causing scarlet lava to gush out; the vast land was filled with ugly scars and corpses were strewn everywhere!

The blood bats cried endlessly upon entering that endless Hell and they disappeared before they could even get close.

A look of panic flashed through the Palace Lord’s eyes.


In a flash, the black-robed man had already arrived before the Palace Lord.

He slashed in reverse at an extremely fast speed and the sound of ghosts wailing could be heard as his saber sliced through the void.

The Palace Lord felt his heart skip a beat. With no time to think, he could only receive the attack with his bone staff.


A jarring sound was let out as the saber glided across the bone staff.

A faint imprint was left on the bone staff!

The Palace Lord shuddered and a mouthful of blood rushed up his throat before he swallowed it back forcefully.

Although the witch race was one of the Primordial Nine Races, they did not have strong physiques and neither did they specialize in melee combat.

The Palace Lord was already severely injured from that single slash.

With each breath he took, he could taste the damp stench of blood and feel a ripping pain in his lungs!

It was proof that his organs were already injured!

If the battle continued, it may very likely result in irrecoverable wounds for him.

The Palace Lord burst in retreat and waved his bone staff, setting up faint green layers of barriers before him.

As if oblivious to them, the black-robed man charged at them readily.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The faint green barriers shattered repeatedly and could not stop the black-robed man at all.

The black-robed man’s gaze was icy cold and his killing intent was chilling as he moved like a phantom!

Sensing the killing intent of the black-robed man, the Palace Lord was finally nervous and shouted with widened eyes, “Asura, I’m someone of the witch race! If you dare take my life, you will bring about destruction for Asura Sect!”

Su Zimo was secretly alarmed when he heard that.

The tone of the Palace Lord was extremely tough and firm, as if he truly meant it.

Could there truly have been super sects that were destroyed by the Primordial Nine Races on Tianhuang Mainland?

“Do you think that a remnant of the witch race like yourself is enough to threaten me?”

The black-robed man took a stride forward with a frosty glare and slashed at the Palace Lord once more.


Although the Palace Lord managed to defend against it, he could not endure it anymore and spat out a huge mouthful of blood. His organs had shifted positions and were almost ruptured!

The words ‘remnant of the witch race’ caused a commotion in the crowd.

In the cultivation world, ferocious beasts that had impure bloodlines were called remnant beasts.

In other words, the Palace Lord was not completely considered as someone of the witch race and could only be considered as a half being!

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled that back then at the primordial ruins, the divine dragon said something similar, berating that the Palace Lord had an impure bloodline and was merely a bastard child.

The Palace Lord’s expression turned extremely harrowing after the black-robed man exposed his background.

The black-robed man sneered, “Notwithstanding the fact that you’re a remnant of the witch race, even if someone who was truly of the witch race came forth, I would dare to kill him as well! There’s no one in this world that I, Yan Beichen, wouldn’t dare to kill!”

It was only at this moment that Su Zimo knew that the name of the terrifying expert from a thousand years ago was Yan Beichen.

The Palace Lord did not dare to linger and bit his tongue, spitting out a mouthful of essence blood to release his secret skill.

He turned into a streak of light and fled into the distance at an extremely fast speed!

“Where can you run to?”

Yan Beichen’s eyes lit up with a dark glint. He slashed forward and it seemed to cross the voids, landing heavily on the Palace Lord.

There was nowhere to escape!


A stream of blood gushed out.

The Palace Lord’s body was split into two instantly!

His Essence Spirit left his body and hovered in midair – it was a little man that shone with a dim blood light and looked exactly the same as his physical body.

“Blood Tribute!”

The Palace Lord’s Essence Spirit escaped and let out a spirit consciousness fluctuation.

The Essence Spirit traveled through villages where there were countless innocent mortals. There were farmers who were plowing the fields, muscular men who were chopping firewood, mothers preparing to cook and children who were playing merrily…

All of those living beings suddenly froze, as though they were engulfed by some mysterious power!

In the blink of an eye, their bodies withered at a visible speed, turning into streaks of blood light as their lifeforces surged into the Essence Spirit that was escaping in midair!

The eyes of the Palace Lord’s Essence Spirit shone brightly as it recovered rapidly.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak was heartbroken at the sight of that!

Hundreds of thousands of innocent mortals were met with the calamity, turning into dried corpses and died in miserable manners – it was the same situation that Su Zimo and the others encountered at Linfeng City in the past!

Yan Beichen chased in pursuit with his saber and took huge strides, crossing through the voids.

Unfortunately, the distance between them increased further and further.

When Void Reversions lose their bodies and were left with their Essence Spirits, although their combat strength were weaker, their speeds were at least doubled without the restrictions of their flesh!

Furthermore, the Palace Lord released the evil Blood Tribute technique and replenished a massive amount of energy, allowing him t escape from Yan Beichen’s pursuit before long.

“Asura, one day, I’ll definitely make you pay for destroying my physical body today! Hahaha!”

The blood light disappeared into the horizon, leaving nothing but a sinister laughter.

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