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Chapter 488: You Sure Are Bold!

Blood Crow Palace’s Lord fled more than a thousand meters away.

The remaining cultivators were dumbfounded.

This was supposed to be a calamity for Ethereal Peak and yet, the tides turned immediately after the appearance of a cultivator!

The advantage of Blood Crow Palace and the other four major sects had disappeared entirely.

Su Zimo’s gaze burned bright like a torch and he swept past the crowd. He could not find Perfected Being Cang Lang and sneered internally, “You sure are quick to run.”

Many cultivators yelled and fled everywhere.

The Blood Crow King gazed above the clouds at that terrifying figure standing in midair. He had a venomous look that lingered for a brief moment before he turned to escape.

All of a sudden!


Yan Beichen turned around and his gaze was extremely sharp, landing on the Blood Crow King instantly!

“You still dare to harbor killing intents towards me?”

Instantly, the Blood Crow King felt chills run down his spine and his limbs went cold – the blood within his body seemed to have stopped flowing!

“You sure are bold!”

A massive shout echoed through the clouds, reverberating through the ears of many cultivators in a deafening manner!

Immediately after, a gigantic saber beam descended from the skies and swept through the void, as though it wanted to slice the world apart!


The ground shook and the mountains trembled!

The saber beam burst into the crowd that was escaping and blood mist spewed everywhere.

The Blood Crow King had just transformed to his true self and was about to fly into the skies when he was cut down by Yan Beichen’s slash without a corpse left!

Long blood-colored ravines were left at the foot of Ethereal Peak as a torrential killing intent surged into the skies. They were filled by countless corpses and looked terrifying, like blood scars on the ground that everyone was forbidden to enter!

More than 10 Nascent Souls died at the very least because of that slash.

There were even more Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were beside the blood ravines and died, unable to withstand the killing qi that was sent forth from the saber!

Finally, Ethereal Peak’s calamity came to and end after Yan Beichen’s slash.

The cultivators of Ethereal Peak that survived felt a sense of relief after a major calamity.

However, immediately after, when they saw the corpses that were strewn at the foot of the mountain, they felt a tragic sadness.

All of those were their sect mates!

They had grown up together in Ethereal Peak, cultivating and slaying evil while protecting the masses for many, dozens, and even hundreds of years…

But now, many of them were dead because of a massive battle and they could never hear from them ever again.

This was the cultivation world which was incomparably cruel.

For the first time, Su Zimo felt that the cultivation world was much more savage and had more bloodshed than Cang Lang Mountain Range!

After consuming the Vitality Reprisal Elixir, most of the old immortal crane’s injuries had already recovered and it had gotten a new life.

However, a look of weariness could still be seen from the eyes of the old immortal crane.

This battle had expended most of her life’s essence and vitality.

If she could not advance a step further, she would have to pass away here!

Maintaining its ferocious bird form, the old immortal crane stood at the peak of Ethereal Peak on one leg and closed its eyes to cultivate. A power was rumbling within its body, raring to spew out!

Old skin started shedding from its body and its green feathers were incinerated. However, right in front of everyone, new skin regrew alongside green feathers that shone with a shiny luster!

The flames that were originally extinguished from her body had appeared once more.

Although the flames were small, they emitted a scorching temperature and were growing steadily; the void around the flames were already starting to contort due to the heat!

The old immortal crane’s condition was gradually turning better.

The little crane cried softly and jumped in joy.

Sect Master Ling Yun swallowed a mouthful of elixirs and started managing the situation, dragging his injured body while focusing his spirit. First, he ordered the cultivators on the battlefield to return to the sect and treat their injuries.

Next, he requested for the Qi Refinement Warriors who did not take part in the battle to come forth and clean up the battlefield.

Although he was severely injured after experiencing such a calamity, Ling Yun did not panic and displayed strong leadership in controlling the situation.

The sect started moving in an orderly manner after his instructions were pumped out.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait,”

At that moment, when Ling Yun saw the gauze-top woman turn to leave, he called after her immediately and bowed deeply, saying in a sincere manner, “Thank you for your assistance, fellow Daoist. Please stay a couple of days in Ethereal Peak so that we can host you properly.”

“There’s no need.”

The gauze-top woman waved it off with an indifferent expression.

Sensing the firmness in the gauze-top woman’s attitude, Ling Yun did not force things and cupped his fists. “May I know what’s your name and what sect you are from? I’m unable to leave now because our sect has just been through a huge calamity. However, I’ll definitely pay a visit personally to your sect in the future to express my thanks.”

“There’s no need for thanks either,”

The gauze-top woman shook her head and turned to Su Zimo. “The reason I stood forth this time round was because I was bequeathed to repay a favor.”

Upon hearing that, Su Zimo no longer had any doubts.

She gauze-top woman was definitely Gu Xi!

The person who bequeathed her should be Demoness Ji.

Instinctively, he turned to look around but did not catch sight of Demoness Ji.

Ling Yun followed the gauze-top woman’s gaze and froze momentarily.


The elders of Ethereal Peak revealed odd expressions when they heard that as well.

A Nascent Soul as powerful as such came forth just to repay a favor for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator?

The gauze-top woman continued, “If you want to express your thanks, do it to him.”

With that, the gauze-top woman did not linger and flew away.

Ling Yun and the others looked at Su Zimo with endless admiration in their eyes, as though they had just discovered the most precious treasure in this world!

Even without the gauze-top woman’s remark, Su Zimo had done great merits in this battle.

Furthermore, he was at Extreme Foundation Establishment1

This was the second person after the Human Emperor in history to have achieved that.

If he was already able to kill Golden Cores and possessed such terrifying potential and combat strength at Foundation Establishment realm, his future accomplishments would definitely not be inferior to that person above the clouds!

Of course, the Asura of the fiend sects was still the key to them turning the tides and securing victory.

Prior to this, everyone in Ethereal Peak harbored immense hatred towards those of the fiend sects. As people of the immortal sects and the path of righteousness, they viewed the extermination of fiends and demons as a personal duty and would definitely not want to be associated with anyone of the fiend sects.

But now, after this incident, everyone had complicated feelings towards those of the fiend sects, or at least, towards Yan Beichen.

It did not matter whether he betrayed the sect or he was an evil fiend. What was undeniable was that Ethereal Peak owed him a lifesaving debt.

Ling Yun wanted to head forth and express his thanks.

However, when Yan Beichen remained thousands of feet up above the clouds, Ling Yun couldn’t reach that height given his cultivation realm.

Yan Beichen’s hands were behind his back and he had a cold expression, giving off an aura that forbade people from approaching him.

A Grand Elder shook his head and said, “Forget it. Even if you head up, given that person’s cold and aloof nature, he wouldn’t pay any attention to you.”

“That’s right. After all, we are all considered to be of the younger generations compared to him. Senior crane is probably the only person in the sect who is qualified to speak to him,” Another Grand Elder added.

Ling Yun nodded.

Right then, Yan Beichen who was initially up above the clouds suddenly descended.

Instantly, he arrived before everyone else and looked at Su Zimo, saying indifferently, “Su Zimo, follow me.”

With that said, he turned and headed in the direction of Ethereal Peak’s Thunderclap Valley.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak was shocked.

The Grand Elders who spoke earlier on almost bit their tongue as their eyes widened!

Did the two of them… know one another?

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