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Chapter 475: Ignition of the Great Battle

There were more blood crows gathered at the forest outside, circling above Ethereal Peak in an orderly manner. They formed a gigantic black vortex that covered the skies, like thunderclouds that flickered with scarlet glints.

It was extremely pressuring!

Darkness fell on Ethereal Peak and it has been three days since they saw sunlight.

This day, dust billowed from far away followed by a torrential killing intent – the army of cultivators from Blood Crow Palace had arrived!

For the past few years, Blood Crow Palace’s influence had been expanding and they took over all the sects in the vicinity and grew at a rapid pace. By now, they were as good as a sixth major sect!

Coupled with the cruel methods of Blood Crow Palace’s Lord and his heavenly-defying combat strength, many itinerant cultivators submitted to him one after another.

Blood Crow Palace’s current strength had already surpassed the five major sects!

Leaping into the skies, Ethereal Peak’s master, Ling Yun, gazed over with a grim expression.

The army from Blood Crow Palace was densely packed and there were ten thousand cultivators.

Among them, there were a hundred Nascent Souls alone and many of them were notorious itinerant cultivators in the cultivation world of Great Zhou.

There were more than a thousand Golden Cores!

The rest of them were Foundation Establishment Cultivators and there were no Qi Refinement Warriors.

Qi Refinement Warriors were almost useless in a clash of this level; any single flying sword, spirit art or even the shockwave of the ensuring fight was more than enough to kill a Qi Refinement Warrior.

A blood-robed middle-aged man stood at the front of Blood Crow Palace’s massive army, looking cold with a faint green hue in his eyes – it was Blood Crow Palace’s Lord.

The Palace Lord waved his hand and declared icily, “Kill everyone and spare no one!”

At the same time, Ethereal Peak’s master, Ling Yun, waved his arm and yelled, “The sect is on the brink of its extinction! People, fight with all your strength and protect the final sanctuary of our sect!”

Everyone from Ethereal Peak knew that there was no other way out for them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the back mountain, stone doors were pushed apart by tremendous forces one after another as dozens of terrifying auras appeared.

Ethereal Peak’s Nascent Souls who were in seclusion had appeared one after another as well.

Under the lead of Sect Master Ling Yun, a hundred Nascent Souls and nearly a thousand Golden Cores were mobilized.

In terms of numbers, they were comparable to Blood Crow Palace – their formidable foundation was thoroughly shown!

However, due to the stringent requirement process of Ethereal Peak, there were not many Foundation Establishment Cultivators and they amounted to slightly more than two thousand.

Once the great battle was invoked, their Foundation Establishment Cultivators would definitely be disadvantaged.

Of course, the final outcome of the battle was not decided from the Foundation Establishment battlefield, nor was it decided from the Golden Core and Nascent Soul battlefields.

The ultimate challenge was between the Void Reversion experts!

Caw, caw!

The countless blood crows let out ear-piercing cries, charging towards the Ethereal Peak cultivators like a swarm of locusts – it was startling!

All of a sudden!

A might aura burst forth from within Ethereal Peak followed by a deafening cry!

A figure broke out of seclusion, bearing a head of red hair and exuding a terrifying demonic aura. Although she had an insane might and a sharp gaze, this was a beauty.

“Senior crane!”

“Senior crane has come forth from seclusion!”

A series of cheers sounded from Ethereal Peak and the masses were overjoyed.

The old immortal crane looked at the countless incoming blood crows and her eyes shone brightly. A mysterious shockwave spread out from her glabella as she suddenly opened her mouth and shot out a fiery stream of flames!


The stream of flames spread out and was hundreds of feet tall, incinerating half the skies.

Countless blood crows were turned into ashes without being able to make a single sound.


Blood Crow Palace’s Lord harrumphed coldly and soared into the air. With a single thought, a blood-colored bone staff appeared in his hands with a skull at its tip, emanating a sinister aura.

“Blood Pattern Curse!”

Waving his blood bone staff, the Palace Lord chanted an unidentifiable incantation and the void surged with a terrifying energy feedback!

Two streams of blood light shot forth from the sockets of the skull.

As though it was alive, the skull opened its mouth and shot out a green streak of light.

The blood and green light fused into a drop of fresh blood!

When the drop of blood arrived above the old immortal crane’s head, it suddenly exploded and spread into a series of mysterious patterns. Descending slowly, it engulfed the old immortal crane.

Buzz! Buzz!

The blood patterns formed a blood-colored circle of light that caused smoke to form each time it made contact with the old immortal crane’s body.

Eventually, it corroded the old immortal crane’s shirt and a series of burn marks appeared on its fair skin beneath.


The old immortal crane cried and its blood qi burst forth. Instantly, its body and flesh expanded while its bones changed structures as it transformed.

Right in front of everyone, it turned into a massive ferocious bird that was dozens of feet in width, ready to fly with its wings at any moment!

Resembling an immortal crane, the ferocious bird had a smudge of red on its head and its body was green. A thin, dense layer of flame burned on its body, emitting a scorching heat and its beak was red and a full ten feet long!


The Blood Crow Palace’s Lord’s expression changed as he murmured softly, “So, your true form is actually a pure-blooded ferocious bird!”

The old immortal crane soared into the skies and the flames on its body burned brightly, purging away the power of the blood curse. Rising into the clouds with its gigantic body, it looked down at the Palace Lord on the ground with a murderous intent.

“Fufu, you might have been a threat to me at your peak. But now, you’re nothing but a beast at the end of your lifespan and is nothing to be feared!”

The Palace Lord sneered and leaped up. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared above the nine heavens into the clouds.

That was a height that even Nascent Souls could not reach!

Although Golden Cores could soar into the skies without the use of any external objects, the truth was that there was a limit to the height they could reach and it was merely about a hundred feet.

There was an incredibly strong Dharmic power between the heaven and earth that restricted cultivators and all living beings immensely!

The higher cultivators flew, the greater the pressure they would have to endure.

With their Essence Spirits, Nascent Souls could greatly resist the restrictions on their bodies set by the heaven and earth and could soar to heights a couple thousand feet high.

More than that, one would be in the clouds and their vision and hearing would suffer. At that place where even Nascent Souls could not reach, only Void Reversions could fight there!

The great battle was invoked beneath Ethereal Peak.

Blood Crow Palace’s Lord and the old immortal crane clashed as well, producing shuddering power shockwaves that attracted the attention of a few Void Reversions nearby.

Those Void Reversions came from Iridescent Clouds Palace, True Fire Sect, Southern Mountains Sect and Azure Frost Sect.

The armies of the four major sects were speeding towards Ethereal Peak under the lead of their Void Reversion experts.


“That old beast has sure hidden herself well. To think that she’s a ferocious beast of the ancient era, a Bi Fang!”

The Bi Fang was a pure-blooded ferocious beast that did not need to consume food and specialized in the Dao of fire.

Legend has it that the Bi Fang carried the bloodline of the phoenix race and was extremely ferocious!

While the Bi Fang looked extremely similar to immortal cranes, their difference was that their head was a full feet wide!

“It’s lucky that the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord is around. Otherwise, the four of us might have been destroyed by that old beast instead!”

“Yes, the Bi Fang is old now. Furthermore, I heard that the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord belongs to one of the nine primordial races. Even if the Bi Fang was at its peak, it might not be a match for this guy.”

“Let’s go! Let’s head over there first to help the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord kill that old beast as soon as possible!”

After conversing, the four Void Reversions soared into the skies and vanished in the blink of an eye.

It wouldn’t be long before the armies of the other four major sects arrived at Ethereal Peak!

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