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Chapter 476: Fatal Blow

With the fight between the Void Reversions taking place, Nascent Souls from both factions soared into the skies one after another to a height of a few thousand feet tall before breaking out into a battle.

At that height, the fight between the Nascent Souls would not affect the Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Every single attack of a Nascent Soul possessed the might of the heaven and earth and it was something that Golden Cores couldn’t defend against!

As for Golden Cores, they left the ground and flew a hundred feet into the skies before they started fighting. Countless spirit arts and flying swords streaked and there were even Golden Core phenomenons!

On the ground, Foundation Establishment Cultivators collided intensely like two massive torrents!

Blood Crow Palace did not have the advantage in numbers when it came to Nascent Souls and Golden Cores.

However, they had multiple times the number of Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Ethereal Peak!

The moment the fight began, Ethereal Peak showed signs of defeat on the Foundation Establishment battlefield.

In recent years, most of Ethereal Peak’s paragons of the Foundation Establishment realm died in Dongling Valley. The rest, such as Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others, obtained their own opportunities and left the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

The remaining Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the sect had no leader and the strongest among them was only at five meridian Foundation Establishment with a few others at four.

As for the nine thousand odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators on Blood Crow Palace’s side, there were two of them at six meridian Foundation Establishment and dozens at five!

In the ancient battlefield, especially at the core regions where battles were plenty, six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were common sight and only seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators could protect themselves.

However, in the territory of Great Zhou, the environment was not as favorable as the ancient battlefield and it was almost the limit for any cultivator to unlock six spirit meridians!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The moment the battle began, Ethereal Peak Foundation Establishment Cultivators were already showing signs of defeat.

There was nothing to compensate for the difference in numbers and strength!

The most eye-catching cultivator on the side of Ethereal Peak was an outstanding young girl.

This outstanding young girl was not old and her features were intricate with a straight nose bridge. Her eyes shimmered like diamonds but her hair was withered, yellow and messy without any luster.

This young girl was none other than Nian Qi!

After cultivating for less than two years, she was already at the peak of Foundation Establishment and had already unlocked three spirit meridians!

It was also because of Nian Qi’s presence that the Ethereal Peak Foundation Establishment Cultivators were not instantly overwhelmed and defeated.

Controlling her flying sword with one hand, she wielded a saber in the other and charged into the Blood Crow Palace crowd, cleaving left and right.

Initially, back when Nian Qi did not have any spirit qi in her body, she was already able to lift the Mystic Gold Silk Armor which weighed a ton – it could be said that she had an innate godly strength.

Now that she had entered the path of cultivation, her strength had grown even more and she was like a tiger who had obtained wings!

Although she was only at three meridian Foundation Establishment, she could kill four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators and even face-off against five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Swinging her saber widely, Nian Qi was completely following Su Zimo’s previous style without any complicated movements.

He was overwhelming everything with brute force!


Unable to defend against her, a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was cut into two.

Gradually, the five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Blood Crow Palace surrounding Nian Qi increased and even two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators had targeted her!

“Let’s join forces and kill that girl first!”

A six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator yelled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At least 10 five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators attacked Nian Qi at the same time.

Two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators released their spirit arts and flying swords as well, unleashing a flurry of attacks at Nian Qi.

Instantly, Nian Qi descended into danger!

She had already charged into the depths of the Blood Crow Palace faction a long time ago and was far away from the Ethereal Peak faction. Right now, she was like a helpless leaf floating in a raging sea.

Nian Qi did not wish to die.

She wanted to continue staying in Ethereal Peak and following her young master.

However, she knew that in such a situation where everyone could barely fend for themselves, no one could save her.

The only way she could survive was if she fought for herself!

Against the attacks that came from all directions, Nian Qi shivered and channeled blood qi with all her might. Gradually, her eyes turned into a mysterious shade of blue, akin to the color of the deep ocean!

A terrifying aura exuded from within her.

It was as though an ancient power had been awakened.


Roaring into the skies, Nian Qi let out an ear-piercing shriek!

Her initially wrinkly hair turned silky smooth, swaying on its own and giving off a bright luster.

Although she had nothing beneath her feet, she rose slowly into the air and stood upright! It was like a godly being of the universe with a pair of azure blue eyes and golden dancing hair – her magnificence was outstanding and blinding!

That scene did not cause much of a stir to the Golden Cores and Nascent Souls.

No matter what, Nian Qi was just a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

While the aura that she suddenly gave off was terrifying and even shuddering, it was not strong enough to threaten the Golden Cores.

However, thousands of feet above the clouds, the expression of Blood Crow Palace’s Lord who was embroiled in a battle currently changed.


His gaze penetrated the voids and landed on Nian Qi.

“Could it be…”

The Palace Lord’s eyes shimmered, as if he had recalled something.

On the battlefield, just as Nian Qi was about to be drowned by the countless spirit arts and weapons, a burst of energy shot forth from within her.


The spirit weapons that were arriving from all directions froze in midair.

Even the spirit arts shook violently before dissipating.

All the Foundation Establishment Cultivators present were shocked when they saw that!

A three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator had managed to defend against the full-powered attacks of 10 five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators and two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

That scene had already surpassed everyone’s knowledge!

It was a three level gap right there!

After a momentary pause, all the spirit weapons flew back in reverse and Nian Qi’s gaze gradually dimmed. She turned extremely weak and fell from midair, as though she had lost all her strength.

“Caw, caw!”

The sound of a crane echoed out as a green streak of light shot by, carrying Nian Qi before retreating at an even faster speed.

The one that saved Nian Qi was none other than little crane.


Right then, a series of laughter broke out from the horizons far away.

“I’m Dao Being Jing Ming of Iridescent Clouds Palace. Greetings, Blood Crow Palace’s Lord!”

“I’m Dao Being Liao Yuan of True Fire Sect, here to assist the Palace Lord!”

“I’m Dao Being Lao Yang of Southern Mountains Sect…”

“I’m Dao Being Han Ming of Azure Frost Sect, here to help the Palace Lord kill that old beast!”

Four terrifying auras surged over and climbed thousands of feet into the clouds instantly, surrounding the old immortal crane.

The Ethereal Peak cultivators felt their hearts sink.

The immortal crane was old and it did not have a clear advantage against Blood Crow Palace’s Lord. But now, there were four more Void Reversion experts!

Spirit vessels sped over from the horizon with a murderous intent.

Not long after, cultivators of the other four sects arrived!

There were a full two hundred Nascent Souls and two thousand Golden Cores combined from the other four sects!

Together, there were more than ten thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

The insertion of such a massive amount of power into the battlefield was almost a fatal blow for Ethereal Peak!

Initially, Ethereal Peak was holding its ground on the Nascent Soul and Golden Core battlefields.

But now, all four battlefields of Ethereal Peak had fallen into an encirclement and could collapse at any moment to be entirely annihilated!

Almost at the same time, a deafening bang sounded from a cave abode within Ethereal Peak.

A figure had broken out of seclusion!

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