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Chapter 471: All Dead

Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

The might of the Coiling Dragon Seal had exceeded his expectations!

The power that was released was enough to threaten an early-stage Golden Core!

More importantly, an Foundation Establishment Cultivator’s dantian was still in the form of a spirit sea and had yet to form a core.

Only Golden Cores could release the true might of connate spirit weapons!

Su Zimo was looking forward to how amazing the Coiling Dragon Seal would be at that time.

There was a squeaking sound.

The stone doors opened and Ji Yaoxue came forth.

Their eyes met.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded, reassuring her.

Instantly, Ji Yaoxue blushed and pursed a smile in return.

Su Zimo beckoned gently and the Coiling Dragon Seal shrank into a small, intricate seal before turning into a streak of light that returned to his storage bag.

Walking slowly to the exit of the tunnel, he pushed down with his ankle and his Blood Quencher returned to his palm.

Throughout the entire process, the white-robed cultivator, Jun Hao and Si Yutang did not dare to move at all and kept quiet out of fear!

Every single action and gaze of Su Zimo caused the three of them to feel immense pressure. Their hearts raced fiercely, as if they could die at any moment.

This was an almost invincible aura!

Their gazes flickered and their minds were bothered by the same thought.

How should they escape!

The Coiling Dragon Seal did not merely suppress a battle corpse, but also the final bit of determination in the three of them to want to retaliate.

The white-robed cultivator was the first to speak. A rare smile was squeezed out of his dreadfully glum face as he cupped his fists. “Fellow Daoist, you are truly strong. I’m very impressed.”

“I’m nothing compared to you. You’re someone who can even suppress the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island,” Su Zimo looked at the white-robed cultivator with a fake smile.

Bearing an awkward expression, the white-robed cultivator forced a chuckle. “You’re joking, fellow Daoist. You’re the one who’s able to suppress the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island with your skills. I’m far inferior.”

Su Zimo did not reply and waved his saber. Instantly, Blood Quencher shot forth with a murderous blood beam once more!

Blood Quencher was a perfect spirit weapon that was infused with Su Zimo’s blood after all. Although it was tainted by the battle corpse’s filthy blood, its sharpness could not be hidden.

Sensing Su Zimo’s killing intent, the white-robed cultivator’s heart skipped a beat as he remarked hurriedly, “You can’t kill me.”


Su Zimo uttered without raising his head.

Composing himself, the white-robed cultivator said in a deep voice, “You should know the status of Corpse Refinement Cult in Tianhuang Mainland. If you kill me, you’ll be hunted down by the sect!”

“Ha. Even if I kill you… who would know?”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

The white-robed cultivator was speechless.

On the other hand, Jun Hao and Si Yutang felt a chilling intent!

In other words, what Su Zimo meant was that he was going to kill them all!

After killing the three of them, news of this would never ever be spread!

There was something else that Su Zimo kept to himself.

‘Corpse Refinement Cult? I’ve even killed quite a few paragons from the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects! You’re just one of them!’


The blade shuddered and a startling blood beam flashed.

When Su Zimo attacked once more, the gigantic blade seemed extremely agile in his hands; his slash forward caused ripples in the void.

The white-robed cultivator’s expression changed starkly.

While that slash did not seem fast, there was an inescapable feeling to it.

For Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators, losing their battle corpses was as good as losing half of their combat strength.

He could not deal with the terrifying saber technique of the Saber Emperor’s Sea Calming Manual. A single moment of distraction and he felt his throat go cold followed by a ripping pain!

A red scar appeared on his throat, turning bigger and more defined!

The next moment.

A blood mist spewed out.

“Ee.. ”

A strange sound came from the depths of the white-robed cultivator’s throat as he let out an indignant expression. Collapsing stiffly forward, his the light in his eyes dimmed without any life.

His throat was slit with a single slash!

After killing the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator, Su Zimo turned around and walked towards Jun Hao and Si Yutang without hesitation.

“It was the idea of Jun Hao and the others! I-I had no choice as well! That’s why I chose the wrong path!”

When he saw that the situation was amiss, Si Yutang knelt on the ground with a thud. His hand was placed seemingly casually on his storage bag as he bawled without a single shred of dignity as a cultivator.

Wiping his snot, Si Yutang said with a quivering voice, “Fellow Daoist Su, p-please give me a chance…”

Si Yutang did not have any bit of pity at all towards a fence sitter like Si Yutang.

Today, this man could kneel down and cry before him in order to survive.

Tomorrow, this man could stab him in the back instead!

Arriving before Si Yutang, Su Zimo looked down and replied indifferently, “At times, once you choose the wrong path, there’s no way back.”

Si Yutang’s final hope was dashed after hearing Su Zimo’s reply.

His hand was still on his storage bag.

But now, a dagger with a cold glint had suddenly appeared in his palms.

Si Yutang’s sobs came to a stop as his expression darkened. With a venomous gaze, he said coldly, “Since you won’t allow me to live, I’ll kill you first!”

Grabbing his dagger, Si Yutang stabbed towards Su Zimo’s chest!

This was a complete ambush!

However, his thoughts could not escape from Su Zimo’s spirit perception.

The moment Si Yutang stood up, Su Zimo’s palm descended from above and landed heavily on the former’s head.


As though it was tofu, Si Yutang’s head was splattered and he died on the spot without a single word.

The moment Si Yutang attacked, Jun Hao made up his mind and channeled his spirit energy with all his might as well. In a flash, seven spirit meridians lit up as he charged towards Ji Yaoxue who was at the entrance of the stone chamber.

Right now, she was his only shot at living!

As long as he could hold her hostage, he could talk terms with Su Zimo!

As Jun Hao charged, he realized that Ji Yaoxue was motionless and merely looked at him quietly.

There was a trace of mockery and pity in her eyes.

All of a sudden!

From the side of his eyes, Jun Hao caught sight of a blood light shooting towards him at lightning speed!

It crackled and was shuddering.

The moment Si Yutang attacked, Su Zimo flung out his Blood Quencher.

Jun Hao did not have time to react and merely caught sight of the scarlet flash.

Right after, an immense pain came from beneath his ribs as he was sent flying by a powerful impact!


Su Zimo’s Blood Quencher cut through Jun Hao and pinned the latter tightly against the stone walls!

The impact was immensely strong and the saber was still shaking after embedding itself in the stone walls!

Jun Hao’s eyes and mouth were widened as fresh blood gushed out uncontrollably.

The saber had not only penetrated his body, but also destroyed his organs and cut off his life!

“You… ”

Raising his arm with much struggle, Jun Hao pointed at Su Zimo, as if he wanted to say something.

After a momentary pause, his head tilted to the side and he died with opened eyes.

In less than 10 minutes, all three of them were dead!

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