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Chapter 470: Meat Sludge

In Tianhuang Mainland, be it the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects or six Buddhist sects, there were extremely few sects that managed to pass on their legacies and remain standing from the ancient era till now.

Among them, countless top factions were drowned in the sands of time, leaving behind nothing but ruins and legends.

Corpse Refinement Cult was one of the rare few super sects that managed to survive from the ancient era till now.

Legend in the cultivation world even has it that the roots of Corpse Refinement Cult can be traced back to the primordial era – the brutish period of time where the thousands of races reigned and humans were weak and enslaved!

There were countless secret skills in Corpse Refinement Cult and within them, there was even an ancient supreme sutra called the Corpse Classic.

The Corpse Classic contained many secret skills; even the descriptions for the method of cultivating a battle corpse alone were plenty.

Battle corpses were also graded by levels: Iron Corpse, Bronze Corpse, Silver Corpse, Golden Corpse…

For Foundation Establishment Cultivators and Golden Cores of Corpse Refinement Cult, they could only refine Iron Corpses.

Bronze Corpses required Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators to be of Nascent Soul realm and to cultivate an Essence Spirit before they could be refined.

For each battle corpses, the deeper the color, the more power they possessed and the stronger they were.

The power of the white-robed cultivator’s battle corpse was enough to fight against eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Furthermore, the battle corpse was not only invulnerable to weapons, water and fire, it even possessed poison – even eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators won’t be able to injure the core of the battle corpse.

There was no way the white-robed cultivator would have expected a seemingly delicate cultivator to nearly slice his battle corpse into half with a single casual slash!

How terrifying was that strength?

A trace of panic flickered through the white-robed cultivator’s slightly bulged eyes.

Immediately, as though he made some sort of a resolve, the white-robed cultivator conjured hand seals and channeled a secret skill of his sect. Biting his tongue gently, he spat out a mouthful of essence blood that spilled onto the battle corpse’s wounds.


The white-robed cultivator shouted softly.

Instantly, the frightening injury on the battle corpse started healing at a visible speed as greenish black meat grew and intertwined together.

The battle corpse roared with immense ferocity!

At the same time, the aura of the white-robed cultivator turned extremely weak and his gaze dimmed. Swaying to one side, he seemed like he could collapse at any moment.

He slapped his storage bag and took out an elixir before swallowing it. It was only then that he recovered some vitality.

It was clearly a secret skill similar to Blood Escape.

By sacrificing his body’s vitality, he repaired the battle corpse’s wounds and triggered it to produce even greater combat strength.

The battle corpse reached out with its hands and grabbed Blood Quencher’s blade.

Blood Quencher was drowned by the endless filthy blood as it was stuck in the battle corpse’s body. Gradually, the light on its blade dimmed.

Harrumphing coldly, Su Zimo withdrew his saber with strength!

The battle corpse chose to let the blade slice its palms than to relinquish its grip. Furthermore, it even lunged forward with the momentum, spitting out a ball of oily green smoke that was extremely nauseating.

“Watch out!”

Ji Yaoxue warned from within the stone chamber.

Earlier on, the corpse’s smoke had already destroyed her supreme-grade flying sword!

Not only that, the corpse even opened its mouth and bared its bloody fangs, biting towards Su Zimo’s neck like a wild beast!

Su Zimo frowned and released his Blood Quencher before retreating.

It wasn’t because he was afraid of the smoke and those fangs – the corpse was truly way too disgusting that Su Zimo did not wish to touch it with his hands.

Su Zimo’s retreat revealed an opening in the tunnel momentarily.

The eyes of the white-robed cultivator lit up.

In truth, he had already thought of retreating the moment Su Zimo attacked with the slash earlier on.

While it was meant for the corpse, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive that attack even if he had ten lives!

When he saw Su Zimo dodge to the side, the white-robed cultivator moved in a flash and sped towards the tunnel since he was unwilling to battle.

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with mockery when he saw that.

Swiping his storage bag, a huge squarish golden seal appeared in his palms.

The connate spirit weapon, Coiling Dragon Seal!

It was extremely easy for Su Zimo to kill this Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator.

As long as he channeled his bloodline and made use of his spirit wings together with Divine Steed Fleeting, he would be able to wrap around the battle corpse and strike that person to death!

However, earlier on, Su Zimo had a thought and recalled this treasure he had just obtained.

He was also curious as to how powerful the legendary connate spirit weapons were, let alone one that was given to him by the Human Emperor.


Tossing the Coiling Dragon Seal upwards, he pointed and a stream of spirit energy was injected into it from his finger.

The Coiling Dragon Seal expanded rapidly and shone with a golden radiance. Hovering in midair like a blazing sun, it was bedazzling and let out a shuddering aura, exuding endless might!

The feral battle corpse suddenly seemed as pathetic as an ant against the Coiling Dragon Seal.

The Coiling Dragon Seal descended rapidly!


A loud bang sounded when it rammed against the battle corpse’s head.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Right after, the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The Coiling Dragon Seal merely paused for a brief moment before continuing down!

With a thud, the battle corpse that was a full ten feet tall was crushed into a pile of foul-smelling meat sludge by the Coiling Dragon Seal, spreading all over the ground without any body left!

The white-robed cultivator was about to rush into the tunnel when a blindingly bright seal crashed down, blocking the exit.

He spun around hurriedly and a pile of meat sludge splattered onto his pale face.

The white-robed cultivator’s eyes were widened and his mind went blank, almost shocked silly.

In the cultivation world, anyone who wanted to defeat Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators had to try their best to avoid the battle corpse while attacking the actual cultivator.

That was because the battle corpses were the indestructible weapons of Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators!

Nobody within the same cultivation realm could defeat their battle corpses.

If anyone was embroiled in a battle against their battle corpses and could not get out, they would either end up being killed or exhausted to their deaths.

That was because battle corpses did not know fatigue.

Even if they were completely injured, their strength would not diminish.

However, it was different for cultivators.

Humans had a limit to their stamina.

The white-robed cultivator had cultivated for dozens of years and had been through endless battles against various paragons. However, he had never come across anyone that fought as fiercely as Su Zimo.

Notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo was fighting the corpse itself, he even almost managed to slice it into two with the first attack.

Right after, he even turned the battle corpse into a pile of meat sludge with the second attack!

Things had ended just like that.

The white-robed cultivator was stunned at the moment.

A deathly silence filled the air.

Initially, Jun Hao and Si Yutang wanted to attack Su Zimo together with the battle corpse. But now, they were rooted silly to the spot, the corners of their eyes twitching and their bodies trembling slightly.

That was a connate spirit weapon!

The two of them could clearly see that the huge golden seal that Su Zimo summoned at the end shone with six spirit patterns – it was obvious that it was a connate spirit weapon!

The deadly poison qi within the battle corpse’s flesh was filthy and could destroy weapons and Dharma treasures.

Even Ji Yaoxue’s supreme-grade flying sword could not escape the fate of being destroyed.

But now, the light on the golden seal did not diminish at all even when it was tainted by the battle corpse’s blood and flesh. In fact, it shone more intensely, exuding the dominance of an emperor that looked down on the world!

A deep look of envy filled Jun Hao’s eyes.

I can be as domineering as that if I get my hands on that treasure!

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