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Chapter 452: Number One Beneath Golden Core


All the cultivators watching from afar had disbelief in their eyes and their mouths were agape for the longest time.

With an invincible might, this man was singlehandedly suppressing the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

His grandeur was probably comparable to the ancient emperors!

The Sealers were enraged as they moved one after another. Closing in towards the Human Emperor’s Palace, their expressions were livid and their auras rose endlessly.

Everyone had miscalculated the situation.

None of them had expected that he could still produce such terrifying combat strength despite being struck by a full-powered attack from Zenith Sect’s Sealer!

Although the battle against the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects sounded slow upon narration, everything happened within ten breaths. By the time they reacted, some paragons had already died on the spot and a good half of them were severely injured.

The losses were massive and it was too late for regrets.

On the battlefield.

A sword struck in a startling manner, emitting a chilling killing intent at an extremely fast speed that was almost instantaneous!

Su Zimo had just punched Pang Yue with his right hand and was unable to retract it in time. As such, he could only grab the incoming sword with his left hand.

Hang Qiuyu had long noticed that there was something odd about Su Zimo’s right hand. It was indestructible and could even defend against perfect spirit weapons and the full-powered attack of a Sealer.

Earlier on, when Su Zimo used his right hand to repel Pang Yue’s massive spear, it was further confirmation of Hang Qiuyu’s theory!

That was the reason why he waited till this moment to strike from the left hand side – he wanted to avoid Su Zimo’s right hand!

The Startling Sword was a perfect-grade spirit weapon.

Hang Qiuyu refused to believe that the body of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator could defend against the edge of a perfect spirit weapon!

Even the body of a pure-blooded ferocious beast could not reach such a level.

However, there was no way he could have known that even pure-blooded ferocious beasts had to shy away from Su Zimo in his demon form!

When he saw Su Zimo reaching out with his left hand, Hang Qiuyu’s eyes flashed with a maniacal glint as he declared coldly, “Your left hand is mine!”


Su Zimo sneered.

He gripped the Startling Sword with his left palm directly and the sword let out a sinisterly cold aura. Instantly, sword qi burst forth and five spirit patterns shone endlessly!

Buzz! Buzz!

Sword qi streaked all around and flashes of blood appeared.

A series of cuts appeared on Su Zimo’s left hand.

However, with the surge of his demonic qi, the cuts showed signs of recovery the moment they appeared!


Upon seeing that, Hang Qiuyu’s pupils constricted.

What strong regeneration capabilities!

The next moment, he discovered something even more frightening.

After his Startling Sword was gripped by Su Zimo’s hand, not only did it fail to slice his hand apart, it was even being restricted with its speed slowing down!

Finally, it came to a complete halt an inch away from Su Zimo’s head!

Hang Qiuyu channeled his bloodline and his eyes were bloodshot as he circulated spirit energy fanatically. In fact, his dantian was already throbbing in slight pain and his arms were trembling – he was clearly at the limits of his power.

As long as he could move an inch more, he could pierce Su Zimo’s head.

However, the Startling Sword refused to budge in Su Zimo’s palm!

Hang Qiuyu could clearly see that his Startling Sword had managed to cut Su Zimo’s palm and blood was flowing everywhere.

In fact, he could even sense the sluggish motion caused by the blade of the sword digging into Su Zimo’s flesh and bone.

However, all his effort was wasted because of that inch of difference.

As the scarlet demonic qi surged, the sword qi around the blade was no longer as intense and sharp as before as it was slowly restricted and swallowed up.

Su Zimo’s blood spilled onto the Startling Sword.

The spirit light on the sword gradually dimmed, as though it was being corroded by some sort of power!


Hang Qiuyu’s eyes were filled with fright when he saw the blood on his Startling Sword!

Nobody could understand the fear he felt at that moment.

What sort of bloodline did this man possess such that he was even able to suppress the spirit light of a perfect spirit weapon?

What did everything before him imply?

It meant that if a perfect spirit weapon was soaked in the man’s blood, it would be destroyed before long!

There were countless legends in the cultivation world. In the ancient manuals of Sword Sect, there was a statement recorded that a single drop of blood from an immortal was more than enough to crush mountains, tunnel through the voids and kill ancient mighty figures!

Naturally, Hang Qiuyu thought nothing of those legends.

Even if they were immortals, could their bloodline possess such terrifying and exaggerated power?

At this very moment, Hang Qiuyu realized that a person’s bloodline could truly be cultivated to that level!

The person before him was merely at Foundation Establishment realm and yet, his bloodline was already this powerful.

If he were to truly become a mighty figure, patriarch or the immortals of the legends, a single drop of his blood would truly be enough to destroy a group of living beings!

Right now, the Startling Sword was not even in Hang Qiuyu’s control, let alone capable of crippling that man’s palm.

After it was tainted by Su Zimo’s blood, Hang Qiuyu could clearly sense that the connection between him and the Startling Sword was getting fainter and was at the threat of severing at any moment!


Monk Jue Chen wielded his Diamond Staff and shone with a golden luster. His eyes burned like a torch and he had already arrived, exuding an inviolable might. “Demon! I’m here to purify you!”

“You’re not qualified!”

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as his right hand that was now free turned into a fist once more and welcomed the incoming Diamond Staff fiercely!


Shaking violently, Monk Jue Chen’s palm was split open and his Diamond Staff was sent flying.

Gripping the Startling Sword with his left hand, Su Zimo took a huge stride with his right leg and leaned in.

Before Monk Jue Chen could react, a figure slammed over towards his chest, leaning in to him!


Monk Jue Chen’s eyes widened.

A terrifying power surged into his body through the other party and instantly, Monk Jue Chen’s mind went blank and he was knocked flying!


Landing heavily on the ground, he spat out a mouthful of blood and his gaze dimmed. His protection talisman and the golden barrier that he created through the Diamond Sutra were all shattered as well.

A series of cuts appeared densely on his face in a frightening manner!

His flesh was ruptured!

“He didn’t die?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

After he took on his demon form and his strength increased exponentially, that lean in should have been enough to kill ten Monk Jue Chens!

Shifting his gaze, Su Zimo caught sight of the golden kasaya worn by Monk Jue Chen and he understood instantly.

That golden kasaya must have been an extremely strong defensive spirit weapon! Otherwise, even his indestructible Diamond body would have been smashed into a blood mist!

Struggling to stand up, there was no aura left around Monk Jue Chen as he staggered to escape like a pathetic dog.


Su Zimo roared in laughter and eyed the wretched back view of Monk Jue Chen escaping while yelling, “You want to purify me with those skills? Go back and cultivate for another ten years first!”

When he heard that, Monk Jue Chen’s legs buckled and he nearly fell over.

As the successor of Diamond Monastery and a paragon of the Buddhist sects, he had never endured such humiliation before.

Filled with indignation and utterly humiliated, Monk Jue Chen was so pent up and upset that he spat out yet another mouthful of blood.


His chest was much relieved after he spat out that mouthful of blood and he lamented deeply.

“That man is probably… invincible among the Foundation Establishment realm.”

At that moment, everyone realized that after this battle, as long as the successor of Divine Phoenix Island survives, he would be the number one beneath the Golden Core realm!

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