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Chapter 451: Invincible! He’s Invincible!

“Hehe, I’m a beast and you want to kill me?”

Su Zimo’s blood qi gathered and exploded, causing scarlet demonic qi to surge into the air. He glared coldly at Ao Yuxiao before smirking and barking icily, “I’ll kill you first!”

Variant race? Exacting justice for the heavens? Those were nothing but excuses.

Even if Su Zimo did not take on his demon form, the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects would have formed an alliance still and killed him!

Who wouldn’t be tempted with the inheritance of the Human Emperor right before them?

There was no such thing as fairness and justice in the cultivation world; it was way too common to see people killing others to steal their treasures. This was a cruel world that abides by the laws of the jungle. Similar to Cang Lang Mountain Range, it was the survival of the fittest.

The hands of every cultivator were tainted with endless blood.

The higher one’s cultivation realm was, the more corpses would be stacked beneath their feets!


Su Zimo stomped on the ground and let out a deafening bang. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from the spot and sprinted towards Ao Yuxiao.

It was too fast!

A series of afterimages were formed in the void.

Ao Yuxiao’s expression changed starkly. Before he could react, a malefic aura that was suffocating had already reached him!

A mighty figure arrived before him, shrouded with scarlet demonic qi.

Those eyes were blindingly bright and shone with a demonic glint filled with killing intent!

The purple qi that surrounded Ao Yuxiao was corroded by the thick demonic qi, melting swiftly like the way snow reacted to the scorching sun.


Realizing that it was too late to dodge, Ao Yuxiao roared and crushed his protection talisman while conjuring a hand seal, causing the spirit qi in the air to boil!

Spirit qi and his purple qi intertwined, condensing into a long sword with surging purple qi in front of Ao Yuxiao. It revealed its sharp edge and shot towards Su Zimo.

“Break it!”

Closing in, Su Zimo yelled and swung his arm. His fist was filled with green veins and his flesh flooded with blood, expanding swiftly as it descended like a gigantic seal!


The gigantic seal collided against the purple sword and let out a resounding bang that was deafening.

The purple sword was shattered by a single punch from Su Zimo!

Ao Yuxiao shuddered and spat out a mouthful of blood, staggering backwards.

Before he could catch his breath, his vision turned black and that fist-turned-seal crushed down once more with endless ferocity!

The second punch had arrived!


The protection talisman was like paper against Su Zimo’s demon form, shattering instantly against the punch.


Immediately after, the punch descended and pummeled down on Ao Yuxiao’s head, smashing it.

The paragon of Purple Firmament Sect was dead!

The Sealers that were watching from the outer perimeter of the Human Emperor’s Palace were stunned, let alone the cultivators watching from afar.

That was an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

He could not last three moves against the successor of Divine Phoenix Island and was killed in two punches!

Furthermore, prior to that, that person was just dealt a full blow by a Sealer and was severely injured – how did he manage to produce such terrifying strength still?


A thunderbolt descended onto Su Zimo’s head.

The eyes of Zephyr Thunder Palace’s successor lit up as he roared in laughter. “Haha, you won’t last long now that you’re struck by Zephyr Thunder Palace’s secret skill!”

Normally speaking, the power of thunder was the most effective in countering demons and evil beings.

It was just a pity that Su Zimo’s bloodline possessed the power of thunder as well.

When Zephyr Thunder Palace’s secret skill surged into Su Zimo’s body, it was devoured by his bloodline and his blood qi even rose because of that!


Before Zephyr Thunder Palace’s successor could finish laughing, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he arrived before the former almost instantly!

That person was scared out of his wits and was frightfully pale.

Even if one wasn’t severely injured after being struck by Zephyr Thunder Palace’s secret skill, they should be paralyzed by the effect of thunder.

He had never come across someone like Su Zimo who was still so vigorous after being struck by thunder – he was completely unaffected!

“Fellow Daoists, save me!”

That person shrieked and swiftly withdrew a mirror from his storage bag. Injecting spirit energy into it, it expanded instantly and he held the mirror that was surging and crackling with lightning in front of him.


Su Zimo punched the mirror.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Instantly, the lightning dissipated as cracks formed on the mirror.

The person’s arms were completely snapped and he was sent flying by a tremendous force, crashing around the perimeter of the Human Emperor’s Palace. Blood flowed out continuously from his mouth and he had already fainted!

Just as Su Zimo was about to close in and kill that person, the other paragons arrived.

Snowdrift Valley’s secret skill, Chaos Essence Sect’s flying sword, Monk Jue Chen’s Diamond Staff, Hang Qiuyu’s Startling Sword…

Spirit arts filled the skies, sword qi streaked everywhere and resplendent talismans that were bedazzling all flew towards Su Zimo like a flurry of raindrops, almost engulfing him!

Given the circumstances, Su Zimo was still composed and his eyes shone with a deep glint.

Relying on his incredible spirit perception, Su Zimo maneuvered the flurry of intense attacks swiftly with nimble movement techniques.

In order to evade attacks, Su Zimo’s body would contort to weird degrees from time to time – it was far beyond what the paragons knew!

In a flash, Su Zimo charged in front of Clear Wind Temple’s successor and punched through the latter’s chest.

The successor of Clear Wind Temple was dead!

The moment these paragons were closed in by Su Zimo, they could not withstand a single blow!

After taking on his demon form, the burst of speed and power from Su Zimo was way too terrifying and he was able to sweep through any strong foes of the Foundation Establishment realm!

“Secret skill, Illusory Fiend!”

Illusion Fiend Cult’s heir shouted softly and extended his palm, shifting his fingers in front of Su Zimo’s eyes. They moved mysteriously in a rhythm, playing out images that seemed illusory.

The secret skill of Illusion Fiend Cult could bring out the evil thoughts within a cultivator’s mind, causing them to form mental fiends that they cannot escape from before eventually turning into fiends themselves.

However, it was a pity that Su Zimo’s gaze was like a knife and his mind was resolute – he couldn’t be tempted at all.

In his eyes, the methods of the Illusion Fiend Cult’s heir were akin to child’s play that were worthless!

“What nonsense secret skill is that? What an embarrassment!”

Buckling his knees, Su Zimo broke through all the illusions and smashed right into the Illusion Fiend Cult’s heir’s chest!

The Illusion Fiend Cult’s heir’s body exploded into different parts in midair, dropping down as bloodied flesh and filling the air with a blood scent!


Pang Yue wielded his iron spear and burst forth with his power of bloodline. Spirit energy surged in his eight spirit meridians and his power was at its limits as he pierced towards Su Zimo’s head!

“Get lost!”

Hollering loudly, Su Zimo suddenly spun around and retaliated with a punch!

His right hand that contained the blood bone palm collided against the black iron spear like an indestructible force.

Pang Yue could sense a massive amount of power surging over through his spear that was impossible to defend against!

There was a momentary pause.

Instantly, blood drained from Pang Yue’s face as he yelled in pain. His palm split open with blood gushing out and his black iron spear was sent flying with Su Zimo’s punch!

The spear shot towards Cloud Rain Sect’s Shangguan Yu who was charging over.

Shangguan Yu opened his folding fan and his expression changed the moment it made contact with the spear. Instantly, he twisted his body, trying to avoid the incoming spear.

Although the spear was merely flying due to Su Zimo’s punch, the power that it possessed was still something that Shangguan Yu could not withstand!


Although he managed to avoid fatal damage, his shoulder was still pierced by the spear, revealing a hole the size of a fist with the bones surrounding that area smashed into bits!

Pang Yue’s arms were shaking uncontrollably and fell limply to both sides. With his aura completely gone, he fled while muttering with a quivering voice, “Invincible! He’s invincible!”

Even the most battle hungry and untamed fiend heir of Overlord Palace had to bow down in the face of Su Zimo!

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