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Chapter 442: How Dare You Provoke Me Again?

“What’s this Mad Blade’s background? He’s got some skills.”

Pang Yue roared in laughter as he swept his spear horizontally, forcing Hang Qiuyu, who was coming at him, to retreat with a thrust.

Compared to Malevolent Earth Sect’s spear techniques, Pang Yue’s spear technique was much less complex.

It was just a simple thrust from the middle level. However, its momentum was oppressive and the spear’s ferociousness was shot forth completely; he was not disadvantaged even against two opponents!

Sword Sect’s Hang Qiuyu’s sword technique was not weak at all and his sword qi was extremely sharp, possessing both offense and defense. Colliding continuously against Pang Yue’s gigantic spear, the sound of metal clanging rang repeatedly as sparks flew endlessly.

On the side of the fiend sects, apart from Pang Yue who could hold his ground in a one versus two, the other fiend heirs were completely disadvantaged.

For Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect and Demoness Ji of Pure Maiden Sect who were weaker in combat strength to begin with, they were in a perilous situation and were completely suppressed, forced to retreat continuously.

On the other side.

The fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult might not necessarily win Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect in a one on one fight.

Now that the successor of Clear Wind Temple was assisting Ao Yuxiao, the fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult was at a loss and the situation was not looking good for him.

If this battle continued, the few fiend heirs were bound to lose!

On the battlefield, the only variable was the burly man in linen clothes with an unknown background, known to everyone as Mad Blade.


After crippling Heavenly Dipper Sect’s successor with two slashes and a punch, Su Zimo heard a piercing ring of a bell beside him.

The bell rang for a long time and was never-ending, like a sharp thorn that pierced his head repeatedly!

With a golden bell in hand, Monk Jue Chen had already arrived behind Su Zimo!

That was a spirit weapon of the Buddhist sects, the Golden Bell. Its body was a bell made of purple-gold copper and its mouth was circular with rounded edges; exquisite patterns were engraved all over its body.

The Golden Bell in Monk Jue Chen’s hand was nourished by the Buddhist light in Diamond Monastery. Day and night, it listened to the chanting of scriptures by monks and it possessed an inexplicably noble power!

It had the strongest impact on those who had evil thoughts and came from heretical doctrines.

Cultivators that were weaker would die on the spot, bleeding from all orifices!

When Monk Jue Chen arrived here, he killed dozens of seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators with just the ringing sound of the Golden Bell alone – that was proof of how terrifying its might was!

However, it was a pity that although the bell was powerful, its impact was almost negligible for Su Zimo who had cleared all seven orifices.


An evil gust of wind blew behind him.

Wielding his Diamond Staff, Monk Jue Chen stabbed at Su Zimo’s head with astounding strength.


Su Zimo did not even turn back and made a backhand slash, as though he had eyes behind his back. Clashing heavily against the Diamond Staff, a loud sound was heard as sparks flew everywhere!

One side was a reactionary counter-attack while the other side was a preemptive strike.

However, Su Zimo did not yield.

Yet, Monk Jue Chen was forced to retreat half a step back!

“How strong!”

“That person’s physique is actually comparable to the successor of Diamond Monastery?”

The paragons were astounded upon seeing this.

Initially, when Su Zimo crippled Heavenly Dipper Sect’s successor, everyone thought that it was merely because the latter underestimated his opponent and was caught unaware.

But now that Su Zimo was not disadvantaged after a head-on clash with Monk Jue Chen, the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects frowned and their expressions gradually turned grim.

They did not know that at the moment, Monk Jue Chen was even more shocked.

His Diamond Staff, a perfect spirit weapon of the Buddhist sects as well, was stronger than the Golden Bell.

The Diamond Staff, also known as the Treasure Staff or Demon Vanquishing Staff, was one of the unique weapons of Diamond Monastery. It symbolized invincibility and unyielding dominance that was capable of suppressing all evil!

Initially, Monk Jue Chen thought that he could suppress Su Zimo confidently by relying on those two spirit weapons.

However, even with those two spirit weapons, he did not gain any advantage. Instead, he was the one disadvantaged right now!


Turning around, Su Zimo grinned and said, “Monk, after I spared your life the previous time, how dare you provoke me again?”


Su Zimo stomped his feet and the ground and mountains shook. With a bang, he burst forward and appeared in front of Monk Jue Chen in the blink of an eye. Circulating his bloodline, he swung his arms and cut down with his saber, as if he wanted to rip the void apart!

“Develop a mind that abides nowhere!”

Monk Jue Chen chanted his Buddhist scriptures as his Diamond Heart burst forth with the power of bloodline. Instantly, his figure expanded along with his aura!


From the depths of Monk Jue Chen’s mouth came a furious roar that sounded like a mythical lion and was able to shock one’s mind. Two bedazzling golden beams shot out from his eyes like a descending Vajra with a terrifying might!

It was as though Monk Jue Chen’s body had disappeared and in his place stood a mighty lion with golden fur that roared into the sky fearlessly!

Even Shangguan Yu and the others who were watching from the perimeter of the battlefield were shocked, let alone Su Zimo who was facing the impact directly.

Many secret skills of the Buddhist sects were truly effective at countering the fiend sects.

However, it was a pity that Monk Jue Chen was facing Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s cultivation basis was the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Furthermore, he had even devoured half a dragon!

After meeting with Su Zimo’s demonish gaze, the fearless lion developed an innate sense of fear and its aura weakened momentarily.


The spirit saber collided against the Diamond Staff and a jarring sound of metal clashing rang.

Monk Jue Chen retreated once more.


Before he could catch his breath, a second strike had already descended.

Su Zimo’s stamina and physique was terrifying and was far beyond what Monk Jue Chen could compare with.

While the Diamond Sutra merely tempered one’s body, the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness transformed Su Zimo entirely into an existence that was even more terrifying than pure-blooded ferocious beasts!


Monk Jue Chen could only raise his Diamond Staff once more to defend against the second strike. By now, his arms had gone numb and no longer had any feeling as he was forced to retreat once more with a pale expression.

When the successor of Hollow Monastery saw that, he charged towards Su Zimo, leaving the successor of Wisdom Monastery to fight alone with Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect.


Hollow Monastery’s successor wielded an alloy steel rod which slammed down as he leaped upwards. The wind howled with a buzzing sound as though the mountains were about to be crushed into dust!


Right then, a shriek sounded from the other side of the battlefield.

Under the attacks of the two successors of Snowdrift Valley and Clear Heart Nunnery, Demoness Ji finally failed to hold out. A gash appeared on her arm and blood gushed out – it was clear that she was already injured.

The wound seemed like it was small and did not injure her bones.

However, the flying swords of Snowdrift Valley possessed a thousand-year-old frost qi that could freeze one’s bloodline and spirit energy. At that moment, the qi was infiltrating Demoness Ji’s body repeatedly through her wound, cruising through her limbs.

Demoness Ji’s movements became more sluggish and there was even a layer of frost covering her eyes and lips!

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze when he saw that.

At that moment, everyone from the fiend sects, even Pang Yue of Overlord Palace, could not take care of themselves.

Nobody was available to rescue Demoness Ji.

Monk Jue Chen wielded his Diamond Staff and Hollow Monastery’s successor wielded his alloy steel rod. Two accomplished monks of the Buddhist sects were lunging towards Su Zimo at the same time!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he let out a long holler.

He did not dodge nor retreat against the combined attacks of two paragons of the Buddhist sects. Suddenly, a series of crackling sounds came from within his body like beans being fried as his tendons and bones rang together.


Su Zimo slashed.

The tides sounded.

In a Countercurrent!

Sea Calming Manual… Countercurrent stance!

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