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Chapter 441: Start of the Nightmare

“I was exposed?”

Although Su Zimo was expressionless on the surface, he was internally shocked.

“Don’t deny it! It’s definitely you!”

Demoness Ji inched over and whispered, “You can’t hide it from me. My instincts have always been keen.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

Su Zimo replied indifferently before shifting his gaze towards the dozen or so figures standing at the outer perimeter of the Human Emperor’s Palace.

All of those cultivators were white-haired and old.

Although their eyes were turbid and they seemed like they were at the end of their lives, there were still terrifying auras being exuded from them.

They were Sealers!

Demoness Ji commented, “Don’t worry, the Sealers won’t dare to strike given the circumstances. With the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects at a stalemate, as long as one of the factions strike and make use of their Golden Core powers, the Sealers from the other two factions would also be implicated. By then, all parties would suffer great losses and perish!”

The twelve cultivators of the immortal and Buddhist sects walked over slowly in two rows, keeping their eyes on the six people on the side of the fiend sects, Su Zimo included.

Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect targeted Pang Yue of Overlord Palace right away.

Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect targeted the fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult as well.

It was a battle between the strong!

The successor of Snowdrift Valley of the immortal sects was a cold woman in white robes. She controlled a silver needle with a frosty aura and specialized in penetrating protection talismans and inner armors.

The nun of Clear Heart Nunnery wielded a long sword that shimmered coldly.

The two female cultivators of the immortal and Buddhist sects set their sights on Demoness Ji right away!

“Seems like I’ll have to take care of that unknown person then.”

The successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect smiled faintly. With a wave of his sleeves, a flying sword that shimmered with five spirit lights tore through the air and headed straight for Su Zimo’s head!

Sweeping his head, Su Zimo nodded to himself.

It was as expected of the top super sects of Tianhuang Mainland. With powerful foundations, most of their paragons were in possession of perfect spirit weapons!

Su Zimo was not flustered at all as he brushed past his storage bag, causing a saber to appear in his palms.


His saber trembled and shone with four spirit patterns.

It was a supreme-grade spirit saber that he had found in the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

Since he wanted to hide his identity, there was naturally no way Su Zimo would take out a weapon as signature as his Blood Quencher. Otherwise, he would be exposed by Demoness Ji and Bai Yu immediately.

Although he could not make use of Blood Quencher, Su Zimo had no intention of concealing the five stances of the Sea Calming Manual.

The reason for that was because he knew that apart from him, there was another successor who knew of those five stances in the cultivation world…


The flying sword tore through the air and shone with five spirit lights. Like a blazing sun that was filled with astral qi, it had an intimidating aura and arrived in an instant.

Su Zimo’s expression did not change as the spirit energy in his body surged wildly, causing seven spirit meridians to shine underneath his robes.

“Ha, so you’re a piece of trash!”

When Bai Yu swept his gaze and caught sight of that, he could not help but sneer.

The other fiend heirs let out disappointed expressions as well.

On the other hand, the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects looked relaxed.

Seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were considered as rare geniuses in the cultivation world and in the Great Zhou Dynasty, they were even rarer.

However, for the many paragons present, seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were equivalent to trash that wouldn’t be able to last for more than ten breaths in a massive fight as such!

Even for cultivators of other sects that were also at eight meridian Foundation Establishment, they were far weaker than the successors of super sects, let alone seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

The fiend heirs were already frustrated given the fact that they were in dire straits. When they saw this, they were even more upset.

Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect opened his folding fan and defended against two incoming flying swords while sneering, “Demoness Ji, your judgment is truly getting worse!”

Among the paragons present, only two of them did not show any contempt.

One of them was Demoness Ji and the other was Monk Jue Chen who had suffered a loss in the hands of Su Zimo previously!


An ear-piercing sound of metal clashing echoed in the void.

Sparks flew as Su Zimo swung his supreme-grade spirit saber against the incoming flying sword. Instantly, the astral qi on the sword was shattered by an immense force and dissipated on the spot!


The sword quivered unsteadily, showing signs of falling.


The expressions of a few paragons changed when they saw this.


“Something isn’t right.”

“Such burst power… watch out, that man’s a body tempered cultivator!”


Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot and within a couple of steps, he arrived in front of the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect. His eyes shone brightly with a surging killing intent as he slammed down with his saber!

The blade cut through the void at an extremely fast speed and it was so forceful that heat was emitting from the saber!

“So fast!”

The successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect realized that the situation was bad and his hair stood on ends as his pupils constricted.

He was too careless!

With that moment of carelessness, he had lost the initiative and was now the disadvantaged party who was in danger!


Slapping his storage bag, he swiftly pulled out a dark gold shield and injected spirit energy into it, lifting it above his head as it expanded.


Another loud boom sounded when the saber clashed against the shield.


The light on the shield dimmed, as if the spirit light was severed by Su Zimo’s saber. With a dull grunt, the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect almost knelt onto the ground.

As he lifted his shield with one arm, the successor gripped his other hand into a fist that was surrounded by astral qi. He threw a punch at Su Zimo’s chest like a long spear!

This was the successor of one of the nine immortal sects, Heavenly Dipper Sect, no matter what.

That was why he was still able to retaliate despite his current circumstances.


Suddenly, Monk Jue Chen’s voice sounded.

However, it was too late.

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered with mockery when he saw the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect throw out a punch as he did the same and received the incoming punch with a punch of his own!


The two fists collided.

The astral wind ruptured and the tides surged.

Instantly, color drained from the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect’s face as bead-like sweat droplets started flowing down from his head.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A jarring sound of bones cracking echoed out.

A few paragons turned towards the sound instinctively and their expressions changed.

The successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect’s palm had already disappeared, turning into meat sludge that hung off his wrist.

His entire arm was contorted into a weird shape with his bones protruding out of his flesh as it hung limply. With the meat hanging on his bones, it was a terrifying sight!


The successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect howled in pain as he collapsed to the ground, shivering with a fearful expression.

With two slashes and a punch, the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect was crippled!

The paragons present were not the only ones shocked; even the Sealers that were watching were slightly agitated.

“In a fight between lions, one has to use their full strength. Since he underestimated his opponent, he has no one but himself to blame for landing in such a state.”

“Was it truly… just because he underestimated his opponent?”

Instantly, the tides on the battlefield had changed.

Nobody expected that the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect would land in a tragic state with a crippled arm after a single exchange of blows.

This meant that a paragon had already lost the rights to fight for the Human Emperor’s inheritance and had to withdraw.

The paragons present looked at the successor of Heavenly Dipper Sect with a pitiable expression.

Up till this point, the paragons had not realized that a nightmare that would continue to haunt them for many years to come had just begun…

Compared to some of the others present, the fate of Heavenly Dipper Sect’s successor was considered lucky.

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