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Chapter 440: Commencement of the Battle

When he heard that, Su Zimo frowned.

Just as he was about to retort, Demoness Ji tiptoed beside his ear and whispered, “The Human Emperor’s Palace has just descended and everyone’s aiming for the throne. The successors of the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects will tacitly eliminate the other cultivators first.”

“If you’re alone, you’ll definitely be targeted. How about following the fiend sects first? It’ll only benefit you.”

In reality, Su Zimo had two reasons for coming here. On the one hand, it was for the Human Emperor’s Palace. On the other hand, he wanted to test out the elites and paragons of the super sects!

He had no fear of being targeted at all!

However, Demoness Ji was leaning towards his ear flirtatiously. Her tender voice and scent of a maiden stirred Su Zimo’s heart and he did not reject her, as if possessed.

Right after, Su Zimo snapped out of his daze in a shock and lamented internally, “Impressive!”

Demoness Ji’s charm was everywhere and it was impossible to guard against her.

As the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects, there was no need for her to cast a bewitchment technique specifically.

Her presence alone was a form of bewitchment.

The higher the cultivation realm of the Pure Maiden, the more terrifying their power of bewitchment would be. In the end, a single smile, wink and emotion would be enough to intoxicate anyone to a point of no return.

In the cultivation world, there were some charming techniques that relied on wearing half-covered clothes, using flirtatious gazes, language and daring actions to seduce men.

However, compared to the Pure Maiden Sutra, those charming techniques were wildly inferior.

By the end of everyday, the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects was a peerless beauty that could overthrow the entire world. Pure, clean, awe-inspiring and inviolable, a single subtle flirtatious look from her eyes would be enough for an ancient mighty figure to submit to her whims.


Sizing Su Zimo from head to toe, Bai Yu sneered, “It’s just a lover that you’ve found. What rights does he have to be compared to us fiend heirs?”


Demoness Ji chuckled. “How arrogant. I wonder who were the ones who were beaten to a pulp by a friend that I randomly found back then in that underground area.”

Upon hearing that, Bai Yu’s expression darkened and a few other fiend heirs looked terrible as well.

That was a humiliation for them that no one was willing to speak of.

Pang Yue swung his black iron spear and turned around after killing the last few cultivators, striding over in huge steps.

The tip of the spear fell naturally to the ground and sparks flew everywhere as it trawled the ground.

“Where’s that scholar?”

Arriving in front of Demoness Ji, he asked loudly with a fiery battle intent in his eyes.

The scholar that Pang Yue was referring to was naturally Su Zimo.

Pouting her lips, Demoness Ji rolled her eyes. “How should I know?”

Suddenly, Bai Yu said, “He came to the ancient battlefield too. I’ve seen him.”


When the few fiend heirs heard that, their expressions changed and killing intent flashed through their eyes.

Pausing for a moment, Bai Yu shook his head again. “However, I don’t think he’s here. I didn’t spot any signs of him.”

Bai Yu was thoroughly humiliated after retreating with a loss after the battle at Saber Mountain Spirit Sea and there was naturally no way he would take the initiative to mention that.

The Illusion Fiend Cult heir harrumphed coldly. “That scholar has got some brains.”

“If he dares show himself, I’ll definitely create a bloody hole in his body using my iron spear!”

Pang Yue’s expression was haughty as he slammed the iron spear in his hand onto the ground heavily. Instantly, a series of cracks appeared and his murderous aura was daunting.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and there were no ripples in his eyes.

Shifting his gaze, Pang Yue sized up Su Zimo and nodded while smiling. “Not bad, you’ve got some guts. I’ll forcibly acknowledge you of being qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with us fiend heirs.”

Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect remarked casually, “Since Xue Yang of Malevolent Earth Sect isn’t here yet, we’ll let this person replace him for now as a helper.”

Waving his folding fan lightly, Shangguan Yu looked cool and suave. Despite the fact that he had just killed more than a hundred cultivators, his clothes and hair were still neat.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

Pang Yue looked at Su Zimo with a slightly raised head.

“Mad Blade,” Su Zimo replied.

“Mad Blade, haha!”

Pang Yue laughed. “You’re quite arrogant. I wonder how your saber techniques are like!”

Bai Yu remarked coldly, “In the cultivation world, most people with such loud titles are only so-so in terms of capabilities.”

“You can try me.”

Su Zimo said indifferently.

“Mmm? Do you have a death wish?”

Bai Yu’s expression changed as killing intent rose in his heart.

“You’re wild. Interesting.”

Sweeping his iron spear, Pang Yue blocked Bai Yu and shook his head with a stern expression. “Don’t fight first. Something isn’t right.”

Everyone followed Pang Yue’s gaze.

The battlefield was mostly cleaned up and the only people left under the cover of the Human Emperor’s Palace were the successors of the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects.

Among them, successors from seven of the nine immortal sects were present, including Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect and Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect.

Of the six Buddhist monasteries, five successors were present. Apart from Monk Jue Chen of Diamond Monastery, there were monks from Hollow Monastery Monastery, Formless Monastery, Wisdom Monastery and a nun from Clear Heart Nunnery.

Of the seven fiend sects, Xue Yang of Malevolent Earth Sect was already dead and there was no signs of the Thousand-faced Assassin from Hidden Death Sect.

Apart from Su Zimo, the other four fiend heirs and the demoness were present.

These nearly twenty cultivators could be considered as the top paragons of the Foundation Establishment realm in the entire Tianhuang Mainland.

Apart from Su Zimo, the rest of the cultivators were at eight meridian Foundation Establishment!

The reason why something felt amiss was because the seven paragons of the immortal sects led by Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect and Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect as well as the four monks and one nun seemed to be joining forces as they surrounded the fiend heirs!

“Hang Qiuyu, Ao Yuxiao, Jue Chen. What’s the meaning of this?” Narrowing his gaze, Pang Yue asked slowly.

“Nothing much,”

Hang Qiuyu’s lips curled up and he swayed his slender fingers. “After destroying the fiend sects, we’ll naturally choose someone from the immortal and Buddhist sects to take on the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance.”

The fiend heirs frowned.

Including Su Zimo, there were only six of them.

However, there were a total of twelve people when the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects were added together!

In other words, each of them had to face at least two paragons!

Pang Yue of Overlord Palace was publicly acknowledged as the strongest among the fiend heirs.

However, he would not dare to claim victory against Hang Qiuyu, Ao Yuxiao and Jue Chen, let alone if he had to deal with two people at one go.

Demoness Ji raised her voice. “The situation is clear right now with three distinct lineages and a total of 18 cultivators. We can just fight in pairs to decide the final victor to obtain the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance. That will be considered as fairness.”

Monk Jue Chen’s gaze swept past Su Zimo and paused for a brief moment before landing on Demoness Ji’s face as he sneered, “The situation will be even clearer after destroying the fiend sects.”


Ao Yuxiao shook his head. “There’s no fairness to speak of in front of the Human Emperor’s Palace. Furthermore, fiends are evil beings that should be punished!”

“Su Zimo, if you see that the situation is not right, don’t be stubborn and leave this place quickly!”

Suddenly, Demoness Ji extended her finger and poked Su Zimo’s waist, whispering to him.

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