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Chapter 435: Get the Hell Back!

Monk Jue Chen was like a wooden block that was being hammered into the mud by the colossal palm of the burly man. Without any way of escaping, his bones creaked wildly.

Melee combat fights were the most dangerous and victory was often determined within a few exchanges of moves.

By underestimating his enemy, Monk Jue Chen’s Enraged Diamond Gaze and Lion Roar, two of the Buddhist secret skills, were countered consecutively and in a moment of daze, the burly man seized the initiative.

His single mistake had led him to this state.

Right now, Monk Jue Chen was motionlessly pushed against the ground by the palm!

Even if Monk Jue Chen had a thousand more techniques, he couldn’t use any of them at this moment nor could he summon the Buddhist spirit weapons in his possession.

This was a fight based completely on strength!

As long as Monk Jue Chen was distracted and lost focus of his strength, he would be crushed into sludge by the burly man’s palm without even a corpse left!

Even Demoness Ji was dumbfounded.

What was the background of this man?

To think that he could pin the successor of Diamond Monastery motionlessly on the spot!

Suddenly, the burly man nodded with a flicker of admiration in his eyes. “The fact that you’re able to withstand this is quite something. Indeed, Diamond Monastery is impressive.”

Demoness Ji was now tongue-tied.

What was he doing?

Wasn’t his tone way too arrogant?

In Tianhuang Mainland, which cultivator had the rights to speak to the successor of Diamond Monastery in that manner?

The strangest thing was that the burly man seemed to have meant what he said from the bottom of his heart.

Of course, what was even more shocking was that Monk Jue Chen was totally focused and tense in this intense standoff of strength – he did not even dare to relax or breathe heavily.

However, the burly man could still speak!

In other words, he still had additional strength to spare!

The burly man was none other than Su Zimo who had changed his appearance!

It was only natural that he had the rights to speak of such words since even Pei Chunyu of Glass Palace was defeated by him.

Su Zimo had attained lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section with his seven orifices cleared and he had extremely strong eyesight and hearing.

Monk Jue Chen’s Enraged Diamond Gaze and Lion Roar could not affect his mind at all!

A look of embarrassment flashed past Monk Jue Chen’s eyes.

He had never endured such humiliation and suppression as the successor of Diamond Monastery!

Su Zimo’s condescending attitude had ignited Monk Jue Chen’s anger completely.

“Do you really think that you can win me just like this?!”

Grinding his teeth noisily, Monk Jue Chen’s eyes gradually shone with a golden flicker as he said slowly, “Develop a mind that abides nowhere!”


The moment he said that, a loud bang sounded from Monk Jue Chen’s chest, possessing a resolute metallic intent!

It was as if an indestructible power that could penetrate rocks was about to pierce through and gush out from Monk Jue Chen’s chest.

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the metallic sound earlier on was Monk Jue Chen’s heartbeat!

After it sounded, Monk Jue Chen’s bloodline churned and the strength in his arms increased significantly, steadying his wavering body instantly.


Nodding, Su Zimo said as his eyes lit up, “Interesting.”

Demoness Ji hurriedly remarked, “Watch out! That’s the profoundness in Diamond Monastery’s secret manual, Diamond Sutra! By developing a mind that abides in nowhere, one is able to cultivate a diamond heart!”


A heartbeat sounded once more, cutting through Demoness Ji’s voice.

This time round, the metallic sound was even clearer and more ear-piercing, as if it could destroy everything and penetrate all beings!

The blood in Monk Jue Chen’s body circulated slowly, giving off the sound of flowing lead mercury.

Mercury blood amalgam!

That was almost the limit of the power of bloodline.

The only thing above that was the legendary tsunami blood.

Monk Jue Chen’s arm strength increased significantly and he propped up Su Zimo’s palm. As his aura climbed, his eyes shone with frenzy.

Demoness Ji continued, “Each time the diamond heart thumps, it would swap blood with the marrow and refine his tendons and bones! At the limit of its cultivation, one’s body becomes indestructible and can even fight against pure-blooded ferocious beasts!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As though he was trying to prove how scary the diamond heart was, the heartbeat coming from Monk Jue Chen pounded even faster as his blood raced within his body.


The sound of lead mercury was endless.

“Patron, you are too naive to think that you can kill me with a single palm strike!”

Slowly, Monk Jue Chen spoke with a metallic voice that was forceful and resolute. His body was covered with a layer of shiny golden luster.

The power of bloodline that was triggered by the diamond heart had already cruised through his limbs to every single part of his body!


Su Zimo smiled gently.


Suddenly, an explosion roared without warning, as though a godly being was beating the heavenly drums fervently, giving off shuddering, forceful thuds.

That sound was so close that it suppressed the sound of Monk Jue Chen’s heartbeats!


Monk Jue Chen’s expression changed starkly.

Since he was opposite Su Zimo, he could naturally tell that the sound was coming from the other party’s chest!

Suddenly, he felt a sense of uneasiness.

There was no time for Monk Jue Chen to think as he propped his arms up forcefully. Churning his power of bloodline to its limits, he exerted strength in both legs and tried leaping up to break free from Su Zimo’s suppression.

Angrily, Monk Jue Chen roared, “Break!”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a thunderous bang sounded from within Su Zimo’s body. It was forceful and massive, similar to how waves crashed onto shores.

Standing in front of Su Zimo, Monk Jue Chen felt like he was hallucinating.

It felt as though he was a small boat in a raging sea that could capsize at any moment, washing him away without a corpse left!

That wasn’t the force of a human!

That was the might of the universe!

“Tsunami blood!”

Demoness Ji’s ears twitched when she heard that sound as she exclaimed in shock.

Throughout history, it was known that the limit of bloodline cultivation was at tsunami blood level.

There were extremely few cultivators who had managed to accomplish it.

She had come across one of them before.

Back then, underground, with the existence of the ancient spirit lock formation, that person singlehandedly defeated five fiend heirs in a domineering and decisive manner!

Although many years had passed, the scene remained in the depths of her memories as though it had happened yesterday.

No matter how she tried, Demoness Ji could not compare the burly man before her with the green-robed cultivator from her recollections who had delicate facial features.

“Get the hell back!”

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and as was his tone. However, his blood surged like a tsunami in a terrifying manner.

His muscular palm was filled with blood and green veins popped out as it expanded significantly once more, blocking Monk Jue Chen’s line of sight and any path of escape before crushing down savagely on him!


Grunting dully, Monk Jue Chen made use of the burst power from his diamond heart and leaped up. Before he could break free from Su Zimo’s palm, he was pushed down once more.

The gold light on Monk Jue Chen’s arms dimmed.


His flesh exploded into a blood mist.

Monk Jue Chen’s entire body shuddered, bending his spine while his knees were almost on the ground!

He felt as if there was a towering mountain above him, as if the heavens had collapsed and wanted to destroy him!

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