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Chapter 416: Severely Wounding the Zhu Yan

Along its way, the mountain splattered many ancient remnant beasts and an empty path appeared in front of them!

The momentum of the mountain did not stop as it continued charging towards the Zhu Yan!

The Zhu Yan had a violent temperament and was easily enraged.


Upon seeing that, it was furious as it stared with its bloodshot eyes. Panting out streams of steam, it pounded dully against its chest repeatedly.

The ant before it had not only stopped its attack, but was even retaliating!

That was a complete provocation of its dignity!

Gripping its fists tightly, the Zhu Yan punched violently towards the incoming mountain, as if it was trying to quell the anger in its heart.


A deafening boom reverberated through every corner of the valley.

The mountain was smashed into pieces by the Zhu Yan’s fists, turning into huge rocks that fell from the sky as dust billowed.

Everyone was scared out of their wits as they opened their mouths with shocked expressions.

That power had exceeded everything they ever knew!

The only people capable of fighting against the pure-blooded ferocious beasts were probably only eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

The mountain exploded and gravel flew everywhere. The dust was too thick, and coupled with the cover of the night fog, nobody saw that the Zhu Yan had to stagger backwards a few steps even though it managed to crush the mountain!

The flesh on its gigantic fists had split open with fresh blood flowing!

It was injured!

The scarlet blood triggered the Zhu Yan’s ferocity entirely!

“Aw! Aw! Aw!”

Roaring into the skies, the Zhu Yan charged in the direction of Elixir Yang Sect before the dust and smoke had even cleared.

Deep pits were dug as it stomped on the ground with its massive feet, creating spiderweb-like cracks in its wake.

The ground shook and the mountains trembled!

Naturally, there was no way that Su Zimo thought a mountain was enough to injure a Zhu Yan severely.

“If you guys find an opportunity later, rush forward with all you’ve got and don’t turn back no matter what!”

Turning around, Su Zimo instructed Tang Yu before taking a deep breath and charging forward with his Blood Quencher, ready for a massive battle against the incoming Zhu Yan.

He did not expect to kill the ancient ferocious beast, but at the very least, he wanted to divert the Zhu Yan’s attention to allow Elixir Yang Sect to run through its obstruction.

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly felt something arching his arm gently.

He turned over and was slightly stunned.

Before he knew it, Night Spirit had run to his side, bringing Xiaoning along with it.

At that moment, its head was lowered as it rubbed against his arm with its cheek in an intimate manner. It blinked its black eyes with a flicker of anticipation.

As Night Spirit grew older, it also turned mature and colder – such emotions were rare to see by now.

In the past, Night Spirit was like a small black dog that curled in Su Zimo’s embrace daily. As such, it would behave coquettishly as such from time to time.

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled how Night Spirit hid in his embrace when the two of them escaped to the primordial ruins.

This was the same expression that Night Spirit had back then!

At that time, it devoured half of a dragon egg…

“You’re thinking of…”

Pointing at the Zhu Yan that was rushing over from afar, Su Zimo raised his brow slightly and did not continue.


Night Spirit cried out softly and licked its lips.

How could Su Zimo not know what Night Spirit wanted when it was practically drooling by this point?

Normally, Su Zimo would not let Night Spirit leave Xiaoning’s side easily.

However, it was rare for Night Spirit to make such a request and he could not bear to reject it.

Before this, Night Spirit would not touch the flesh of any spirit beast or demon.

Even the meat of ancient remnant beasts did not interest Night Spirit and it would only consume a little.

Su Zimo could not figure out what Night Spirit liked to eat and he could not possibly hunt for dragon eggs for it repeatedly.

Now, he vaguely realized that Night Spirit’s food might be pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

What was Night Spirit’s background for it to deem pure-blooded ferocious beasts as food?

Could it be even more terrifying than pure-blooded ferocious beasts?

When he recalled the greedy expression on Night Spirit’s face back in the primordial ruins when it looked at the dragon egg with fervent eyes…

Su Zimo found himself getting increasingly curious towards Night Spirit’s background.

“Be careful,”

He instructed as he patted Night Spirit on the head.

Without replying, Night Spirit melded into the night in a flash, vanishing without a trace.

Akin to a ghost in the night, Night Spirit moved silently and nobody apart from Su Zimo noticed what was going on.

At that moment, there were still ancient remnant beasts charging at them and tearing at their formation.

The group from Elixir Yang Sect huddled together, defending with all their might.

In front of them, the Zhu Yan was already far from the Elixir Pool Sect ruins and had entered the night fog, disappearing from everyone’s vision.

The only thing they saw was a pair of bloodshot eyes that resembled lanterns floating in the dark approaching rapidly!

The heavy footsteps were getting closer as well.

Each time it sounded, everyone felt their hearts skip along with it!

Tang Yu tried her best to open her eyes and look forward – she could seemingly make out a musky and mighty silhouette in the hazy night.

It was the pure-blooded ferocious beast, Zhu Yan!

Taking a deep breath of air, a resolute glint flickered through Uncle Liang’s eyes as he whipped out a flying sword from his storage bag, ready to strike.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and his gaze was like water without any ripples at all.

All of a sudden!

The pair of lanterns in front of them came to a stop and the sound of the Zhu Yan’s footsteps disappeared as well.


The Zhu Yan seemed to have encountered a situation as it shrieked heartbreakingly while its lantern bloodshot eyes shook repeatedly in midair.

Su Zimo hollered, “Charge!”

“Now?” Tang Yu was stunned.


Wielding Blood Quencher, Su Zimo sliced up two ancient remnant beasts that pounced at them and led the charge, pulling Xiaoning with his left hand.

Su Zimo did not know what Night Spirit’s true strength was at this point and whether it could kill the Zhu Yan.

However, he knew that it was the best opportunity for them now that the Zhu Yan had no time to spare!

“Ow! Ow!”

As if it had gone mad, the Zhu Yan howled insanely and had clearly descended into a frenzied state.

In the night fog, nobody from Elixir Yang Sect could see what was happening to the Zhu Yan.

They could only make out a vague black shadow on the pure-blooded ferocious beast’s back with the faint light that was shining from its scarlet eyes.

Those sharp claws extended stealthily with a cold shimmer in the night.


There was a crisp sound.

After emitting a stream of blood, one of the bloodshot eyes turned dark.


The cultivators gasped in shock.

One of the Zhu Yan’s eyes had been blinded by that mysterious black shadow!

“Aw aw! Aw! Aw!”

Yelping in immense pain, the Zhu Yan screamed as it barged forward crazily.

Some ancient remnant beasts that could not dodge in time were rammed to death on the spot while some others were trampled into meat sludge tragically without any corpse left behind!

With the Zhu Yan severely wounded, the beast stampede was dispersing!

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