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Chapter 410: Ancient Blood Mosquito

Greed often causes one to lose their rationality.

At that moment, all the cultivators rushing into the valley were fervent with burning gazes.

The only thing left in their eyes were the treasures of Elixir Pool Sect – they had instinctively forgotten about the latent dangers in the valley!

None of them wanted to be left behind.

Elixir Yang Sect did not make a move still.

Standing at the front, Tang Yu frowned with a hesitant expression.

Her decision affected the lives of more than a thousand cultivators behind her!

Night will descend entirely in less than 2 hours.

At that time, under the foggy night, each of them would experience weakened senses. However, the ancient lifeforms, remnant beasts and ferocious beasts wouldn’t be affected much by the environment!

“Young Master, let’s hurry and enter the valley! Stop hesitating!”

“If they find the Elixir Pool Sect ruins first, the treasures are going to be wiped clean! By then, we’ll have to return empty-handed!”

“That’s right! Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect have already entered! All of us cultivators add up to thousands in total, do you think that we’ll lose to the animals?”

When he heard that, Su Zimo scoffed internally and shook his head.

Even if they had hundreds of thousands of cultivators, they wouldn’t be able to compete against the number of demon beasts that lived and reproduced here, let alone the thousands of them.

Be it in terms of timing or environment, they had no advantage!

After a moment, Tang Yu finally relented against the chatter of the cultivators behind her. With exasperation in her heart, she waved her hand. “Let’s go! Into the valley!”

Elixir Yang Sect was the final group to enter the valley.

According to the original plan, the thousand-odd Elixir Yang Sect cultivators were supposed to form a cone-shaped formation. Those with the weakest combat strength such as Su Xiaoning and some other Elixir Refinement Masters would be in the middle of the formation.

The outer perimeter of the formation would be formed with the Battle Hall cultivators.

The topmost and sharpest end of the cone formation would be formed with Su Zimo, Ji Chengtian and Yan Jun.

Su Zimo was in the middle and Ji Chengtian and Yan Jun were slightly behind him, supporting from both sides.

The moment they entered the valley, Su Zimo summoned 18 supreme-grade flying swords that hovered around him, ready to strike at any moment.

“The visibility is so low.”

“That’s right. I can only see a hundred feet or so.”

Many cultivators started discussing in hushed whispers after entering.

Ji Chengtian was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. Gazing around, he nodded. “I can only see a hundred odd feet around me at most. What about you, Zimo?”

“Around the same,”

Su Zimo replied ambiguously.

In reality, after clearing his seven orifices, Su Zimo’s vision was extremely powerful. Even in the fog, he could see things thousands of feet away!

If the fog before him had a very small effect on demonic beasts, it was equivalent to not affecting Su Zimo at all!

Many cultivators groped and proceeded forward.

Not long after, the roars of ferocious beasts echoed in the valley, mixed with heartbreaking cries.

The sounds were frightening and unsettling.

“Has someone already encountered a ferocious beast?”


Some cultivators discussed softly among the crowd.

With the obstruction to their vision and the continuous howls of beasts in the valley, everyone’s excitement gradually died down and they started feeling restless.

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

“Everyone, watch out! There’s a large number of Ancient Blood Mosquitoes around!”

Everyone was shocked.

Blood Mosquitoes were one of the most common spirit beasts in Tianhuang Mainland. They were around the size of a fist and loved sucking the blood of other living beings, humans included.

While Blood Mosquitoes were weak, Ancient Blood Mosquitoes were much more terrifying!

Ancient Blood Mosquitoes were lifeforms of the ancient era and were long extinct in Tianhuang Mainland. Massive in size, they were larger than humans and their wings would buzz loudly when they flapped.

While their bodies were relatively fragile, the mouthpart that they used to suck the blood of other living beings was their killing weapon and was extremely frightening!

Long, thin, sharp and indestructible, their mouthparts could penetrate the flesh of other living beings with ease and they could suck an ordinary living being dry within 10 seconds!

What was even more terrifying was that Ancient Blood Mosquitoes lived in swarms!

When Ancient Blood Mosquitoes hunted for food, they would swarm over with the skies covered. Even ancient remnant beasts wouldn’t be able to escape them and would turn into dried corpses in the blink of an eye.

The color drained from everyone’s faces as the mention of Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

If they encountered the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes, even escaping with half the crew alive would already be the best case scenario!

However, everyone could not help but feel doubt when they did not see signs of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes even after a while.

“What Ancient Blood Mosquitoes?”

“Bloody hell! It was just a false alarm!”

“What’s up with this person? You can’t joke casually about such things!”

The cultivators could not help but grumble.

At the side, Yan Jun crossed his arms and watched the show gloatingly.

Tang Yu frowned slightly – she knew that Su Zimo would not joke around.

However, when she saw that there was still nothing around them after a while, she could not help but head forward and ask, “Fellow Daoist Su, are there truly Ancient Blood Mosquitoes?”

“Of course.”

Su Zimo nodded.

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of wings flapping could be heard clearly!


Everyone’s expressions changed drastically!

This time round, none of them doubted Su Zimo’s words.

However, none of them could understand how he managed to discover the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes so early.

Tang Yu squinted her eyes and her gaze flickered as her thoughts raced.

The Ancient Blood Mosquitoes had flown at least a few thousand feet from the time Su Zimo gave his warning until now.

Could it be that Su Zimo had spotted the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes from more than a few thousand feet away?

The thought of that possibility gave Tang Yu a shock.

There was no time to think as a swarm of Ancient Blood Mosquitoes appeared before them. In fact, Tang Yu could make out the bloodshot eyes and the thin long mouthparts that were stained with blood of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes!

Many of them could not hold it any longer as they roared and summoned their spirit weapons, attacking the dense swarm of Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

In the blink of an eye, a brilliant spirit light shone in the fog and sword qi filled the place!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The flying swords of many cultivators pierced through the air. The Ancient Blood Mosquitoes lightly shook their mouthparts and collided with the flying sword, causing the sound of metal clashing to ring out!

Many flying swords were repelled, returning empty-handed!

The distance between them shortened once more!

The attacks of the flying swords could not break the defenses of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes!

The cultivators were flustered as they hurriedly summoned spirit talismans and released spirit arts, temporarily stopping the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes in their tracks.

However, they had a limited number of talismans and they could not release spirit arts continuously either as they required a huge consumption of spirit energy.

After withstanding the first wave of attacks from the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes, they still had to use their flying swords to defend.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Right then, in the void at the most front, Ancient Blood Mosquitoes were sliced apart by flying swords and fell to the ground one after another.

Tang Yu looked over and found Su Zimo controlling the 18 supreme-grade flying swords. Without even condensing a sword formation, he was causing massive damage to the Ancient Blood Mosquito swarm!

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s voice sounded, “Don’t let the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes get close! Their mouthparts are extremely lethal, indestructible and can go against flying swords. Everyone, there’s no need to fight them head-on. Use the agility of your flying swords to wrap around or behind them and you can kill them with ease!”

Upon hearing those words, everyone was invigorated and attacked as per his advice. Indeed, it was a huge success and countless Ancient Blood Mosquitoes fell, staining the skies red with blood.

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