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Chapter 409: Entering the Valley

Tang Yu knew that Su Zimo wanted to fight for the perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir.

However, Pei Chunyu and the others were bound to fight for a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir as well. At that time, a massive battle would break out and Su Zimo’s enemies were not only Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang, but their Sealers as well!

It was obvious that Tang Yu was implying for Su Zimo to back off.

Su Zimo’s current strength was enough for him to go against Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang.

However, even without using their strength as Golden Cores, Sealers were equivalent to eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators just by releasing the strength at peak Foundation Establishment – that was more than enough to suppress Su Zimo.

No matter what, Su Zimo did not stand a chance at all.

If he persisted and enraged the Sealers, causing them to release their strength as Golden Cores, Su Zimo was bound to die!

Su Zimo smiled but did not comment.

No matter what, he had to get his hands on a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir!

This concerned his future accomplishments and no one could stand in his way!

After a brief moment, Tang Yu added, “Right, there’s one more thing. The trip to the Elixir Pool Sect ruins is extremely dangerous and we don’t know what’s going to happen. How about letting Xiaoning stay in Xuantian City? It might be safer for her.”

To Tang Yu, Xiaoning was merely at late-stage Foundation Establishment and wouldn’t be of much help even if she followed them to the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

“It’s fine, let her come along,”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Don’t worry, Xiaoning won’t be a burden for you guys with Night Spirit protecting her.”

Normally, it would indeed be much safer for Xiaoning to stay in Xuantian City.

However, Su Zimo decided to take Xiaoning along with him after taking into account that mysterious Elixir Furnace she had in her possession.

Su Zimo believed that given his and Night Spirit’s strength, he would be able to ensure Xiaoning’s safety no matter how dangerous it was.

After chatting a little more, they dispersed and waited for news of the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

A day later, after 5 pm, nearing dusk.

5 kilometers away from the south of Xuantian City, a violent quake happened as beams of light shot into the skies before disappearing.

The seal of Elixir Pool Sect had dispersed!

Many cultivators came out of seclusion in Xuantian City and countless figures soared into the skies, heading towards the valley 5 kilometers to the south on their flying swords.

Glass Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect, Tomb Sect, Puppet Sect and various other sects made their moves and in the blink of an eye, the entire Xuantian City was in an uproar!

Because Su Zimo and the others were prepared, they assembled at the Front Hall swiftly the moment they saw the phenomenon.

Tang Yu gazed up at the skies with a dark expression and worry in her eyes.

Su Zimo knew what was on her mind.

Right now, it was evening and there were only 2 hours left till night – it was relatively dangerous for them to barge into the valley right now.

If they did not manage to pass the defenses of the ferocious beasts and arrive at the Elixir Pool Sect ruins before nightfall, all of them might end up dying in the valley!

However, if they were to stay here and another sect broke through the ferocious beasts and arrived first, all the treasures inside Elixir Pool Sect were bound to be wiped clean.

“Junior Sister, let’s go. Glass Palace and the other sects have already set off. We’ll be too late if we don’t move,”

Yan Jun urged at the side.

Sighing internally, Tang Yu waved her hand. “Let’s go!”

Everyone rode on their flying swords and sped towards the south.

Among the crowd, Yan Jun glanced at Su Zimo with a killing intent flickering briefly past his eyes.


Su Zimo sensed it the moment it appeared. Although he did not turn back, his expression was cold as he slowed down and came to Yan Jun’s side.

Without even looking at him, Su Zimo remarked indifferently, “A word of advice, it’s best if you don’t harbor any designs on me.”

At that moment, Yan Jun felt as though his heart was being grabbed by someone and had stopped beating.

How did he realize it?!

His expression was frightfully pale as sweat poured down his forehead.

He could not understand how he was found out when he had merely glanced at Su Zimo once with a fleeting killing intent!

Yan Jun’s legs were trembling slightly.

He tried to control them but he could not do so!

Taking a deep breath of air, he pretended to be calm as he faked a laugh at Su Zimo. “F-Fellow Daoist, who are you talking to?”

“I merely knocked you out with that slap from before, but the next time, your head will explode.”

After a slight pause, Su Zimo continued, “Oh, right. This is not a threat. It’s just a reminder.”

Without looking at him still, Su Zimo sped up after that statement and returned to the front of the group.

In that short dozens of seconds, Yan Jun felt as though he had been through dozens of years. It was as if he had passed through Hell’s gates and was now drenched with sweat, shivering when the wind blew at him.

Burying his head deeply, Yan Jun no longer dared to look at Su Zimo.

At that moment, his expression was menacing and his eyes were hysterical. From the bottom of his heart, he howled internally, “Su Zimo, you embarrassed me thoroughly in front of everyone back then! Today, you’re even threatening me! I’ll make sure the Fog Valley will be your burial ground!”

The group rode on their flying swords and could see the massive fog shrouding the valley from afar. Gray and hazy, it rolled in an illusory manner.

Surrounding the valley, the fog was like a wild beast in a hazy night, opening its bloody mouth and waiting to enjoy a feast!

Given their speed, they covered the distance of 5 kilometers extremely quickly.

Glass Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect and many other sects were at the valley’s entrance, arriving not long ago as well.

Outside the crowd, there were some itinerant cultivators waiting for an opportunity, wanting to mix in with the crowd after the major sects entered and lured away the attention of the ferocious beasts.

“Xiao Yu, you’ve arrived,”

Feng Manman of Thousand Crane Sect walked over and greeted with a nod.

Su Zimo could clearly tell that Feng Manman was not relaxed either.

The two of them discussed for a while and Tang Yu stood out. She cupped her fists in the direction of Glass Palace and asked loudly, “Fellow Daoist Pei, it’s already late and night will arrive in less than 2 hours. It’s way too dangerous for us to enter the valley now. Why don’t we return to the city to rest and set out tomorrow morning to enter the valley, what do you think?”

In reality, her words struck a common chord with many cultivators.

The valley was extremely huge and nobody knew the exact location of Elixir Pool Sect. If they did not manage to find the Elixir Pool Sect ruins before nightfall, many lives would be lost!

However, everyone had already arrived here and were worried that someone else might seize the opportunity before them if they were to leave.

Raising his chin slightly, Pei Chunyu replied, “I don’t have much objections towards your suggestion, fellow Daoist. However…”

Pei Chunyu did not continue but he looked towards Malevolent Earth Sect.

The fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, sneered, “Don’t come to the valley if you’re afraid of death. Return to Xuantian City obediently and you’re guaranteed to be snug and safe for a year!”


“How can a small valley stop the great ambitions of Glass Palace!”

Many Glass Palace disciples shouted.

Smirking coldly, Xue Yang waved his hand and declared, “Follow me into the valley!”

Before his sentence was completed, Xue Yang took the first step and led the Malevolent Earth Sect group forward and disappeared into the fog.

There’s naturally no way Glass Palace would want to fall behind as Pei Chunyu ordered, “Into the valley!”

The actions of the two sects affected all the factions that were hesitating outside the valley. Various sects took action at the same time and gushed inside.

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