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Chapter 380: Elixir Pool Sect

On the long street, the remaining desperadoes fled in all directions, unable to resist – they were no longer a threat.

It was also fortunate that Tang Yu had returned. Otherwise, another bloody battle would definitely break out if Su Zimo took on demon form and the consequences would be unimaginable after everything spiraled out of control!

Tang Yu took out some elixirs from her storage bag and handed them to Ji Chengtian and the others.

The four of them did not decline.

Even though they also had healing elixirs in their storage bags, their effects were definitely not comparable to those from Elixir Yang Sect.

When it was Su Zimo’s turn, he merely took a glance and shook his head gently, choosing not to take them.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Yu asked confusedly, “Your injuries aren’t minor and these elixirs will help your recovery immensely. Don’t worry, Elixir Yang Sect’s elixirs are definitely the best in Tianhuang Mainland!”

Tang Yu was not wrong – the elixirs she took out were all of decent quality at superior-grade.

However, Su Zimo stuck to a principle ever since he started cultivating – he would only consume perfect-grade elixirs!

The reason was because perfect-grade elixirs had pure medicinal effects without any impurities.

Su Zimo would not be tempted by supreme-grade elixirs, let alone those at superior-grade.

He smiled and declined politely without explaining.

While Su Zimo seemed like he was severely injured in the battle with more than 30 wounds and blood covering him from head to toe, in reality, his foundation was unharmed.

His organs were perfectly fine as were his tendons and bones.

In just a short while, Su Zimo’s wounds were already starting to heal and had stopped bleeding.

Given his terrifying regeneration capabilities, he could recover in just a few days!

Xuantian City could be divided into four generic districts.

The east side of the city was occupied by Glass Palace, west by Malevolent Earth Sect and south by the heretical doctrines.

The cultivators in the north side were messier.

Originally, the Four Mounted Bandits were the strongest apart from Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect.

However, the Four Mounted Bandits were dead and most of the desperadoes were buried on the streets with only a minority that managed to escape from Xuantian City.

Worn out, injured and filled with the stench of blood, it was most likely that those desperadoes wouldn’t be able to last a single night outside before they were devoured whole by the various ferocious beasts and ancient living beings out there.

With the Four Mounted Bandits gone, the north side of the city was now controlled by Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect.

Before the bloody battle on the long street, Tang Yu had already valued Su Zimo highly and had an agreement with him to deal with the Four Mounted Bandits.

At that point of time, this agreement seemed fanatic and irrational.

But now, everyone realized that Elixir Yang Sect had benefited massively!

They managed to recruit somebody like Su Zimo who was both strong and possessed terrifying potential without losing much resources. Furthermore, the Four Mounted Bandits were destroyed – it was killing two birds with one stone.

10 days later.

City’s North, Meeting Hall of Elixir Yang Sect.

By now, Ji Chengtian and the others were almost healed up and Su Zimo had completely recovered a couple of days ago.

Su Zimo’s group of six, Tang Yu, Uncle Liang and a cultivator of Elixir Yang Sect’s Battle Hall, Yan Jun, were gathered.

“Everyone, the reason why I gathered you guys here is to discuss information about an ancient ruin.”

Tang Yu said in a deep voice, “Since I’ve requested for your help, I’ll divulge everything I know without holding back any secrets.”

Su Zimo’s group nodded – all of them could sense Tang Yu’s sincerity.

During this period of time, Elixir Yang Sect provided a considerable number of high quality elixirs to help Ji Chengtian and the others with their recovery.

“In truth, this ruin is related to a major sect back in the ancient era named Elixir Pool Sect.”

It was clear that the sect had something to do with elixir refinement through its name alone.

Indeed, Tang Yu continued, “Elixir Pool Sect was extremely famous back in the ancient era and was the foremost elixir refinement sect in Tianhuang Mainland! The Founder Master of our Elixir Yang Sect was an Elixir Refinement Master back in Elixir Pool Sect.”

Su Zimo’s group felt their hearts skip a beat when they heard that.

If an Elixir Refinement Master of Elixir Pool Sect could create a sect, Elixir Yang Sect, that turned out to be one of Tianhuang Mainland’s four unorthodox groups, one could only imagine how strong Elixir Pool Sect was back in the days!

“The ruins of Elixir Pool Sect are extraordinary.”

Tang Yu said with a grim expression, “Not only will there be a large amount of elixirs within, there will also be many elixir recipes that have been lost!”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

Many things have been lost through the times from the ancient era till now.

The reason why the Meridian Unlocking Elixir was so precious was because its recipe had been lost for a long time.

One could only imagine the outcome of finding the recipe of the Meridian Unlocking Elixir in the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

“Of course, apart from elixir recipes, in the ruins of some sects, there’s also a chance of obtaining their inheritance if one is extremely lucky. These inheritances are much more precious than elixir recipes. However, the probability of that happening is extremely low, unless one has a token from Elixir Pool Sect and can obtain the sect’s recognition…”

Tang Yu chuckled bitterly. “However, if elixir recipes can be lost from sects from the ancient era, there’s no way tokens can remain.”

The mention of that had Su Zimo’s heart skipping a beat.

Instinctively, Xiaoning looked towards Su Zimo with an odd expression, wanting to say something but stopped.

Su Zimo lowered his head and pretended not to see.

In truth, the both of them thought of something at the same time.

The mysterious Elixir Furnace in Xiaoning’s possession!

Ever since they entered the ancient battlefield, it had been giving off unusual reactions. That was also the reason why Su Zimo brought Xiaoning in this direction.

Now that they knew more about the Elixir Pool Sect ruins, it was only natural that they would relate it to the Elixir Furnace.

However, this was an extremely sensitive issue.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin by causing another’s greed.

Now that there were so many people, they would naturally attract trouble if it was revealed – even Elixir Yang Sect might become a threat to them!

Xiaoning was naive and revealed an abnormal reaction right away without thinking much about it.

However, Su Zimo knew about the dangers of the cultivation world and did not meet with Xiaoning’s gaze, merely shaking his head subtly.

Smart as well, Xiaoning retracted her gaze and remained silent.

Even so, someone noticed Xiaoning’s reaction.

The Battle Hall cultivator standing behind Tang Yu, Yan Jun, raised his brow and asked suddenly, “You seem like you have something to say about the inheritance of this sect, Fellow Daoist Xiaoning?”

“I-It’s nothing.”

Xiaoning panicked a little after being exposed.

Tang Yu frowned slightly and suddenly said, “Xiaoning, did you want to ask if there’s a recipe for elixirs that can extend one’s lifespan in the Elixir Pool Sect?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Xiaoning nodded hurriedly.

With a gentle smile, Tang Yu said tenderly, “Don’t worry, there’s definitely a recipe for something like that in Elixir Pool Sect. However, we might not be able to get our hands on it. Something like that depends on fate.”


Xiaoning nodded and replied.

After Tang Yu’s interruption, Yan Jun looked at Xiaoning with a confused expression and did not press on, merely assuming that he thought too much.

Su Zimo raised his head and swept his head, glancing at Tang Yu subtly.

At that moment, she was looking at him deeply. Her eyes shimmered like the surface of water and she had a fake smile.

What a powerful woman!

Su Zimo sighed internally.

Since Yan Jun discovered Xiaoning’s abnormality, Tang Yu clearly did as well.

Furthermore, it was obvious that she had diverted the topic out of goodwill to distract Yan Jun, doing Xiaoning a favor.

The two of them exchanged glances with an understanding of one another without exposing anything.






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