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Chapter 379: Secret Loss

“This person is under my protection!”

Just as everyone thought that Su Zimo’s death was certain, a voice rang out from his side in an unquestionable tone.

Not far away, a sword beam sped over.

On it was a handsome man with eyes that resembled a painting – it was Tang Yu from Elixir Yang Sect who liked to dress up as a man.

When everyone’s attention was focused on Tang Yu, an obscure glint flashed across Pei Chunyu’s eyes as he gripped his fist suddenly and struck.

The punch was aimed at Su Zimo’s chest at an extremely fast speed!

Five spirit lights shone on the surface of his fist and it burst forth like a blazing sun that had a blinding radiance!

Five spirit patterns, it was a perfect spirit weapon!

Pei Chunyu was wearing a perfect-grade glove on his hand that was as thin as a cicada’s wings and almost transparent.

If not for the fact that he had channeled spirit energy into it, the glove would have been extremely difficult to detect!

It was a killing blow!

“Watch out!”

Tang Yu’s expression changed as she yelled.

Pei Chunyu and Su Zimo were so close that they could reach one another just by extending their hands.

Tang Yu could almost imagine the scene of a gory hole being punched out of Su Zimo’s chest!

The punch was completely without warning, like a sneak attack, and it was swift as lightning. No one was able to react to it… apart from Su Zimo.

There was no wonder why Pei Chunyu was a legacy disciple of Glass Palace and a top-tier Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

His timing to strike was practically perfect.

Tang Yu’s appearance had diverted even Su Zimo’s attention.

That brief moment of distraction was all the time it took for Pei Chunyu to strike.

If not for his spirit perception, Su Zimo would have died from that punch!

However, despite his spirit perception, Su Zimo was still a step slower and could not whip out his Blood Quencher to defend. Instead, he could only take the attack head-on with his bare fists.

Tang Yu’s eyes dimmed when she saw that.

Although Su Zimo managed to react, the outcome wouldn’t be changed by much.

To begin with, Pei Chunyu’s cultivation realm was two levels above Su Zimo. Furthermore, Glass Palace’s body tempering technique was renowned through Tianhuang Mainland.

Pei Chunyu could only be stronger than Su Zimo, there was no doubt!

More importantly, Pei Chunyu’s glove was a perfect spirit weapon and Su Zimo was using his bare hands.

To Tang Yu, it was almost certain that Su Zimo would be punched to death in this exchange.

If he was lucky and managed to survive, his arm would be crippled and that would diminish his combat strength, ending his cultivation path at this point.


Their fists collided with a dull thud of defeat.

The brilliance on the perfect spirit weapon vanished.

Pei Chunyu did not move.

Su Zimo’s body shuddered and he staggered back three steps before coming to a stop.

Instinctively, he was in the stance of Plow Heaven Stride for every single step and shifted his center of gravity, etching three deep footprints on the ground, shaking the earth!

Su Zimo’s fist was badly mutilated, revealing the bones within.

However, those were not white, but blood-red bones!


Everyone watched with agape mouths as their eyeballs nearly popped out in disbelief.

He was not dead?

His arm was not crippled either?

His fist was merely bleeding and slightly injured?

How was that possible?

Even a superior-grade spirit weapon would be smashed into pieces against that punch, yet, how was it possible that Su Zimo’s bare body…

All the cultivators were completely stunned.

If they had not witnessed it personally, none of them would believe what just happened!

The fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, frowned slightly as he looked at Su Zimo’s right hand thoughtfully.

Pei Chunyu’s pupils constricted as he retracted his hand without a trace and placed it behind his back.


Suddenly, Su Zimo burst into laughter as he looked at the hand that Pei Chunyu retracted.

Apart from him, no one else knew what happened at the exact moment of the clash.

Although Su Zimo’s physique was strong, there was definitely no way he could withstand the might of a perfect spirit weapon.

At that moment, even if he took on demon form, Su Zimo’s strength would only be raised by a level and he wouldn’t be able to defend against the perfect spirit weapon still.

It was like when a child turned into an adult and had his strength increased by folds. However, his body wouldn’t be able to withstand the sharpness of a blade still.

But, there was a part of Su Zimo’s body that was very special.

His right hand.

His right hand was covered with flesh on the surface. However, the flesh wrapped a blood bone palm of unknown origins that was indestructible – even the sharpness of Blood Quencher couldn’t sever it!

During that exchange, Pei Chunyu’s strength gained the upper hand and he managed to knock Su Zimo three steps backwards.

However, in reality, Su Zimo did not receive too much damage and merely suffered flesh wounds.

As for Pei Chunyu, he suffered a secret loss and was in unbearable pain.

Nobody noticed that Pei Chunyu’s retracted hand was trembling under the cover of his robes.

The feeling of punching a steel board wasn’t one that was pleasant.

In that short while, Tang Yu had already arrived and descended between the two of them with Uncle Liang close behind.

“Fellow Daoist Su, are… are you alright?”

Tang Yu was befuddled and looked at Su Zimo behind her. She could not help but ask in a hesitant tone.

“It’s fine.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Are you truly fine?”

Tang Yu withdrew an elixir from her storage bag and whispered, “Don’t force yourself. Are you injured internally? Take this elixir and stabilize your wounds first.”

Su Zimo smiled calmly and shook his head to reject.

“Pei Chunyu, what do you mean by that?”

Tang Yu spun around and questioned with a sharp gaze, “I’ve already said that he’s under the protection of Elixir Yang Sect and yet you attacked him?”


Pei Chunyu scoffed lightly and replied in an indifferent tone, “I was merely curious seeing how Fellow Daoist Su has a strong physique and extraordinary melee combat strength. It was just a mere spar. Why are you so anxious, Fellow Daoist Tang Yu?”


Tang Yu sneered.

That punch was clearly out to take Su Zimo’s life!

Previously, he was chided and shamed by Su Zimo. Now that he had taken another secret loss, there was no way Pei Chunyu would give up – he would still look for more opportunities to kill Su Zimo here.

The person before him, Tang Yu, was nothing to be fearful of.

However, a hint of caution appeared in Pei Chunyu’s eyes when he caught sight of the elderly man behind Tang Yu.

Taking a deep breath of air, Pei Chunyu sighed internally. Now that Elixir Yang Sect was involved, it was unlikely that he would be able to kill Su Zimo today.

Furthermore, the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect was watching coldly from the sidelines.

This was not the right time to engage in a conflict with Elixir Yang Sect. Otherwise, Malevolent Earth Sect might stand to gain from their disagreement.

At that thought, Pei Chunyu cupped his fists towards Tang Yu and eyed Su Zimo deeply before saying with a fake smile, “Fellow Daoist, there’s still a long way to go. There’ll definitely be another chance for us to ‘spar’ in the future!”

Pei Chunyu placed emphasis on the word ‘spar’.

Smiling faintly, Su Zimo replied indifferently, “I’ll take your dog life the next time we spar!”


Pei Chunyu threw his head back and roared into laughter. “Good, good! I’ll be waiting!”

With that, he flicked his robes and turned to leave along with the other Glass Palace cultivators.

On the other side, Xue Yang followed suit.

In the blink of an eye, two top factions in Xuantian City disappeared completely, as if they never appeared.

Ji Chengtian and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

Unknowingly, all four of them were already drenched in cold sweat.

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