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Chapter 378: Killing Intent!

Xue Yang’s expression darkened instantly. His gaze narrowed and the bone spear in his hands quivered like it was alive, giving off a malevolent aura that rattled one’s heart!

Suddenly, a chuckle came not far away.

“Xue Yang, you’re so awesome.”

A luxuriously-robed man strode over. He had beautiful features and his black hair was bundled up without any loose ends. Bearing crystal clear eyes, he was flawless from head to toe.

Xue Yang’s expression was unchanged when he saw that man, but there was a hint of caution deep in his eyes.

“Glass Palace!”

“I think that’s the legacy disciple of Glass Palace, Pei Chunyu.”

“So, that’s him. It’s said that he’s at the peak of seven meridian Foundation Establishment and is a step away from breaking through to eight meridian! He’s just waiting to obtain a Meridian Unlocking Elixir from the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.”

The crowd discussed.

Arriving beside Su Zimo, Pei Chunyu gestured towards the former with a nod and a friendly smile before turning to Xue Yang. “Xue Yang, you’ll be going against Glass Palace if you make things difficult for Fellow Daoist Su!”


Xue Yang laughed coldly and asked, “Since when did this punk have anything to do with Glass Palace? If he was related to you guys, would you have allowed the Four Mounted Bandits to attack him and only appear now?”

“No matter what, you’re from the fiend sects and we’re from the immortal sects. The paths we pursue are different to begin with.”

Pei Chunyu replied icily, “Xue Yang, don’t waste your efforts. Fellow Daoist Su is clearly righteous and will definitely not be associated with you guys from the fiend sects.”

In the blink of an eye, these two top cultivators of Xuantian City were in an argument because of Su Zimo.

“After becoming famous through that battle, these two factions are now trying to rope in Su Zimo.”

“That’s right. This man’s potential is not to be underestimated as he’s able to kill two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators. Whoever manages to take him in will definitely have use for him in the future.”

“Given this man’s endowment, there’s even a chance for him to leave the ancient battlefield with Pei Chunyu and join Glass Palace.”

Many cultivators looked at Su Zimo with envy.

With an indifferent expression, Su Zimo suddenly said, “Both of you can leave now. There’s no need to waste your breath here, I won’t join either side.”

The moment he said that, the atmosphere turned freezing!

The initially noisy chatter faded as well.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Su Zimo; some in shock, some in surprise, some confused…

This was an extremely rare opportunity that anyone else would agree to readily. However, this man had rejected the invitation of two top factions right in front of everyone!

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s tone was extremely discourteous with a hint of irritation and disdain!

“Isn’t this man way too arrogant?”

“Fufu, he thinks that he can reign supreme in the city just because he killed two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators?”

“This guy clearly has a death wish. I want to see what happens to him now that he’s offended two top factions!”

In reality, among the crowd, Ji Chengtian and the others were probably the only ones who could understand Su Zimo’s mind.

First, he had an agreement with Elixir Yang Sect.

Second, be it Malevolent Earth Sect or Glass Palace, both of them merely wanted to recruit Su Zimo without giving anything in return.

At this moment, the cultivators of Elixir Yang Sect were still trying their best to wipe out the survivors of the Four Mounted Bandits. However, these two factions wanted to rope in Su Zimo without losing any resources at all.

Most importantly, Ji Chengtian and the others could not sense the slightest bit of sincerity from both Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang.

Although Pei Chunyu was polite, there was a condescending arrogance in his tone.

This man looked down on Su Zimo from the bottom of his heart!

Rather than an invitation, it was more like he was doing charity.

If Ji Chengtian and the others could sense it, Su Zimo understood it even better.

That was why he rejected them without second thought.

“Fufu, hahaha!”

Suddenly, Xue Yang burst into laughter and looked at Pei Chunyu mockingly, saying in a casual tone, “Seems like it was just a one-sided muse on your end! Interesting.”

A dark look flashed through Pei Chunyu’s eyes.

Su Zimo’s reply was akin to disrespecting him in front of everyone!

What was his status and position given the fact that he was a legacy disciple of Glass Palace?

Coupled with Xue Yang’s taunting, Pei Chunyu’s killing intent surged.

Maintaining his smile, he asked again gently, “Fellow Daoist Su, I didn’t hear you right. Could you repeat yourself?”

Although Pei Chunyu was smiling and his tone was gentle, Ji Chengtian and the others felt chills run down their spines.

In other words, what he meant was that he was going to give Su Zimo another chance!

If Su Zimo did not appreciate the chance, Pei Chunyu was going to kill him!

This man had both the rights and the strength to do it.

Ji Chengtian and the others were worried and could merely hope that Su Zimo would hold back temporarily instead of offending two top factions out of indignance.

Everyone felt that Su Zimo wouldn’t be a match for Pei Chunyu even if he was at his peak condition, let alone now when he was at his weakest after going through an immense battle and filled with injuries!

As a legacy disciple of one of the immortal sects, Glass Palace, Pei Chunyu wasn’t someone in the same league as the Four Mounted Bandits!

Ji Chengtian and the others looked at Su Zimo nervously.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo smiled.

“You didn’t hear me? Let me simplify things and repeat it once more…”

After a slight pause, Su Zimo opened his mouth and spat out two words that shocked the world!

“Get lost!”

The moment he said that, the surroundings fell completely silent.

Many cultivators looked at that bloodied figure with agape mouths and shocked expressions as a single word filled their minds – lunatic.

For some reason, Ji Chengtian and the rest felt relieved instead.

This was the true Su Zimo.

This wasn’t someone that would submit to injustice!

It was as Su Zimo had said in the past, “I cultivate so as to go all out to exact revenge. I cultivate as I believe in an eye for an eye!”

Pei Chunyu’s triggered killing intent naturally could not hide from Su Zimo’s spirit perception.

Since that was the case, there was no way Su Zimo would be nice to this guy.

The only reason why Su Zimo dared to challenge Pei Chunyu was because of his demon form.

This was a trump card that he would not use unless he had no other choice.

Otherwise, Su Zimo would have struck first the moment Pei Chunyu’s killing intent was triggered instead of wasting time saying so much to the latter!

Pei Chunyu was stunned for a moment.

Clearly, he hadn’t expected such a reaction from Su Zimo!

Or rather, he hadn’t expected that Su Zimo would DARE have such a reaction!


Pei Chunyu laughed deeply; there was a metallic sound in his voice that was extremely piercing.

A moment later, he put away his smile and his palm that was originally behind his back slumped downwards. It was shrouded with a jade-like radiance that was sparkling and crystalline.

“I admire your immense potential. However…”

His eyes turned cold as he changed the topic. “Since you can’t be used by me, I’ll have to destroy you!”

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