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Chapter 376: Wrath of Thunder

Dark clouds interweaved with occasional flashes of lightning, streaking through the heavens like electric pythons.

The world flickered intermittently with bright flashes of light and darkness.

Shadows filled the long street.

The battle continued relentlessly and tragically. All the cultivators of both factions were already at the limits of their strength.

Ji Chengtian and the other three were filled with injuries. While the triangle formation was still surviving, it was not going to last for much longer.

On the other side of the battlefield, Su Zimo grew fiercer the longer the fight dragged on. He had managed to hold out till now thanks to his robust bloodline and terrifying physique, suppressing both Chai Li and Hu Meng instead.

The situation was still undecided.

Whichever side of the battlefield came out victorious first would affect the outcome of the entire situation!

For Su Zimo, it was easy if he wanted to win this battle.

He had a final trump card.

Demon form!

After taking on his demon form, the two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators before him would be dead for sure.

However, if he did that, he would not only become the mass target and face immense difficulties advancing in the ancient battlefield. Even if he returned to Tianhuang Mainland, he would have to live an ignoble existence.

Even Ethereal Peak would not want to retain an anomaly like him!

Unless he had no other choice, Su Zimo did not want to take that option.

As the leader of the Four Mounted Bandits, Chai Li also recognized the circumstances and declared loudly, “Factions that are watching out there! As long as you’re willing to help us kill the five of them, we swear that we’ll assist you guys in the Elixir Pool Sect ruins contention!”

“That’s right!”

Hu Meng shouted as well, “We will be immensely grateful to the cultivators that are on our side. If anyone manages to kill Su Zimo, I’ll offer a Meridian Unlocking Elixir as thanks!”

The moment he said that, an uproar broke out!

Initially, the factions and cultivators were merely here to watch the show. But now, some of them were tempted.

“Look! Pei Chunyu of Glass Palace has arrived with his men!”

“There! The fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, has arrived as well!”

The gathering of multiple top factions on the long street of Xuantian City added an additional layer of complexity to the situation.

Su Zimo’s eyes shone murderously when he sensed the commotion around him.

He had to end this battle as quickly as possible!

Otherwise, there was a high chance that the five of them would end up as sacrificial offerings for the contention between the top factions!

Other than taking on his demon form, what other methods did he have that could slay the two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators as soon as possible?

Su Zimo thought fervently.

All of a sudden!

A thick thunderbolt landed on the long street, opening up a huge, charred pit that flickered with lightning.

This was the might of the universe that no one could go against.

The rumbling of thunder was only heard a moment later at the edge of the horizon.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind. Without hesitation, he strode forward and the stone slab beneath his feet exploded, shooting gravel all over the place.

The immense rebound caused him to soar into the air. Wielding Blood Quencher up high with both arms, he channeled the mental sutra of Void Thunder Manual and his blood churned with the rumbling of thunder, forming a harmony with the thunder in the skies.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sound of thunder intensified and arrived from the edge of the horizon in a terrifying manner, as though thousands of carriages were riding across the firmaments.


In the skies of Xuantian City, endless lightning flashes and interweaved. In the blink of an eye, it resembled a sea of lightning that shone with a divine light.

In the face of that sea of lightning, Su Zimo’s leap attracted everyone’s gazes.

At that moment, he was in the midst of the sea of lightning with a torrential aura, resembling the only true god in the universe that was unparalleled!


A thick blue thunderbolt descended and struck Blood Quencher.

Lightning coiled all around that grisly red blade like countless small snakes climbing in a frightening manner!

“Take my slash!”

Su Zimo’s holler was like thunder that boomed everywhere!

Basked in lightning, Su Zimo swung Blood Quencher that was shining brightly with lightning and descended from the skies, encompassing Chai Li and Hu Meng.

That single slash possessed the might of the universe and the power of thunder that struck was horrifying.

Before the blade even arrived, Chai Li and Hu Meng were already scared out of their wits.

How could any human defend against that slash?

That was clearly the wrath of thunder!


With nowhere to run, Hu Meng could only yell. He bit the tip of his tongue gently and spat out a mouthful of blood on the eyes of the face on his copper spear.

The eyes of the face shone with two blood beams and its body lit up with a sacred radiance.

Gritting his teeth, Hu Meng raised his copper spear and welcomed the incoming Blood Quencher.


The weapons collided resoundingly as though the entire world shook for that brief moment.

Hu Meng seemed to have turned shorter as a gigantic crack appeared beneath his feet.

After a moment, his body shuddered and he was wrapped with the power of thunder. Spitting out a mouthful of blood with dimmed eyes, he was sent flying.

The copper spear was also repelled by Blood Quencher and smashed against Hu Meng’s chest heavily.

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

A seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was injured!

Not only that, Blood Quencher’s momentum carried on and continued to slash against Chai Li’s saber.


Chai Li’s expression changed as his palm cracked and bled, losing his grip on his saber.

Pushing against his heels, Chai Li retreated backwards a hundred feet away. His face was pale and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Of the two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators, one was severely injured on the ground and the other retreated in defeat!

That was how terrifying the might of that slash was!

Pei Chunyu of Glass Palace and Xue Yang of Malevolent Earth Sect arrived just in time to witness that and their pupils contracted with a hint of shock.

If they were the recipients of that slash, they might not be able to escape unscathed either.

The other cultivators were dumbfounded and gasped.

Chai Li no longer dared to stay any longer.

If Hu Meng had not defended the first strike, his organs would have been ruptured from that slash!

Without turning back, he fled out of the city. His eyes shone with boundless hatred as he yelled, “Su Zimo, someday, I’ll definitely make you pay for what you did today!”

Chai Li was absolutely confident that he could get out of Xuantian City.

Thanks to Su Zimo’s slash, the distance between them was increased and there was no way Su Zimo would be able to catch up to him since they were both at the end of their roads.


Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed.

Chai Li felt his heart skip a beat.

He turned back instinctively and a cold, blinding light approached him at an extremely fast speed!

In that light, he caught sight of a figure standing far away with Blood Quencher dug into the mud beside him. That figure wielded a moon-colored gigantic bow and had just placed it down.

Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

“Someday? I’ve already told you, the Four Mounted Bandits shall be stripped of their title today!”

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The arrow pierced flesh and blood flashed. Chai Li’s body was pierced by ten arrows and he collapsed at the end of the long street, lifeless and dead.

At the same time, Su Zimo put away his Moon Concealment Bow and arrived beside Hu Meng with his Blood Quencher.

Laying in the mud, Hu Meng was still coughing blood that was washed away by the rainwater; his gaze was scattered.

Looking down, Su Zimo’s eyes were cold.

The next moment, a saber beam flashed.

A massive head rolled on the ground.

The Four Mounted Bandits were buried in Xuantian City!






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