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Chapter 375: Stripped of Their Title!

“Bro, there’s no way you’re going to chase us away now!”

Little fatty burst into laughter.

By now, little fatty, Shi Jian and Leng Rou were already in the battlefield and were surrounded. Even if they wanted to retreat, there was no way for them to do so unless they wiped the desperadoes out.

Even though little fatty, Leng Rou and Shi Jian were at six meridian Foundation Establishment, their strength were similar to the desperadoes around them.

It was especially so for little fatty and Leng Rou who had just advanced to six meridian Foundation Establishment. Their roots were not stable yet and they could not compare to the other six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in terms of strength.

The moment the three of them entered the battlefield, they were surrounded.

Thankfully, Ji Chengtian was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment and could maneuver the battlefield with ease due to Ethereal Wings. Through his skillful mastery of sword wielding, he helped the three of them resolve multiple crises.

The four of them were gradually gathered.

There were a few times when Ji Chengtian wanted to break out of the entrapment to assist Su Zimo. However, Shi Jian and the others would be in immediate danger the moment he was slightly distracted.

Nobody would be able to imagine the terror of being attacked by hundreds of fanatic desperadoes unless they experienced it personally!

From all directions, the attacks fell like torrential rain relentlessly.

“That Ji Chengtian has just advanced to seven meridian Foundation Establishment and is unable to use his full potential just yet. He’s still weaker after all.”

“That’s right, even ants can kill an elephant in numbers. The return of those four isn’t going to affect the situation much. They are merely delaying their deaths.”

Many cultivators discussed.

Even though Ji Chengtian and the others had returned to the battlefield and changed the situation, no one thought highly of them.

After all, the numbers were still stacked against Su Zimo’s group!

However, everyone’s impression towards Ji Chengtian and the others changed with time.

Huddled together, Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou, little fatty and Shi Jian formed a triangular formation.

As the strongest one, Ji Chengtian took one corner.

As a Talisman Master, Leng Rou had a seemingly infinite number of talismans in her storage bag. Furthermore, her fighting strength was strong as she decked out endless offensive, defensive and support type-talismans. As such, she took on another corner.

Little fatty and Shi Jian joined hands and formed the final corner.

Their triangle formation was extremely stable and unyielding. With no obvious openings and constant changes, their chemistry was flawless and they managed to withstand the rushes of hundreds of desperadoes!

On the contrary, there were desperadoes getting injured and dying all around the four of them.

Su Zimo had led them to this place from the borders of the ancient battlefield and they had been through way too many battles and dangerous situations.

Their journey had been arduous and filled with killing.

This was a formation they were all too familiar with!

“Head over there and kill the four of them!”

Chai Li commanded swiftly.

Before long, he and Hu Meng were the only ones left in front of Su Zimo.

The appearance of Ji Chengtian and the others had successfully lifted Su Zimo’s burden by attracting the remaining desperadoes!

At this point, a change had finally happened in the situation where the Four Mounted Bandits’ faction was firmly supposed to win.

The outcome of this battle was starting to turn obscure.

Or rather, even if the Four Mounted Bandits won, it would be a tragic victory and they would lose the strength to contend for the Elixir Pool Sect ruins with the other factions!

Hu Meng stood on the long street and looked at Su Zimo who was filled with blood with a deep hint of shock in his eyes.

He truly could not imagine how this person was able to hold out to now with so many injuries.

If he was in that situation, he might have died long ago.

“Su Zimo, you’re at the end of the road now. You have at least 30 wounds on your body and you’ll die just by bleeding! Stop struggling!”

Chai Li’s voice was cold as he glared at Su Zimo keenly.

As long as Su Zimo revealed an opening, Chai Li would strike and land a fatal blow!

However, he was disappointed.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm as usual and there were no signs of fatigue on that elegant face of his – it was merely paler than before.

The fighting intent in his eyes intensified and burned, even shimmering with a glint of excitement!

Chai Li felt a little nervous instead.

“The Four Mounted Bandits… shall be stripped of their title today!”

Su Zimo smiled with a fervent killing intent.

Clang! Clang!

Blood Quencher rang and the sound of metal clashing echoed all over the place.

Roaring into the skies, Su Zimo strode forward and swung the massive sword, enveloping Chai Li and Hu Meng in his arc. With a torrential aura, there was no way he resembled someone that was injured!

Clang! Clang!

Blood Quencher collided with the copper spear and saber as sparks flew while a deafening screech resounded; it was clear despite the rumbling thunder.

Chai Li and Hu Meng shuddered and stumbled back half a step.

This was the first time the two of them were forced back since the start of the battle!


Su Zimo burst into laughter and strode forward. With a bang, a gigantic ravine formed on the ground as the stone slabs on both sides were knocked up.

Making an arc in midair, the blood beam of Blood Quencher intensified and descended upon the two of their heads.

With nowhere to run, Chai Li and Hu Meng could only face it head-on again!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The two of them retreated once more with pale expressions.

Suddenly, a layer of fear shrouded Chai Li and Hu Meng’s hearts.

The commotion caused by the battle was too great.

The number of cultivators gathered increased and the major factions of Xuantian City were alerted as well.

Successors of Puppet Sect and Thousand Crane Sect arrived, watching the tragic battlefield on the long street with slight expressions.

East side of Xuantian City.

A luxuriously-robed man stood in front of a mansion. Hands behind his back, he looked into the skies with a narrowed gaze – his eyes were clear, resembling glass.

“Senior Brother Pei!”

A cultivator of Glass Palace sped over in the rain. Arriving in front of the luxuriously-robed man, he greeted with cupped fists. “The Four Mounted Bandits have returned and there’s a massive battle on the long street… victory is undecided for now!”

The luxuriously-robed man was distracted and his eyes were dazed, as though he had heard nothing.


A moment later, his expression changed as he turned slowly, frowning towards the Glass Palace cultivator. “Undecided?”


The Glass Palace cultivator nodded. “Lang Tan of the Four Mounted Bandits was shot to death by Su Zimo right away. That person has a perfect spirit weapon in his possession and is extremely strong in melee combat.”

“Thereafter, four people arrived and helped Su Zimo on the battlefield. Until now, the outcome is unclear. Su Zimo is fighting with the two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Chai Li and Hu Meng, and it’s hard to tell who is stronger.”

“Five of them managed to survive the mass attacks of a thousand odd desperadoes up till now?”

“And he’s even holding his ground against two seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators?”

“Interesting, interesting.”

The luxuriously-robed man lowered his head and gazed at his long, slender fingers while murmuring.

A moment later, his eyes shimmered as though he made up his mind about something, saying suddenly, “Get some men to accompany me to take a look.”


At the same time, in a palace at the west side of the city.

A Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator strode over briskly and knelt down in front of a blood-robed cultivator, reporting with a lowered head, “Fiend heir, the Four Mounted Bandits have suffered massive casualties in the battle on the long street. Su Zimo is not dead yet and the battle is still raging on with an undecided outcome!”


Suddenly, the black-robed cultivator opened his eyes with a momentary malevolent aura bursting from him as he asked with a narrowed gaze, “He managed to hold out till now?”

After pondering for a moment, he stood up and gripped the bone spear in front of him before remarking coldly, “Let’s go take a look.”

The battle on the long street had alarmed the entire Xuantian City!

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