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Chapter 359: Xuantian City

Not long after Ji Yaoxue left, Night Spirit escorted Xiaoning over as Su Zimo repaired the array formations around the cave abode.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked when he saw Xiaoning hesitant to speak, as though something was bothering her.

She hesitated for a moment before taking out an ancient Elixir Furnace and frowned. “Brother, for some reason, this Elixir Furnace has been emitting heat ever since we entered the ancient battlefield.”

Su Zimo received the Elixir Furnace and touched it.

Indeed, the Elixir Furnace was giving off a faint heat that was not too obvious.

This was the Elixir Furnace was the source of their feud with True Fire Sect back in the capital of Great Zhou.

Ever since Xiaoning obtained that Elixir Furnace, she was able to focus with ease and reach her peak performance for elixir refinement!

Back then, Su Zimo had already sensed that this Elixir Furnace had an extremely powerful background.

From the looks of it, there was a high chance that this Elixir Furnace had something to do with the ancient battlefield!

Returning the Elixir Furnace to Xiaoning, he asked, “Other than emit heat, is there anything else strange about it?”


Su Xiaoning pondered for a moment before replying, “I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days. It feels as though there’s something imperceptibly reaching out to me. Does that count?”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he asked, “Can you sense what direction it’s reaching out to you from?”

“That way!”

Su Xiaoning pointed to the south with a firm tone.

Nodding in reply, Su Zimo formed a plan.

Since he was already planning on checking out the depths of the ancient battlefield, he might as well head along the direction that Xiaoning pointed out to see if he could uncover the secret behind the ancient Elixir Furnace.

For the next 10 odd days, Su Zimo stayed in the last stone chamber alone for a couple of days after repairing the array formations outside before summoning everyone to the hall of the cave abode.

“I plan to leave this place and check out the depths of the ancient battlefield.”

Su Zimo made a casual glance at Jun Hao after saying that; the latter’s emotions could not be read.

Ji Yaoxue and Su Xiaoning knew about this matter beforehand and naturally did not have much of a reaction. However, the others had varying reactions.

Si Yutang was the first to leap out and object. “I’m definitely not going. Before entering the ancient battlefield, many seniors have advised me countless times not to enter the depths of the ancient battlefield. I’m not going to join your death wish.”

“Mr. Mo, we have the terrain advantage here and the protection of the formations. Now that we’ve already obtained the Meridian Unlocking Elixirs, we can just cultivate here in seclusion. There’s no need for us to take the risk of exploring deep into the ancient battlefield.”

A Great Zhou guard frowned and shook his head as well.

“Brother Zimo is strong and he’s able to protect himself even in the depths of the ancient battlefield.”

Jun Hao stood up and sighed regrettably. “However, it’s a pity that my strength is limited so I can’t join you.”

Su Zimo looked at Jun Hao silently with a fake smile before turning to the other cultivators.

Ji Chengtian said in a deep voice, “Zimo, I’ll join you!”

“Bro, me too!” Little fatty stood out hurriedly.

Leng Rou nodded to Su Zimo as well.

Shrugging, Shi Jian said with a silly smile, “I’ll join you guys too.”

Another Great Zhou guard frowned with a stern expression. “Everyone, you have to think this through properly. It is much more dangerous in the depths of the ancient battlefield than the borders. Every step will be filled with danger and you’ll most likely die! The cultivators there are at least at six meridian Foundation Establishment!”

Another person added, “That’s right! If you encounter a successor of one of the top factions, they can kill you guys singlehandedly! For the past thousands of years, there has never been a cultivator who had entered the depths of the ancient battlefield and returned alive!”

Su Zimo cupped his fists. “Thank you for your reminders, fellow Daoists, but I have already decided.”

In truth, everyone from Ethereal Peak knew that it was more dangerous deeper into the ancient battlefield.

However, danger and opportunity was correlated!

Furthermore, there was something more important for Ji Chengtian and the others.

Before entering the ancient battlefield, the two peak masters, Liu Hui and Xuan Yi, had already hinted to them that they should search for alternative tunnels to leave the Great Zhou Dynasty and the Tianhuang North Region!

Before long, Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou, little fatty, Xiaoning, Shi Jian and Night Spirit arrived behind Su Zimo. The team of 11 people were now left with Ji Yaoxue and two Great Zhou guards along with Jun Hao and Si Yutang.

“I’ve already repaired the array formations outside and there are sufficient stone chambers. You guys can split up to cultivate.”

Su Zimo gazed deeply at Ji Yaoxue before leaving with Xiaoning and the rest.

After Su Zimo and the others left, Ji Yaoxue said indifferently in a dejected manner, “I’ll be cultivating in seclusion from today on. Nobody should enter my cultivation chamber.”

With that said, she walked towards the stone chamber at the end of the fifth tunnel.

There were five stone chambers in total and Si Yutang chose one of them to begin his long cultivation as well.

Jun Hao gazed at Ji Yaoxue’s back view and a cold glint flashed through his eyes as he smirked.

After leaving the place, Su Zimo checked against the map and led everyone south.

With Su Zimo and Night Spirit around, the journey was still relatively safe.

However, as they ventured deeper, even Su Zimo was feeling a gradual sense of pressure.

The strength of the ferocious beasts they encountered was getting stronger and they were even ambushed by some other cultivators a couple of times. Apart from Su Zimo, almost everyone else was injured.

Although they were of the same cultivation realm, the six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators they encountered in the depths of the ancient battlefield were much stronger than those at the borders.

Even Ji Chengtian was beaten in a one-on-one fight despite possessing Ethereal Peak’s three major secret skills.

As for Su Zimo, the pressure on him was mounting.

He could ensure the safety of the six of them at the borders of the ancient battlefield.

But now, he could only ensure two at most!

They continued on the road for 10 days with barely any time to cultivate.

Even though their cultivation realms were similar to before, Ji Chengtian and the others experienced significant growth in their strength due to the intense battles and brushes with death in those 10 days.

That was a transformation that cultivation in seclusion could never achieve.

10 days later, an ancient city appeared on the horizon close to evening, as if an ancient beast was sprawled there.

That was a place indicated on the map as a gathering spot, named Xuantian City.

Cities that were left behind in the ancient battlefield were usually the biggest gathering spots where cultivators of all factions gathered.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

They were worn out physically and mentally after being on the road for 10 days. Apart from Su Zimo who was still brimming with energy without any signs of fatigue, the others bore injuries and were already at their limits.

If they could not find a place to settle down before the sky turned dark, that would have been an arduous night for them.

Along the way, Ji Chengtian and the others gradually viewed Su Zimo with increasing curiosity and respect.

Be it at the borders of the ancient battlefield or deep inside, nobody could read Su Zimo’s limits.

That seemingly frail body of his seemed to possess limitless energy and his vigor and endurance were shocking!

The few of them knew that if not for Su Zimo, they would have died on the journey before they even saw Xuantian City.




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