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Chapter 360: Obstruction

North gate of Xuantian City.

As the sky gradually darkened, there were almost no cultivators crossing the city gates by now. Anyone who dared to leave the city at this time was either fools who didn’t know their places or peerless experts who were confident in their cultivation!

By the time Su Zimo and the others arrived at the city gates, two cultivators were pushing the tall and thick stone doors shut slowly.

“Fellow Daoists, please hold on!”

Su Zimo shouted hurriedly.

If he wanted to enter the city, Su Zimo could burst forth with Ethereal Wings or Divine Steed Fleeting and make it through the gates before it closed.

However, Ji Chengtian and the others could not do so.

The few of them were physically and mentally exhausted after the battles along the way. There was no way they had energy left given their injuries.

The moment Su Zimo said that, the stone door paused for a moment as the two cultivators at the city gates looked towards him with a slight frown.

To them, the group of six looked worn out. Apart from their leader, the green-robed cultivator, who looked normal, the others were in a wretched state.

Furthermore, they could not see Su Zimo’s group wearing sect badges or anything that could reveal their identities.

In the ancient battlefield, successors and disciples of the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland would naturally not bother to conceal their identities.

Many a time, those people could do whatever they want and save themselves trouble just by revealing their identity badges.

The two cultivators guarding the city gates had seen many people like Su Zimo’s group who did not carry any identification – they were either itinerant cultivators or disciples of some ordinary sect or faction.

The two of them exchanged glances and smirked before continuing to close the stone doors together, as if they had not heard anything.

All of a sudden!

The sound of clothes fluttering through the air echoed and the wind howled as though a tsunami was gushing.

Arriving in the blink of an eye, the two of them turned over instinctively and their pupils constricted.

Unknowingly, the green-robed cultivator who was initially far away had already arrived at the city gates, pushing against the stone doors with his arms spread wide.

No matter how the two of them pushed, the stone door would not budge!

The green-robed cultivator seemed to possess infinite strength as he stood like an unshakable spirit, glaring at the two of them coldly in front of the city gates.

“You… ”

Gulping, the two of them looked on with panic.

“Why are you closing the door!”

Su Zimo asked slowly, his voice icy cold.

Rejecting them outside the gates before night descended was no different from killing them!

In the night, Su Zimo could only struggle to save himself against countless ferocious beasts and ancient living beings – the rest would definitely die!

“What are you doing?!”

One of them asked sternly.

Su Zimo did not reply and shook his arms. With a loud rumble, the two stone doors vibrated violently and dust rustled.

Instantly, the two cultivators were alarmed and felt their hands go numb, letting go instinctively. They stumbled a few steps backwards and nearly fell to the ground.


They yelled and withdrew flying swords from their storage bags. Glaring at Su Zimo cautiously, they were prepared to strike at any moment.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he clenched his fists.

In that time, Ji Chengtian and the others had arrived at the city gates, panting and looking pale.

“Zimo, forget it. We’re new to Xuantian City and know nothing about this place, let’s not cause trouble. Furthermore, it’s fine now that we’re already inside the city.”

During this period of interaction, Ji Chengtian and the others had some understanding of Su Zimo’s personality as well.

Xuantian City was a motley place with unknown experts and strong factions hidden within; Ji Chengtian was worried that Su Zimo would attract big trouble by standing up for them!

Su Zimo nodded and glanced at the two cultivators indifferently.

Their hearts skipped a beat.

They could sense a violent killing intent through Su Zimo’s gaze!

“This is someone who can just injure anyone at any moment without hesitation!”

The same thought fluttered through their minds as they watched Su Zimo’s group leave, not daring to stop them.

Ji Chengtian and the others were tense the entire time as well, afraid that something unexpected might happen and cause trouble.

They only heaved a sigh of relief after the two cultivators guarding the gates let them pass silently.

There were quite a number of cultivators in Xuantian City and ancient buildings stood on both sides of the streets, most of the residences occupied by many cultivators.

Su Zimo’s group attracted the gazes of many cultivators as they walked through the city.

“There’s a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator in that group of six? How did they manage to get to Xuantian City alive?”

“It’s no use even if they’re inside the city. I reckon that the six of them won’t survive for more than three days.”

“Xuantian City is no friendly place. Without strong backing, they can only be subjected to being slaughtered by others like fish on a chopping board.”

As those cultivators discussed, more than 10 cultivators came down from the city walls. Their leader was a tall and burly man whose clothes exposed his hairy chest and carried a fierce gaze.

“It’s already past 7pm and you haven’t closed the city gates? Are you two tired of living?”

The burly cultivator’s voice was rough and he spoke like a ruffian.

Su Zimo’s group was still nearby.

When they heard that voice, Ji Chengtian and the others were stunned and their hearts sank.

A cultivator shook his head with pursed lips when he saw this, smiling. “Three days? There’s no way the six of them can leave now that he has appeared.”

“That’s right. The few of them are already at the end of their road given their injuries through their arduous journey. There’s no way that man is going to let go of these lambs that are ripe for the slaughter.”

“Who is that man?” Someone asked.

“He’s the right hand man of the Four Mounted Bandits, Chou Wanli! Even though he’s only at six meridian Foundation Establishment, he is skilled in corporal mortification martial arts and is extremely strong with a vengeful bloodthirst! There’s few people who are willing to provoke him at the north gate of Xuantian City!”

“The Four Mounted Bandits… Psst!”

Many cultivators were shocked when they heard that, shutting their mouths and gasping in secret.

City gates.

The two cultivators were so scared that their bodies shivered as they hurriedly pointed towards the back of Su Zimo’s group. “It’s them! We were about to shut the city gates when the six of them barged in!”


Chou Wanli turned towards Su Zimo’s group as a violent glint flashed in his eyes.

If everyone else could tell that Su Zimo’s group was weak after traveling, it was only natural that Chou Wanli’s burning eyes could tell the same.

He recognized their weakness with a single glance.

“The six of you up front, stop right there!”

Chou Wanli hollered and charged murderously towards Su Zimo’s group with more than 10 other cultivators.

Ji Chengtian and the others sighed internally and could only stop and turn back.

Initially, Su Zimo was walking right at the front. After they turned around, he was already behind them.

Su Zimo was about to advance when Ji Chengtian held him back and whispered, “Zimo, don’t be reckless. Let’s see what this man wants. It’ll be best if we don’t have to fight.”

“That’s right, bro. Judging from the cultivators around us, this guy seems to have a powerful background. Let’s try not to fight him head-on,” Little fatty whispered as well with sweat dripping down his forehead.





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