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Chapter 347: Direct Death!

Hidden in the crowd, Jun Hao gestured towards the direction of the Great Xia faction before pointing at Su Xiaoning beside him.

10 armored cultivators from the Great Xia faction understood his intentions and exchanged glances before nodding in secret.

The 10 of them separated and mixed into the crowd. Five of them wore light armor and controlled their flying swords while releasing spirit arts to attract the attention of everyone else.

The other five cultivators wore heavy armor and were fully geared from head to toe – the armor alone weighed around 500 kilograms!

It was obvious that those five on the ground were body tempered cultivators. They wielded daggers and split up in different directions, approaching Su Xiaoning stealthily.

In midair, Su Zimo swung Blood Quencher and tore into the crowd, ripping a bloodied path by chopping up all cultivators who stood before him.

Even five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators could not withstand a single slash from Su Zimo!

Throughout the entire process, Su Zimo’s eyes were fixed on Guo Yi.

That was the only six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator on the battlefield.

As long as he was dead, the others would naturally collapse!

Su Zimo noticed that some Great Xia cultivators were behaving oddly. However, he merely glanced at them indifferently while continuing to hunt down Guo Yi with a raised saber.

At the same time, Guo Yi could sense Su Zimo’s killing intent.

He knew clearly well that he was definitely not a match for Su Zimo in a one-on-one fight.

However, he had a way to secure victory!

His only chance was a girl from the Great Zhou faction who was only at mid-stage Foundation Establishment!

If that girl met with danger, Su Zimo would naturally be distracted and reveal openings. At that time, it would be easy to take advantage of his weakness and kill him on the spot.

If they could capture that girl alive, the situation would be even simpler.

At that thought, Guo Yi took a deep breath and composed himself, a look of conviction flashed in his eyes.

It depended on who was faster!

If Su Zimo killed him faster, there was nothing he could complain about.

However, if that mid-stage Foundation Establishment girl were to land in their hands first, Su Zimo would be doomed and the Great Zhou Dynasty was bound to fall as well!

To Guo Yi, the girl was already a bird in a cage.

Most of the Great Zhou cultivators around here had already been lured away, leaving a mere black wolf-like demon beast that was of no threat.

“Come on!”

Guo Yi was confident and no longer retreated. He retrieved a protection talisman from his storage bag and crushed it on the spot.

At the same time, he summoned a glistening glass mirror and held it above his head.


Blood Quencher came at him in a clean cut.

Guo Yi’s expression was resolute as streams of rich spirit energy rippled out of his fingertips, entering the glass mirror.

The glass mirror expanded rapidly in a shade of dazzling gold like the sky, covering Guo Yi’s head.


A distant sound echoed when Blood Quencher struck the glass mirror, resembling the bell of an old temple.

Guo Yi managed to block that slash momentarily with the glass mirror.

However, his body shook violently and the power of the protection talisman dispersed in the aftershock!

It was at that moment that Guo Yi truly realized just how terrifying the power of Su Zimo’s slash was.

Before he could catch his breath, a second slash descended.

A bloody glow crashed down, as though it wanted to split the sky above him!

Guo Yi was horrified as he glanced askance. Suddenly, his eyes went wild with joy when he caught sight of a scene on the other side of the battlefield.

They made their move!

The five Great Xia cultivators had already made their move!

“Hahaha! Su Zimo, take a look! Your sister is about to die!”

Guo Yi was laughing in a maniacal manner and his features were almost contorted.

Right after, his laughter stopped and his heart sank.

Su Zimo’s Blood Quencher did not stop at all.

His eyes were calm and there was no trace of panic or worry in them at all!

In fact, Su Zimo did not even turn to look.

How could that be?

What went wrong?

Guo Yi looked to the other side of the battlefield instinctively.

The next moment, his eyes were widened in shock, as though he had just witnessed the scariest thing in the world.

His mouth opened up but he could not say a single word – it was as if someone had grabbed his throat!

The five heavy-armored Great Xia cultivators formed an encirclement around Su Xiaoning and were less than 10 feet away.

All five of their gazes were subconsciously fixed on the demon beast beside her.

It was covered with a cold, indestructible scale armor from head to toe and its tail was like a steel whip, carrying a sharp spike that shone with a chilling aura at its tip.

Ever since the start of the battle, the demon beast had been by the girl’s side and had never made a move.

Right now, it was sprawled on the ground motionlessly. Even after a long time, its eyes seemed like they were closed, as though it was lazily asleep.

The five of them glanced at the demon beast.

Jun Hao gave a subtle nod.


One of them shouted softly and the five of them split up in different directions. Charging forward at the same time, they arrived before Su Xiaoning within a couple of steps.

Jun Hao, who was watching at the side, pretended to be shocked and exclaimed, “Watch out!”

In truth, it was too late even if the cultivators nearest to Su Xiaoning jumped in to assist her.

A smug look flashed through Jun Hao’s eyes.

All of a sudden!

Night Spirit who was initially sprawled beside Su Xiaoning opened its eyes, letting out two cold rays of light. Instantly, the temperature of the battlefield seemed to have dipped.

It rose and with a single leap, extended a pair of front paws to welcome two incoming cultivators.

Sharp claws extended stealthily from the gap between its fingers and shone with a cutting glint and a cold aura.

A ferocious aura that was asphyxiating burst forth.

Night Spirit was way too fast. The two of them merely felt their visions blur before one of them died on the spot with blood gushing out of his ripped throat!

There were five holes in the steel helmet of the other person. Night Spirit had ripped through it and the person collapsed limply on the ground with brain juice flowing out.

A black shadow streaked through the void.

It was like a snake in the night, coiling around the throat of a cultivator before ripping forcefully!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The person’s throat was snapped on the spot!

Immediately after, the black shadow continued darting around.


One of the cultivators seemed to have been pierced by a steel whip as a cold light shone from his back – it was Night Spirit’s tail!

Heavy and steel armors were akin to paper against Night Spirit’s claws and could not withstand a single blow!


At the same time, Night Spirit opened its mouth and lunged forward, biting at the throat of the fifth cultivator. Tilting its head slightly, the person’s head was snapped and fresh blood splattered everywhere!

Everything had happened too quickly.

It took less than a breath of time since Night Spirit took action.

Furthermore, everything seemed to have been done at the same time!

Even Su Zimo could not accomplish something like that!

Every single part of Night Spirit’s body was built to kill!

In the blink of an eye, five Great Xia cultivators were dead on the spot.

All of them had widened eyes that were filled with confusion. Even at the last moment, they did not know what they had just encountered.






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