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Chapter 346: Su Zimo’s Lifeline

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Flying swords streaked through the air one after another like shooting stars, shuttling through the crowd as the sounds of spirit arts colliding sounded – the entire battlefield was in chaos.

The main reason why the Great Zhou faction could gain a momentary respite and upper hand in the clash against Great Shang was because Su Zimo had charged forth and slain Duan Mingda while attracting the attention of most of the Great Shang cultivators.

In reality, Ji Yaoxue and the rest were thoroughly exhausted after escaping from the Blood Centipedes and the long journey thereafter.

With the addition of the Great Xia Dynasty, Ji Yaoxue and the others were in a precarious situation.

The six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator of the Great Xia Dynasty, Guo Yi, had his sights fixed on Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak right away.

After all, Ji Chengtian was a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator who was well-versed in the three secret skills of Ethereal Peak. He was quite a tricky target with deal with given his agility and swordsmanship.

The moment Guo Yi attacked, spirit arts and flying swords were thrown out at the same time, unleashing a flurry of attacks as he wanted to kill Ji Chengtian as quickly as possible.


A beam of light streaked across the air, piercing towards Ji Chengtian who was in midair.

Guo Yi was a skilled swordsman and possessed strong spirit energy. As such, the speed of his flying sword was extremely fast and not inferior compared to Ji Chengtian who had cultivated Ethereal Sword.

Ji Chengtian’s expression changed.

If he was in his peak condition, he could attempt to dodge the attack using Ethereal Wings.

However, by the time he sensed the sharpness of the sword qi, it was already too late to dodge. He could only wave his robes and summon flying swords to defend against the incoming attack.


Two flying swords revealed themselves as they exchanged sharp blows, gliding against the other’s blade while letting out a jarring sound and a stream of sparks.

Ji Chengtian’s flying sword was a supreme-grade flying sword that Su Zimo had gifted him.

However, he was weaker than Guo Yi in terms of cultivation realm. Coupled with the fact that he was in an exhausted state, it was only natural that he was disadvantaged against Guo Yi.

At the same time, Guo Yi’s flying sword was a little strange. Unlike ordinary flying swords, it was three-pronged.

The three-pronged sword had two holes that could hold down flying swords, sabers and the likes.

Right now, Ji Chengtian’s flying sword was locked down by Guo Yi’s three-pronged sword and quivered immensely, unable to break free.


Guo Yi scoffed coldly as six spirit meridians appeared vaguely discernible beneath his shirt and spirit energy gushed rapidly like a river.

With a clang, Ji Chengtian’s supreme-grade flying sword was repelled by Guo Yi’s three-pronged sword and fell to the ground not far away.

The three-pronged sword continued stabbing with the momentum.

In a hurry, Ji Chengtian flapped his Ethereal Wings hastily to sidestep the attack, but he was a step too slow.

With a loud thud, a deep wound appeared on his shoulder, revealing his bones as blood flowed out like a fountain. His Ethereal Wings were pierced by the sword as well, shattering on the spot.


Landing heavily on the ground, Ji Chengtian clenched his teeth and groaned, breaking out in cold sweat from the pain.

“Senior Brother Ji!”

Little fatty and the others yelled.


The three-pronged sword attacked and stabbed straight at Ji Chengtian’s head.


With a furious howl, little fatty shook off the cultivators around him and swung his gigantic axe fiercely at the three-pronged sword.


The three-pronged sword shone brightly and its blade quivered, repelling the gigantic axe instantly.

Little fatty was only at three meridian Foundation Establishment, a full three cultivation realms beneath Guo Yi, so he was naturally not a match for Guo Yi in terms of strength. If not for the fact that he had trained his physique regularly, the gigantic axe would have flown out of his hands.

Even so, little fatty’s palm was still torn and bled from the vibration.


A few talismans landed in front of Ji Chengtian and suddenly shattered, forming layers of barrier – it was Leng Rou who had tossed out a couple of protection talismans.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The three-pronged sword pierced a few barriers consecutively before stopping.

Ji Chengtian also seized the opportunity to leave the spot and was out of immediate danger.

“I don’t have many talismans left.”

Leng Rou whispered.

Almost all of the remaining Great Zhou cultivators, apart from Su Xiaoning, were injured. Surrounded in the midst of the Great Xia faction, they were almost at their limits.

Suddenly, three reverberating bangs rang out from the air not far away.

Many cultivators looked towards the voice instinctively and saw yet another six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Jiang Yu, falling from midair after being slashed by Su Zimo!


All the cultivators were shocked.

Duan Mingda’s death could have been attributed to his carelessness of underestimating the enemy.

However, Jiang Yu’s death was full proof of Su Zimo’s strength!

It was definitely not a simple coincidence for a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator to kill two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in a row.

In midair, Su Zimo could sense the change in the situation as he turned around slowly, sweeping over the battlefield with a cold gaze.

“Great Xia Dynasty, you guys truly have a death wish!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo had already flapped his wings while dragging the bloodied Blood Quencher, charging towards the Great Xia cultivators!

The crowd exploded in an instant and a commotion broke out!

Su Zimo slew two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in a row and his aura right now was torrential. With an intense blood lust and killing intent that was almost materialized emanating from his body, who would dare go against someone like that?

No one even dared to meet his eyes!


A Great Xia cultivator stood in midair on his flying sword and was unable to dodge in time. It took a single collision against Su Zimo for him to die on the spot without even being able to make a sound.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo arrived before Guo Yi.


Blood Quencher descended from above and the massive blade seemed as though it wanted to rip the void apart; its monumental aura was unstoppable!

Guo Yi looked terrible as he waved both hands to hurriedly maneuver his three-pronged sword over as a defense.


The saber and sword collided and the hole of the three-pronged sword held down Blood Quencher!

Guo Yi’s eyes lit up as he channeled spirit energy fervently. All six spirit meridians of his shone with a boundless spirit light and his dantian was throbbing in pain.

“As long as I can repel this Blood Quencher, Su Zimo will not be a threat at all!”

To Guo Yi, the perfect spirit weapon was the reason for Su Zimo’s terrifying combat strength.

“Hands off!”

Guo Yi bellowed.

“Hands off?”

Su Zimo sneered and his bloodline rumbled. Channeling spirit energy, the five spirit patterns on his saber shone with a divine and bloody light, resembling a blood sun that shone with endless rays!

Clang! Clang!

Against the suppression of Blood Quencher, the three-pronged sword’s spirit light flickered – it looked like it could crumble at any moment.


Su Zimo roared and with a twist of his arm, the saber trembled.

Crack! Crack!

The three-pronged sword creaked as cracks appeared on the blade and it shattered on the spot!

Guo Yi was scared out of his wits and retreated hastily, his gaze landing on a Great Zhou cultivator nearby.

When Jun Hao saw that, his pupils constricted as well.

Their plan had failed!

Su Zimo was way more terrifying than he had expected!

They were bound to suffer a massive loss if that man did not die!

Even if they managed to escape, their forces would be severely crippled and they would not be able to fight for treasures against other factions in the ancient battlefield.

While Su Zimo was strong, Jun Hao was convinced that all humans had weaknesses.

As long as he could locate Su Zimo’s lifeline, he could deal a fatal blow to the latter!

Narrowing his gaze, he caught sight of Su Xiaoning at the side and his eyes shimmered.





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