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Chapter 332: Conflict

The battle royale was at its finale in the water region with less than 10 people left!

Apart from Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak who was watching from afar, the remaining few four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators had given their all for the last spot.

Shen Mengqi was injured. While it was not serious, she did not have the time to treat her wounds and blood was flowing continuously. Coupled with the lack of stamina and her spirit energy depleted, she could not hold on any longer.


She sighed softly.

Although she was unwilling, her life was more important. She could only crush the escape jade talisman and leave the Five Elements Umbrella helplessly.

When she returned to the square, Shen Mengqi hurriedly took out a few elixirs from her storage bag and swallowed them. She then scattered some hemostatic medicine and bandaged her wounds.

Throughout the entire process, her lips were pursed in silence.

She was indignant.

Just a little more and she would have obtained a spot on the Spirit Ranking!

Just a little more and she would have obtained the rights to enter the ancient battlefield.

Even though she could only cultivate within for a year, that would ensure that she could unlock one or even two more spirit meridians, bringing her to a six meridian Foundation Establishment realm!

“I will participate in the next sect competition ten years later and definitely obtain a spot on the Spirit Ranking by then!”

As Shen Mengqi pondered and was about to return to the crowd, she swept her gaze casually and caught sight of Feng Haoyu lying nearby, dead with his body covered in blood!

Her pupils constricted subconsciously.

Feng Haoyu was a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had cultivated Ethereal Peak’s three major secret skills. That was someone who was almost guaranteed to obtain a spot in the Spirit Ranking – who could have killed him?

Shen Mengqi’s heart skipped a beat.

Could it be…

Instinctively, she turned around and could not help but shudder. Her mouth opened slightly as her eyes widened in disbelief.

She caught sight of a familiar figure in the metal region!

He had actually crossed two major regions and Grade 4 killing formations?

Could he truly have been the one to kill Feng Haoyu?

Right after, Shen Mengqi heard something. “Fellow Daoists, please leave. The spots of this region… will be taken up by Ethereal Peak.”

His tone was casual, as if he was chatting. However, none of the four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators dared to refute him!

After a while, one of them shook his head gently and cupped his fists towards that person, crushing his jade talisman without a second word.

After that man left, the remaining cultivators in the metal region left one after another despite how reluctant they were.

How could any of the cultivators within dare to stay on when even both the five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators had met such an end?

When she saw that, Shen Mengqi’s eyes gradually dimmed.

“If back then… perhaps I might be the one standing beside him right now?”

A wave of bitterness suddenly surged in Shen Mengqi’s heart.

One by one, names appeared on the Spirit Ranking.

Su Zimo, Ji Chengtian, little fatty, Shi Jian, Jun Hao, Si Yutang…

Xuan Yi and Liu Hui looked pleased, unable to conceal their joy.

Even though Ethereal Peak suffered an immense blow three years ago, they shone completely during this sect competition!

Putting aside the fact that they had three spots for the Spirit Ranking, they had even managed an unprecedented top spot for the Weapon Ranking!

Of course, to Xuan Yi and Liu Hui, the most important thing was that Su Zimo was alive.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had taken revenge for the fallen cultivators by killing the traitor Feng Haoyu in front of everyone.

However, for some reason, the both of them felt an inexplicable sense of frustration and unease.

Before long, the last ten people of the Spirit Ranking battle royale appeared.

With the completion of the Spirit Ranking, it meant that the sect competition was about to end.

The emperor rose and said, “The names on the four ranking lists are out! Among them, those who obtained two spots on the different lists can decide to bring someone else along.”

Little fatty whispered, “Bro, I think he’s referring to you.”

Su Zimo nodded.

He had obtained two spots on the Weapon and Spirit Rankings. Apart from himself, he can give one of them to someone else.

He had decided on who he wanted to give that spot to a long time ago.

When she heard that, Shen Mengqi felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at Su Zimo instinctively with a hint of anticipation.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze declared loudly, “The sect competition is over. Cultivators on the four ranking lists, follow me to the palace to select your rewards for the competition. Thereafter, all of you will return to rest while awaiting the opening of the ancient battlefield!”

“Hold on!”

Suddenly, a cold and chilling voice laden with killing intent rang.

Everyone looked over and saw the Blood Crow King walk slowly towards the spectator area. He exuded a terrifying aura as he fixed his gaze on Su Zimo and hissed coldly, “I’m taking him with me!”


Xuan Yi slammed the table and stood up without hesitation.


The Blood Crow King’s gaze flickered as he reached out with his withered palm and grabbed toward Xuan Yi through the void.

A terrifying burst of energy burst forth from the void!

Demonic qi surged into the sky as a withered and bloody claw appeared, clawing at Xuan Yi ruthlessly.

At the spectator area, many Golden Cores felt a chill.

That energy was way too strong and had already surpassed the limits of spirit energy!

That was a true Dharmic art!

That cultivator known as Xue Ya was actually a fiend demon at Nascent Soul realm!

At the thought of that, everyone was even more shocked.

It was one thing for a fiend demon to appear in the capital, but for him to actually attack right in front of the emperor… What sort of guts and backing did he possess?!

Xuan Yi’s face turned pale.

He was almost powerless against that pressure.

Furthermore, that claw of the Blood Crow King had sealed all of his escape routes!

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Gritting his teeth, Xuan Yi struck out forcefully against the might of the fiend demon and pulled out six flying swords from his storage bag. He guided with his finger and swiftly produced a star-shaped sword formation.

Hexagonal Sword Formation!

Even though Xuan Yi did not manage to cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon, his Hexagonal Sword Formation was enough to compensate and put him on the same level as those who did.


He pointed forward.

The Hexagonal Sword Formation burst forth with endless sword qi and charged violently towards the blood-colored claw.

“Hehe, you overestimate yourself!”

The Blood Crow King let out a cold laugh as he clenched the claw.


Instantly, Xuan Yi’s Hexagonal Sword Formation was torn to pieces by the Blood Crow King and the six superior-grade flying swords were snapped on the spot, falling to the ground.

The difference was too great!

The gap between a Golden Core and Nascent Soul was something that was almost impossible to cross.

“Bastard, how dare you!”

Suddenly, a roar burst forth from the spectator area; it was like a great bell and possessed boundless majesty.

A gigantic fist appeared in midair and smashed heavily against the Blood Crow King’s palm.


The two Dharmic arts clashed and dissipated suddenly while the surrounding Golden Cores fell to the ground with frightful faces from the aftershock.

It was the emperor who had struck to stop the Blood Crow King.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

The Blood Crow King gave a sympathetic smile as he glared at the emperor. “Ji Fang, don’t be a busybody. Otherwise, your Great Zhou Dynasty is going to be destroyed because of this! There are some people that you can’t afford to offend even if you’re the emperor of a dynasty!”





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