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Chapter 331: Sacrifice for the Saber

The Fiend Suppression Seal that was condensed depleted almost all of Su Zimo’s spirit energy.

Su Zimo did not even bother to see the outcome of the clash between their secret skills. While he was sprinting, he retrieved a huge bow from his storage bag with his right hand and three arrows were already loaded and aimed at Feng Haoyu who was in midair.

His action was fluid like water, as if he had practiced countless times.

That seemingly ordinary bow suddenly shone with four spirit lights – it was a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

His bow was like a full moon and the arrows were like shooting stars!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three arrows tore through the air and in an instant, three cold beams arrived in front of Feng Haoyu.

It was too fast!

At the same time, the blood-colored skull collided with the golden palm in midair.

It devoured the golden palm in a single mouthful and paused for a moment. Cracks appeared on its head, bursting out with endless golden rays before exploding!

Feng Haoyu dodged the three incoming cold beams but was suddenly struck by the shockwave caused by the collision of the two secret skills. He stopped in his tracks and was a step too slow.


A light of blood flashed as an arrow streaked past Feng Haoyu’s cheek – it was a mere centimeter away from piercing his head!

Crack! Crack!

Feng Haoyu could not avoid the other two arrows completely and they struck the wings that were spread out behind him.

The pair of spirit wings shattered on the spot as Feng Haoyu’s figure fell.


At that moment, a loud bang came from below. The ground of the entire metal region was shaking as though the sky was collapsing!

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, Su Zimo stomped harshly on the ground and leaped into the air purely using the burst of his body!

In the blink of an eye, he was above Feng Haoyu’s head!

That was a full 100 feet high!

Even Golden Cores might not be able to jump that high with their physiques.

Bang! Boom! Boom!


Immediately after, the cultivators outside the Five Elements Umbrella heard a series of strange sounds.

It was like rolling thunder, but it also seemed like a tsunami was surging and it was mixed with the violent sound of tigers and leopards – it was extremely unsettling!

All of those sounds came from within Su Zimo’s body!

“Feng Haoyu, you shall be a sacrifice for my saber today!”

A long and thick saber that was as tall as half a person suddenly appeared in Su Zimo’s hands. Spirit energy surged into it as five spirit patterns illuminated with a blinding blood light!

The birth of Blood Quencher!

The huge blade was scarlet and quivered violently, letting out a murderous sound and aura that rattled one’s soul.


As Su Zimo channeled his bloodline, his entire body seemed to expand. He grabbed Blood Quencher with both hands and descended from the skies, cleaving down onto Feng Haoyu’s head with an unstoppable might!

Blood Quencher seemed to be perfectly synergized with Su Zimo’s bloodline and a trace of blood appeared on its blade!

The void seemed to have been torn asunder by Blood Quencher.

Su Zimo had waited for this slash for far too long.

Be it the initial Fiend Suppression Seal or the three arrows in the interim… They were all preparations made for this slash to render Feng Haoyu in an inescapable position!

This strike was the cumulation of Su Zimo’s attacks.

This was also the most powerful attack he could produce without exposing his demonic cultivation!

A complete fusion of his physique, bloodline and spirit energy coupled with the lethality of Blood Quencher – Su Zimo was certain that Feng Haoyu would die for sure!

Feng Haoyu raised his head slightly and blood drained from his face when he saw that. It was as though he had returned to that moment a couple of years ago when he was tragically defeated in Spirit Peak’s arena.

However, a couple of years ago, they were sect mates.

Now, they were mortal enemies!

This time round, Su Zimo did not hold back.

In a flash, Feng Haoyu did not have the time to hesitate as he swiped his palm across his storage bag and retrieved a blood-colored shield that expanded and blocked above his head.


An explosion rang out when Blood Quencher struck the surface of the blood-colored shield!

Feng Haoyu’s entire body shuddered as though he was struck by lightning as his eyes widened in horror. Without thinking twice, he withdrew the escape jade talisman and crushed it instantly!

A flash of light shone.


The blood-colored shield fell to the ground and its color faded. Cracks appeared on its surface – a single strike by Blood Quencher had destroyed it!

Feng Haoyu’s body flickered and disappeared from the metal region.

A burst of light appeared in the square as Feng Haoyu appeared, lying on the ground with a pale expression.


The Blood Crow King appeared before Feng Haoyu in a flash. Lowering his head, he looked at Feng Haoyu with widened eyes that were laced with boundless killing intent!

“Su… Zi… MO!”

The Blood Crow King’s voice was chilling to the bone as he enunciated each and every word clearly.

Feng Haoyu seemed like he wanted to say something. However, the moment the opened his mouth, he spat out a puddle of blood with big pieces of blood clot within.

It was a frightening sight and all the cultivators felt their hearts skip a beat!

The blood clots that Feng Haoyu had spat out were his crushed organs!

A single slash!

Even though Feng Haoyu had managed to escape from the Five Elements Umbrella, his internal organs were completely crushed by Su Zimo’s saber and there was no way he was going to survive.

Everyone fell silent.

Feng Haoyu, who had cultivated the three major secret skills of Ethereal Peak and was two cultivation realms higher than Su Zimo, was cleaved to death by a single slash!

This outcome had completely surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Something that was thought to be impossible had happened right in front of everyone.

Xuan Yi sighed gently with a complicated expression, “Wen Xuan, did you see that? A disciple of Ethereal Peak has personally retrieved Feng Haoyu’s lifetime of cultivation. You can finally rest in peace now that your wish has been fulfilled.”

Some Golden Cores shook their heads in silence.

Betraying one’s ancestor, masters and killing of their fellow sect mates was a huge taboo in the cultivation world. Now that Feng Haoyu was in this state, it could be considered retribution.

“Speaking of which, the light of providence is indeed shining on Ethereal Peak for them to be able to produce a monstrous character every once in a while.”

“Who else is there apart from Su Zimo?”

“That invincible Foundation Establishment Cultivator a thousand years ago.”

“Ah, that guy. I heard that he betrayed the sect and fell into the fiend path thereafter…”

Upon hearing the discussions around her, Demoness Ji rolled her eyes and suddenly moved beside Gu Xi, asking with a voice transmission, “Auntie Gu, are they referring to that person from Zenith Sect?”

“Yes,” Gu Xi replied with an unchanged expression.

Demoness Ji giggled. “Auntie Gu, I heard that your relationship with that man isn’t simple. Tell me more about it!”

“Get lost!”

Gu Xi glared at Demoness Ji, her tone laced with a hint of reproachfulness and flirtatious allure.

The battle royale in the various regions of the Five Elements Umbrella was coming to an end.

In the metal region, Su Zimo landed on the ground and waved his sleeves before putting away the 18 supreme-grade spirit weapons on the ground in his storage bag.

His showdown with Feng Haoyu had ended too quickly.

It was basically over within less than two rounds and nobody had the time to steal a supreme-grade flying sword and leave.

Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo said indifferently, “Fellow Daoists, please leave. The spots of this region… will be taken up by Ethereal Peak.”

It was a simple statement but it contained unquestionable dominance!

Instantly, little fatty felt his blood boil and wished that he could roar out.

Stumbling to Su Zimo’s side, he puffed his chest and looked around with his beady eyes – it felt as though everything else was far inferior compared to the paragon beside him!

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