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Chapter 320: I’ll Take Your Dog Life!

Once fiend demons infiltrated amongst cultivators, they would pose an immense threat.

Normally, if a fiend demon were to be exposed, especially if it was in the capital of Great Zhou, the emperor would definitely be enraged and kill it right away!

However, that fiend demon came from Blood Crow Palace.

The Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace had a mysterious background and it was very likely that he came from a forbidden ground of Tianhuang Mainland’s North Region!

If it was a living being of Tianhuang’s forbidden ground, the fiend demon before them must have already submitted to the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace. Even though he was the Emperor of Great Zhou, it was still difficult for him to attack.

The black-robed man did not cup his fists nor did he bow. He merely said indifferently, “My name is Xue Ya. It shouldn’t be too late for me to bring Blood Crow Palace’s eldest disciple to take part in the Spirit Ranking competition.”

Upon hearing the words ‘Xue Ya’, the emperor realized that Gu Xi was not wrong – this should be the previous overlord of Black Crow Mountain, the Blood Crow King!

“If you want to take part in the Spirit Ranking competition, you just have to take the jade talisman and enter the Five Elements Umbrella.”

The emperor pondered for a moment before tossing out a jade talisman that landed in front of the black-robed man.

The Blood Crow King turned slightly, revealing the man behind him.

It was an extremely handsome man whose mouth was slightly curled. He looked arrogant and there was a faint, eerie green light that shone from his eyes.

“It’s you, Feng Haoyu!”

At that moment, an angry bellow sounded from the square.

The few disciples of Ethereal Peak glared angrily. Even Leng Rou’s eyes flickered with a killing intent as her expression turned colder.

The handsome man behind the Blood Crow King was none other than Ethereal Peak’s traitor disciple, Feng Haoyu!

At the mention of Feng Haoyu, Su Zimo who was still breaking through his third spirit meridian beside the emperor frowned, but he did not open his eyes.

Xuan Yi and Liu Hui’s expressions changed as they slammed the table and stood up.

Three years had passed since the battle at Dongling Valley, but they still did not know who the mysterious faction that attacked the sect was.

But now that Feng Haoyu had appeared, the mysterious faction had shown its face as well.

It was Blood Crow Palace!

Xuan Yi’s face was cold as ice. “Blood Crow Palace, you’re responsible for ambushing and killing the disciples of Ethereal Peak at Dongling Valley?”

The Blood Crow King glanced at Xuan Yi indifferently and snorted. “So what if we did? Does Ethereal Peak still want revenge?”

“A life for a life! You killed someone from Ethereal Peak so you’ll have to pay with your life!” Liu Hui hollered angrily.

The Blood Crow King shook his head. “How foolish. You don’t even know that Ethereal Peak’s about to be doomed. Since the young master of Blood Crow Palace died in Dongling Valley, all the disciples of Ethereal Peak will have to be buried with him!”

“How dare you!” Liu Hui’s expression changed starkly.


The sinister laughter of the Blood Crow King sent chills down one’s spine.

If not for the fact that the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace was severely injured by the dragon race three years ago, he would have killed Ethereal Peak long ago, let alone wait till now!

However, that was naturally something the Blood Crow King wouldn’t say.

Xuan Yi asked loudly, “Feng Haoyu, how did Junior Brother Wen Xuan treat you?”

Feng Haoyu scoffed coldly.

Xuan Yi continued coldly, “And what did you do? Deceive your own master and ancestor! How many of your fellow sect mates did you kill for your despicable act!”

“Feng Haoyu, I’m going to kill you as revenge for our fallen comrades in Dongling Valley! For Peak Master Wen Xuan!” Little fatty was no longer smiling cheekily like usual as he declared angrily.

“That’s right! Kill him as revenge for Peak Master Wen Xuan!”

Upon hearing those words, Su Zimo’s body trembled slightly. Even though his eyes were still tightly shut, there was a trace of violence in his expression!

“You guys?”

Feng Haoyu’s face was filled with disdain as he laughed coldly. “I’m not afraid to let you guys know that I’m at five meridian Foundation Establishment right now! Even if you come at me together, you’re not my match! Kill me? Hahaha! Make sure you don’t lose your own lives in the Five Elements Umbrella!”


Right then, there was a loud bang beside the emperor as three spirit meridians shone brightly and spirit energy surged!

A figure rose slowly, bearing a dark gaze. His entire body exuded a fierce and murderous aura!

The unexpected appearance of Blood Crow Palace almost had everyone forgetting about Su Zimo’s existence.

Even though Su Zimo merely stood up in a simple manner, the cultivators felt as though a dark cloud had descended upon them!


The Blood Crow King and Feng Haoyu’s expressions changed when they saw Su Zimo.

“Well, well, well!”

The Blood Crow King was stunned for a moment before slowly regaining his senses. He burst into laughter. “To think that you would dare show yourself still! Nobody can save you today!”

A resentful look flashed across Feng Haoyu’s eyes.

Back then, being defeated by Su Zimo was the greatest humiliation in his eyes.

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo left his seat and walked down the steps to the side of Xuan Yi and Liu Hui. He asked in a low voice, “Peak Master Wen Xuan is dead?”


Xuan Yi and Liu Hui’s eyes dimmed and they nodded.

Liu Hui said, “Back in Dongling Valley, due to Elder Yu’s self-destruction of his Golden Core, Senior Brother Wen Xuan was already severely injured by the time he returned with Ji Chengtian and the others.”

That battle was way too tragic!

To be fair, if not for an anomaly such as Su Zimo, everyone from Ethereal Peak would have been wiped out completely!

Liu Hui’s eyes turned red as she said softly, “In the past three years, Senior Brother Wen Xuan’s injuries have not healed at all. Instead, they got worse and his face withered while he turned extremely skinny.”

“We all knew that after the battle at Dongling Valley, he was living in endless pain and self-reproach. It was a life worse than death. Three months ago, Senior Brother Wen Xuan passed away and did not rest in peace.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Even though Peak Master Wen Xuan’s attitude towards him had never been good, Su Zimo could not help but feel sadness at the thought of the former’s later life.

Xuan Yi said, “Wen Xuan had two unfulfilled wishes. One of it was for trusting the wrong person back then and luring a wolf into the sect, allowing Feng Haoyu to learn the three major skills. Yet, he could not take away Feng Haoyu’s cultivation personally!”

“As for the second wish… since you’re here, I’ll tell you.”

Xuan Yi sighed. “You know that Wen Xuan has always harbored prejudices towards you because of other matters.”

“Before he died, his mind was no longer clear but yet he was still hung up on wanting to meet you again, to speak to you and gain your forgiveness. He even said that he wanted to impart you Ethereal Peak’s secret skills personally… unfortunately, sigh.”

Su Zimo’s heart ached. Gritting his teeth, the coldness in his eyes intensified.

“I’ll help Peak Master Wen Xuan fulfill his wishes!”

After saying that, Su Zimo took a deep breath and turned around. He glared at Feng Haoyu in the square with an icy gaze. “Feng Haoyu, I didn’t manage to kill you back then. I’ll take your dog life today!”

Both in the square and at the spectator area, many cultivators were stunned.

Before everyone could understand what Su Zimo meant by that, he had already turned around and bowed deeply. “Your Majesty, Su Zimo of Ethereal Peak is participating in the Spirit Ranking competition!”

The emperor frowned.

Ji Yaoxue’s expression changed and she revealed worry as well.

Everyone knew that Su Zimo had only just unlocked three spirit meridians while Feng Haoyu was at five meridian Foundation Establishment.

The disparity in strength between the two sides was simply way too great.

Furthermore, Feng Haoyu would not be the only one Su Zimo would be facing in the treacherous Five Elements Umbrella. There were others as well…






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