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Chapter 315: Perfect!

The time it took for Su Zimo to condense his third spirit pattern was evidently longer.

Right from the beginning, everyone from True Fire Sect, Tao Feng included, had been observing Su Zimo’s every move carefully without letting up a single detail.

However, they had not gained much through their observations.

They only noticed that Su Zimo’s spirit gathering process was not completed in one go, but intermittently.

At times, although he had already begun with spirit gathering, for some reason, Su Zimo would give up and go for a new attempt.

There was no pattern to speak of for his repetitions.

“What’s this?”

Even though Sima Zhi and the others had been refining weapons for hundreds of years, none of them had seen such an odd spirit gathering technique.


A slightly blinding glow flashed.

Just as everyone was lost, the third spirit pattern was condensed successfully!


Xuan Yi and Liu Hui heaved a sigh of relief, looking at one another with lingering fear.

Even though they had heard of Su Zimo’s odd spirit gathering technique back in Ethereal Peak, that was three years ago.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was only able to refine inferior-grade spirit weapons at that time and it was relatively easier to condense a single spirit pattern.

But now, Su Zimo had already condensed three spirit patterns!

Ji Yaoxue looked more relaxed and let out a deep breath as well.

At that moment, the faces of the Golden Cores on both sides of Su Zimo changed slightly and they felt a little uneasy.

When they saw that Su Zimo had no intention of stopping after condensing his third spirit pattern, some Golden Cores could not hold on any longer and retreated hurriedly.

At this point, if his spirit gathering failed, it would be equivalent to the explosion of a superior-grade spirit weapon.

Golden Cores who were not strong enough would be injured on the spot and they would look even more pathetic at that time – there was no need to take that risk for the sake of appearances.

Of course, there were some Golden Cores who pretended to be calm because they were strong and did not leave.

On the surface, they watched Su Zimo refine his weapon calmly. But in reality, they were on edge and their palms were placed on their storage bags, ready to crush their protection talismans at the first moment to escape if anything awry happened.

Just as everyone was feeling uneasy, a beam of light burst forth again in a bedazzling manner!


Exclamations burst forth from the square and the spectator area.

The fourth spirit pattern!

No one had expected that the fourth spirit pattern would be condensed shortly after the third spirit pattern was formed!

Four spirit patterns, it was a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

By now, no one dared to question Su Zimo’s capabilities in weapon refinement.

How confident was he in his spirit gathering technique to condense four spirit patterns without the use of a Weapon Tripod?

Everyone from True Fire Sect frowned.

The situation was completely different from what they had expected – they could not spot anything from Su Zimo’s weapon refinement process at all.

Tao Feng glared at Su Zimo coldly and grit his teeth, thinking to himself, “Supreme-grade spirit weapon, huh? I’ll attempt it later on! We don’t know who’s going to win yet!”

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Mr. Mo! Yet another supreme-grade spirit weapon has been refined by you.”

The Golden Cores who had dodged earlier hurried back with cupped fists.

However, Su Zimo did not seem to have heard anything.

The spirit saber hovered in midair and the surrounding spirit qi had yet to disperse. Staring at the ball of spirit qi, Su Zimo… went for another spirit gathering attempt!

Everyone was stunned.

What was Su Zimo trying to do?

It was already a supreme-grade spirit weapon with four spirit patterns at this point. If he were to continue with spirit gathering, it would be…

A perfect spirit weapon!

Su Zimo was trying to refine a perfect spirit weapon!

The crowd was in an uproar!


In the spectator area, the expressions of many Golden Cores changed and they gasped.

The few Golden Cores who had just returned with cupped fists escaped with even greater speed once more.

“What a f*cking lunatic!”

“He’s really out of his mind! He’s trying to forcefully condense a fifth spirit pattern without the protection of a Weapon Tripod!”

Even the group of Golden Cores who were faking their composure could not sit still anymore as they scurried and fled from Su Zimo with pale faces.

What kind of a joke was that?

If he were to fail the spirit gathering, it would be equivalent to the explosion of a supreme-grade spirit weapon! At close proximity, they would be dead even if they managed to crush their protection talismans!

As for the Weapon Refinement Master himself, he would be blown to bits and pieces.

Ji Yaoxue’s heart clenched once more.

Even Demoness Ji furrowed her brows slightly.

She had not expected that Su Zimo would take on such a huge gamble.

The emperor and chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House, Gu Xi, looked entangled. Apart from worry, they had looks of admiration in their eyes.

While the two of them did not know how to refine weapons, they could tell that this was indeed the best opportunity for Su Zimo to create a perfect spirit weapon!

After all, the momentum was with him and Lady Luck was shining directly on him as well!

For the past three years, Su Zimo would spend some time each day on weapon refinement without slacking off at all and his skills climbed steadily.

Subsequently, he discovered that it was truly way too difficult if he wanted to refine a perfect spirit weapon.

Perfect meant that there couldn’t be any flaws at all.

In terms of spirit gathering, Su Zimo had no issues. However, there were six steps to weapon refinement.

He had to achieve perfection with every six steps in order to create a perfect spirit weapon!

For every step to be perfect, it was not only dependent on the Weapon Refinement Master’s skills; it was also on his mental state, condition and external circumstances.

In fact… there was even a tiny bit of luck involved!

Luck was something that could only be obtained by chance.

Su Zimo had been searching for that mysterious feeling.

Along the way, while he was walking up, Su Zimo felt the vague sense of an opportunity.

Therefore, when he decided that he was going to display his weapon refinement skills, he was already bent on going for a perfect spirit weapon!

For the first four steps of weapon refinement, material selection, smelting, forging and tempering, everything went smoothly without any flaws.

In terms of spirit gathering, Su Zimo had a 100% success rate.

His perfect-grade spirit saber was definitely going to be born today!

At that thought, Su Zimo felt much more relaxed.

“Everyone from True Fire Sect, do you want to know what’s the secret behind Mo Clan’s Spirit Gathering Technique?”

Just as everyone was feeling tense, Su Zimo suddenly asked.

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground in shock.

Which Weapon Refinement Master would not give it his all during spirit gathering which was such a tense segment? How could Su Zimo still have the energy to afford the distraction of speaking?!

Su Zimo continued, “Actually, the secret behind Mo Clan’s Spirit Gathering Technique is simple. You just have to remove your Weapon Tripod during spirit gathering and place yourself in a state of death. That way, you can better gather your luck and increase your success rate of spirit gathering!”

His words were half-truths – removing the Weapon Tripod was true but it had nothing to do with luck.

“What a load of bullsh*t!” Sima Zhi scoffed.

To him, those words were filled with loopholes and were utterly ridiculous.

Su Zimo smiled calmly without retorting.

He knew that the people from True Fire Sect would definitely believe him.

That was because most of the time, people would rather believe things they had witnessed with their own eyes.

Even if it was fake.

At that moment, a dazzling light shot out like a bright sun, illuminating the void such that everyone could barely open their eyes!

The fifth spirit pattern was condensed successfully!






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