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Chapter 314: Spirit Saber Refinement


Su Zimo arrived at the center of the spectator area and retrieved his Weapon Tripod from his storage bag, slamming it heavily on the ground with a loud thud.

At that moment, it was not only Tao Feng and everyone from True Fire Sect; the hundred thousand odd cultivators in the square and the thousand odd Golden Cores at the spectator area… everyone’s gazes were fixed on Su Zimo!

The immensity of that pressure was something ordinary people could not understand at all.

In the eyes of everyone present, be it whether or not Su Zimo had what it takes, he was way too young. If his mental state and willpower were not resolute enough and he showed any signs of fear, he would definitely be faced with huge problems in his weapon refinement process!

With an indifferent expression, Su Zimo gathered a scarlet flame on his palm and began warming the tripod.

After the tripod warming, he retrieved pieces of spirit components that emitted strong spirit qi from his storage bag, tossing them into the Weapon Tripod.

“Heavens, that’s the Violet Feather Rock!”

“That handful of sand is dim and dull! It seems to be Lusterless Sand!”

“Look! There’s also Ice Silkworm Steel, Crimson Gold Crystal and Mystic Lightning Jade!”

A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

Those spirit components were extremely rare and any one of them would suffice to be used as a core material to create a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

But now, he had tossed all of those rare spirit components together!

What was he trying to refine?

That doubt surfaced in everyone’s minds.

The more the rare spirit components that were combined, the higher the difficulty of weapon refinement – that was a risk that few Weapon Refinement Masters would dare to take.

Before long, all the spirit components were tossed into the Weapon Tripod.


The flames burned furiously at the spirit components in the Weapon Tripod.

Time slowly passed.

After smelting, it was time for the forging process.

Under the countless gazes, a spirit weapon gradually took shape. At the same time, everyone’s eyes gradually widened in shock.

“What’s that? A saber?”

“Holy f*ck! Isn’t that saber way too big?!”

“It even has a handle! If someone were to wield that, putting aside the massive consumption of spirit energy, it would be extremely inconvenient and clumsy! Even if he manages to refine it, it’ll be useless!”

A long saber was gradually formed within Su Zimo’s Weapon Tripod. It was half as tall as a person and had an extremely wide width, slightly larger than an adult’s palm – a heavy and sturdy saber!

Over the past three years, Su Zimo had refined too many spirit weapons.

He had hundreds of supreme-grade spirit weapons.

However, Su Zimo had never refined a saber that was made for himself.

At this moment, Su Zimo felt that the time was ripe.

A man from True Fire Sect said, “That saber has a handle. He should be making it for himself. I heard that he is strong in melee combat.”

The person who spoke had a cold and sinister gaze that carried a killing intent as he looked at Su Zimo.

He was He Jiang, a legacy disciple of True Fire Sect.

His younger brother, He Xing, was the Elixir Refinement Master who died in Su Zimo’s hands.

“Unfortunately, he forgot one thing.”

Tao Feng scoffed coldly. “With so many spirit components smelted together, even if all the impurities are purged, the weight of that saber will be terrifying! He won’t even be able to lift it!”

Su Zimo was extremely satisfied at the sight of the spirit saber that was gradually forming.

He possessed divine power and yet he did not know anything about saber wielding techniques – that was the reason why he made such a massive spirit saber that was seemingly clumsy.

With that, the spirit saber that was heavy and ferocious to begin with would be able to unleash extremely terrifying attacks when it was coupled with his immense physique and frightening blood qi!

After forging was over, tempering started.

With spirit energy, Su Zimo condensed a pair of big hands that entered the Weapon Tripod. His fingers struck the blade repeatedly like hammers, letting out a crisp and pleasant sound.

Cling! Clang!

A moment later, the expressions of many Weapon Refinement Masters present changed.

Even though it was hidden in the Weapon Tripod and they could not see Su Zimo’s tempering technique, the gap between each striking sound was exactly the same! It was so precise that it was as though everything was calculated!


Many Golden Cores had already realized that Su Zimo was undoubtedly Mr. Mo!

Ordinary Weapon Refinement Masters would not be able to master such a tempering technique!

Furthermore, from the step of material selection to tempering, Su Zimo’s movements were smooth and fluid like water. It was like a habit of his that was filled with perfection.

Sima Zhi scoffed coldly and thought to himself, “So what if you’re Mr. Mo? Once we see your spirit gathering technique later on, we might be able to grasp at the secrets within!”

After a long time, tempering was over.

A thin layer of sweat filled Su Zimo’s forehead.

With so many spirit components combined, the difficulty of tempering had increased immensely for him as well.

After tempering came the most crucial aspect of weapon refinement – spirit gathering!

Sima Zhi could clearly feel Sima Zhi and everyone else from True Fire Sect tense up, watching him intently.


He chuckled softly and said, “You want to see my spirit gathering technique? Alright, I’ll let you guys see it clearly!”

Right after, in front of everyone, Su Zimo suddenly did something.

He removed his Weapon Tripod!

Everyone from Ethereal Peak had already expected it and were relatively calm. However, the other cultivators were horrified.

It was especially so for the Golden Cores who were closest to Su Zimo as they were rattled and wanted to retreat instinctively.

However, they realized that they were behaving in an unsightly manner and gave fake coughs while calming themselves down.

Without any protection, Su Zimo began spirit gathering!

Even the emperor frowned when he saw that, not understanding what was the purpose behind Su Zimo’s actions.

The risk of removing the Weapon Tripod for spirit gathering was way too great!

If the first spirit pattern failed, it would be equivalent to the explosion of a pseudo spirit weapon and the lethality would be limited.

However, if he were to fail at the fourth spirit pattern, it would be equivalent to the explosion of a superior-grade spirit weapon and the impact would be rather terrifying. Even if it was a Golden Core refining the weapon, he would be severely injured given that he would be unprepared to defend!

Ji Yaoxue frowned slightly and pursed her cherry lips tightly, concern evident in her eyes.

“Sister, don’t worry. He’s Mr. Mo, he’ll definitely be fine!”

Right then, Demoness Ji closed in and held Ji Yaoxue’s slightly cold hands while comforting her with a smile.

Ji Yaoxue forced a smile but the worry in her eyes did not lessen one bit.


Right then, a glow lit up.

The first spirit pattern was condensed successfully!

Su Zimo did not pause and continued to condense the second spirit pattern.

Everyone held their breath and continued watching.

After a while, another light flashed.

The second spirit pattern was condensed successfully!

Gasps could be heard from the crowd.

Ji Yaoxue’s palms were filled with sweat.

Even though Su Zimo had managed two successive spirit patterns, she was even more nervous now.

Prior to this, if Su Zimo failed in spirit gathering, he would only lose face. However, if he were to fail later on, what he would lose would be his life!

Ji Yaoxue would rather Su Zimo fail his first two spirit patterns than let him get injured.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Su Zimo was already condensing his third spirit pattern.






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