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Chapter 299: Hongmen Banquet

Xiaoning blinked and could tell that there was something wrong between the two of them. Thus, she held Ji Yaoxue’s hand and smiled. “Sister Yaoxue, why have you only just returned? I’ve missed you.”

Ji Yaoxue rubbed Xiaoning’s forehead and asked tenderly, “How are you doing in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop? Did anyone bully you?”

Su Xiaoning froze momentarily and averted her gaze while smiling. “No, all the seniors are taking good care of me.”


Ji Yaoxue hummed softly.

While Xiaoning had hidden herself well, Ji Yaoxue still found some contradictions.

She turned to look at Su Zimo and asked with a frown, “Zimo, what happened?”

“Nothing much, Sister Yaoxue! Stop asking,” Su Xiaoning added hurriedly.

Ji Yaoxue smiled faintly. “Even if you and your brother refuse to tell me, is there anything that can be hidden from me within the Great Zhou Dynasty if I want to know about it?”

“It’s nothing much. There’s just a cultivator in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop called Yang Yu who has a feud with you I guess,” Su Zimo spoke but did not elaborate.

Back in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop, he had already told Yang Yu that someone would deal with her.

“It’s her?”

There was a cold glint in Ji Yaoxue’s eyes as her aura changed immediately.

“I’ve already warned that Yang Yu not to provoke me anymore!”

It was only at this moment that a unique sense of royalty dignity and ferociousness was exuded from Ji Yaoxue.

Her body carried the bloodline of the emperor after all – that was someone who could smite a million corpses in a fit of anger!

Right then, a red dot flew over from the void not far away. It was extremely fast and was headed towards Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Bai Yuhan frowned. “It’s the Scarlet Vulture guards. What are they coming over for?”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he vaguely guessed something.

Not long after, several dozen Scarlet Vulture guards descended outside Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and the leader of the group was a bald man with no eyebrows – he was none other than the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards, Bald Vulture.

Bald Vulture rode on a Scarlet Vulture expressionlessly and cupped his fists. “Your Majesty has given orders for the third princess to return to the palace. Also, Your Majesty is holding a banquet at the Rain Admiration Pavilion and Mr. Mo is invited to it!”

Ji Yaoxue frowned.

She could tell that something was amiss through Bald Vulture’s eyes.

“Commander Bald Vulture, did father mention why he is setting up a banquet for Mr. Mo?” Ji Yaoxue’s eyes sparkled as she stared into Bald Vulture’s eyes and asked with a raised voice.

Bald Vulture bowed slightly and averted Ji Yaoxue’s gaze. “I don’t know.”

Ji Yaoxue’s heart sank.

She had grown up in the palace since she was a child and knew everything about it. She could sense a faint killing intent emanating from Bald Vulture!

That killing intent was definitely not directed at her.

It went without saying who it was directed to!

“Don’t go.”

Ji Yaoxue turned around and shook her head at Su Zimo with a grave expression.

Su Zimo smiled calmly.

In truth, he had expected this day to arrive.

When he acknowledged Su Xiaoning in the capital more than a month ago, he had already expected that given the emperor’s intellect, it was only a matter of time before the latter discovered his true identity.

Furthermore, there was no way he could hide his identity at the sect competition.

Su Zimo had not intended to hide it either.

Now that the emperor had set up a banquet and the Scarlet Vulture guards had appeared, it was basically confirmation that his identity had already been exposed.

This was clearly a Hongmen Banquet[1].

However, Su Zimo had to attend it.

This was the capital of Great Zhou – he had no other choice.

“I’ll accompany you.”

Ji Yaoxue had also realized that even if Su Zimo were to reject the invitation, the Scarlet Vulture guards were going to bring him along forcefully.

By then, things might get worse.

“You guys stay here and await my return. Don’t worry.”

Su Zimo turned around and reminded Nian Qi and Xiaoning before glancing at Night Spirit who was sprawled in a corner.

“Let’s go.”

Su Zimo, Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan each got onto a Scarlet Vulture and sped towards the palace under Bald Vulture’s lead.

After a while, everyone arrived at the palace.

Flying was forbidden within the palace and everyone got down from the Scarlet Vultures.

Bald Vulture bowed. “Third princess, please head back. I’ll lead Mr. Mo to the banquet right now.”

“I’m coming along as well,” Even though Ji Yaoxue’s tone was calm, it was unquestionable.

Bald Vulture frowned darkly and said in a low voice, “Third princess, please don’t make things difficult for me. I’m only following orders.”


Ji Yaoxue asked indifferently, “You have objections towards me making things difficult for you?”

Instantly, Bald Vulture’s heart skipped a beat as he replied hurriedly, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Turning around, Ji Yaoxue’s gaze was sharp and intimidating as she questioned, “Your orders are to bring Mr. Mo with you. How am I conflicting with your orders by following along?”

“I…” Bald Vulture was speechless.

Within the palace of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue seemed to have transformed into a different person as she revealed her prowess and displayed a unique sense of dominance and royal dignity!

Ji Yaoxue asked again, “I’ve just returned from Azure Frost Sect and haven’t had dinner with father for a long time. Now that he’s hosting a banquet today and I want to join him for a meal, you’re trying to stop me?”

“I wouldn’t dare.”

Bald Vulture found himself breaking out in cold sweat against Ji Yaoxue’s three consecutive questions.

Ji Yaoxue waved her hands. “Lead the way.”


After a moment of hesitation, Bald Vulture glared at Su Zimo gloomily before nodding his head reluctantly.

Everyone headed towards the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

Before long, they arrived at the entrance of the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

On the small path in the middle of the pool, cold-looking Imperial Army soldiers guarded both sides. They wielded long sabers and axes while exuding a faint scent of bloodlust!

These were truly Imperial Army soldiers who had experienced battle and undergone a baptism of blood!

The cultivation of these Imperial Army soldiers were at perfected Foundation Establishment – they were above Su Zimo.

As for how many meridians they had unlocked, the Spirit Peering Art could not reveal that.

The remaining Scarlet Vulture guards remained outside while Su Zimo, Ji Yaoxue, Bald Vulture and Bai Yuhan passed the emperor’s Imperial Army and entered the Rain Admiration Pavilion.

The moment they entered, Su Zimo felt a murderous aura!

A ring of cultivators surrounded the Rain Admiration Pavilion, all of them at Golden Core realm. They glared at Su Zimo with cold, expressionless eyes.

Within the Rain Admiration Pavilion, a table was set in the middle with exquisite dishes that were still emitting steam displayed.

A noble middle-aged man dressed in the emperor’s robes sat in the seat opposite the entrance. His forehead was wide and he had a gaze deep as water where his emotions were impossible to read.

The Emperor of Great Zhou!

The emperor’s gaze was fixed on Su Zimo’s face, lingering for the longest time as though he was scrutinizing to determine carefully just who this green-robed scholar was.

Coupled with the fact that he had ascended the throne for a long time, the emperor’s razor-sharp gaze naturally carried an authority that looked down on the masses such that even cultivators would not dare to meet it head on.

However, Su Zimo’s expression was calm and he met the emperor’s gaze without any intention of avoiding it at all!

Perhaps Su Zimo might have felt a little guilty if this was in the past.

However, he had ascended to fame and gathered influence in the past three years under the name of Mo Ling.

In addition, Su Zimo was someone with an innate sharpness to begin with – even the emperor’s authority was not enough to suppress someone like him!

[1] This refers to an event in history and typically represents an ambush or trap.




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